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The Pirate (Sign Up)

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Storm of the Undead (Sign Up)

Okay, who says I have a one-track mind? I have multitasked before and I will do that with two stories at once since Asgard Legends is close to being finished anyway. This one is about Vatti and Atsuma (AKA SAGA) They are brother and sister and the last of the Gale family. All you need to know is that they will be needing the aid of abled sailors, because their adventures will take them to dangerous places as they sail the rough seas, so if you want to join the crew, you are free to do so. (Note...I still don't know if the story will be based in the world of WW...I will determine that once the sign up phase is completed)

I'm looking for ten signees at least, but if there are others who wish to join, by all means do so, I will add you as well. Remember, your occupation must be sailor, but you can fight using whatever melee weapon you can come up with, and also magic. Also look at the jobs/roles available that you can choose from, once a job or role is chosen, you have to choose another one that is empty. I will be editing that portion as sign ups become available.

Vatti and I are in by default, we wont be signing up for it, but I will add Vatti's and my profile later. :P


Captain-- Atsuma Gale (Atsuma)
Captain's sister/2nd Captain-- Vatti Gale (Vatti)
1st rank Lieutenant--Pandora Kahite (THP) (Close friend/GF to Atsuma)
2nd ranked Lieutenant--The Owl (Ember Incubus) (Close friend to Vatti)
Deck Hand-- Rand P. (Random Person) (competitive friend of Atsuma)
Deck Hand-- Griffon McMorrigan III (ThatOneGriffin) (competitive friend of Vatti)
Deck Hand-- Hazel Nightingale (Hazel)
Deck Hand-- Foxy (13Foxes)
Crow Nest Vigilant--Chloe Atkins (Pop360)
Ship Cook--Keely Gibson (Dragon56533)
Canon Operator--
Canon Operator--

Also, I want this story to be the first ever to offer the signee a chance to select a friend/enemy from the list, or friends/enemies. So once you start seeing who has signed up, you can pm that member and ask him/her if he/she wants to be your friend/enemy in the story. I like to broaden stuff, so yeah, more options that will make the story better.

Use this sheet for your sign up:

Name: (first and last please, for story background)
Age: (keep it below 30)
Character description: skin color, hair color, etc.
Friends/Nemesis: (choose from those that sign up, and yes, you can ask Vatti and I as well)
Likes Atsuma and Vatti?: Yes or No

Anyway, Sign Ups are open. I will be adding names to the list and will also come and post again when there is enough people. Thank you in advance. ~Atsie Gale ;)
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Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
Name: Rand P. (I hope you don't mind that my last name is just one letter) I want to be the Deck hand that is a competitive friend of Atsuma.
Age: Let's make me 21. I like that age.
Gender: Male
Weapons: Twin Swords that look like these only everything that's black, make it Sonic the Hedgehog blue. Also they have a wave design on them instead of this.

Looks: I want to have black skin in this story, but not too dark. Like that caramel, tan black color. I will be 6'0" tall. My hair is black and cut short. With a facial hair of a mustache that is connected to a short beard, I'd like a mask that covers everything above my nose and ears, including my hair. The mask isn't extremely tight, but it doesn't shift nor fall off. There are triangles on the mask that point toward each other. They take up the entire width of the mask representing where my eyes are. The mask is sonic blue, the triangles are light blue. An open vest that is very loose on me with waves toward the bottom of it. The vest is Sonic blue except for the waves which are light blue. (I have no shirt underneath) I want pants that are really tight on me with waves just above the knees and just under so that the pants split into three sections. The top section light blue, the middle Sonic blue, the bottom navy blue. Navy blue tie belt. I'm not sure what kind of shoes to wear but just make sure they're navy blue. Oh and white socks that don't show. Body, muscular but not ripped muscles.

Personality: I cannot stop joking and I never shut up, whether the jokes be good or corny. I have something funny to say in every situation, but this doesn't mean I'm always happy. I look cool when fighting, but because I am always joking, I can make a mistake and look silly doing it. I worry easily and am over cautious. I try my best to stick to rules My mouth meter runs on ultra high when there's a pretty girl present, though I'm nerve racking inside. Creepy animals, snakes and bug etc scare me more than people, not to say that people don't. I do not prefer magic at all. I'm a little creeped out by anyone who uses magic. I prefer a straight on fight any day. Easily distracted. Don't like adult foods like vegetables. Can work with enemies if I need to a joke about it, I but don't like to.

Species: Human
Lives: A dock of Atsuma's choice.

Friends: Atsuma. Whoever isn't my enemy.
Enemies: Foxy. (Since I'll probably be making fun of her) Owl (Suspects the rumors of him to be true) Waiting for more.

Likes Atsuma: Yes
Likes: Vatti: Does not dislike Vatti but hasn't fully taken a liking to Vatti.

Hope that was detailed enough.
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The Acorn sized Magician
Jan 29, 2010
Riding Epona around Hyrule!
Here's my profile.
Name: Vatti Gale
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Weapons: Long bow, daggers, long sword, attack falcon named Fierce
Outfit: Tight forest brown pants; baggy, long sleeved, cream colored shirt, Black belt with silver buckle, black boots that go to just below her knee.
Character description: lean mucsles, slender, olive complexion, waist length black hair with a purple streak, a white scar that stretches from the top of her left brow to the middle of her left cheek (origin of scar yet to be determined), Height is 5'10", green/silver ish eyes
Personality: Fairly friendly, she can be a little rough at first but once she gets to know you she the most best friend you will ever have. She is a great fighter, very trustworthy in battle. When she doesn't like someone, she always has a reason.
Friends/Nemesis: She considers Rand P., Keely Gibson, Owl, Chloe Atkins, Griffin McMorrigan, Pandora Kahite, Hazel Nightengale, Din Akera, and Atsuma her friends. Everyone who is suspicious of her she likes none the less, and she doesn't like Foxy that much.
Likes Atsuma and Vatti: yes
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Unwanted ZD Member
if you need one more heres mine
Name: Keely Gibson
Age: about 23
Gender: Female
Wepons I carry: Dagger,a curved rusty gold-like Sword,knife, Barreled shotgun (if wanted), pans, spoons
Occupation; Cook
Personality: Smart, Sassy (if wanted), Silent (but can talk to ppl I trust), very warrior like...
Clothes: Cooks uniform/Regular clothes (if not working)
Description: Very tan, beach Blondie hair, blue/Grey eyes, about 5'6 and 130 pound (or something like that)
Friends with both (but can get into some arguments)
change anything you like to
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Name: Nobody knows his name, but every calls him the Owl
Age: 18, but looks like he is 10
Gender: Male
Weapons: A staff that has an owl on its end. The owl's ears are shrp and act as a pitch fork. (The weapon is why they cll him Owl.) He got the weapon from his grandmother from Fomoria.
Outfit: This exactly.
Character description: Nobody really knows anything about him except that he is allergic to fish, seems to be attracked to Vatti. (SEEMS, not IS.) And is a descendant from the mysterously lost kingdom of Fomoria.
Personality: Mysterous, Forgetful, Wise, but also Childish.
Friends: Vatti
Nemesis: Will Update. Check back.
Likes Atsuma and Vatti?: Likes Vatti, kind of neutral with Atsuma.
Occupation: Second Ranked Leutenant
Height: 4 Foot 8
Weight: Surprisingly 83 pounds. Not normal for Fomorians.
Also Note: Some people have rumors that when he is alone, or thinks he is, you can see that he has horns. (Will update on who sayes that.) Also, they say when he is alone, his eyes glow a little and he is really 5 foot 9.

Pop 360

Angel Beats Geek
Feb 1, 2010
The Afterlife battlefront
May I?

Name: Chloe Atkins
Age: 17
Weapons: Short bow, two daggers, and a longsword
Occupation: Crows nest vigillant
appearance:5ft 9 , skinny, wears: Shirt,waistcoat and tailored shorts, long red hair to hips.
Good friends with Atsuma. Friends with vatti but she has her suspisions...
Friends with all the crew-has no enemies so far.
Personality: Cheery,hyper always alert up for a laugh.

If it needs changing just tel me or change it yourself :D
Hope its ok though
Mar 7, 2010
South Finland
Hey, might as well, I have a certain fondness of making appearances in other stories.

Name: Griffin McMorrigan the Third
Age: Somewhere around 17 and below the age of 30.
Gender: Male
Weapons: A pole. Just a pole. Simplicity is gold.
Occupation: I dunno. May the author decide.
Outfit: Terribly Bohemian. Somewhere along the lines of this. With a nice brimmed hat.
Character description: A bit on the tall side, quite skinny. Skin colour a bit pale-ish, hair is black and messy.
Personality: Quirky to the point of borderline insane, with a subtle senses of paranoia and being a large ham. Very loyal to his own tastes and insticts resulting him many times doing things in his way, often alienates all those around him, which is silently regretted afterwards. Still doesn't stop him doing that regardless. Will often remain silent and speak to himself if nothing special happens, and walk around in random patterns. Otherwise, always keen on commenting his opinions. Prefers to talk rather than actually fight.
Friends: Another quirky guy named Dante, a village guard.
Likes Atsuma and Vatti?: They're okay guys.


The tree hugger of Hyrule
Name: Pandora Kahite (Typed a random word:P)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Occupation: 1st ranked Lieutenant (Hey, I just want to be first ranked^^)
Weapons: Bow and Arrows and Dagger
Outfit: ripped jean shorts, tank top, vest
Character description: light tan, blue eyes, long, jet black hair
Personality: Fun, happy-go-lucky, nice, wise, yet stupid, and helpful
Friends/Nemesis: The whole crew are her friends- no enemies at least not yet
Likes Atsuma and Vatti?: Looks up to them, like siblings


A Frog
Feb 19, 2010
on my bean bag...
Name: Hazel Nightingale
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Weapons: Shortbow
Outfit: Brown leathers
Character description: White skin, red hair, gray eyes.
Personality: Wild, irresponsible, like having fun
Likes Atsuma and Vatti?: Likes Vatti but not Atsuma XD


Apr 18, 2010
Name: Nobody knows her last name, so everyone just calls her first name: Foxy.
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Weapons: Two daggers.
Outfit: Baggy pants and a shirt that is always too dirty to see its color.
Character Description: Black and short hair. Also black eyes. Tan skin. The shortest person in the crew.
Personality: Always smiles and laughs at every joke. Likes to help people but she's too clumsy so people wouldn't willing to let her help. Sometimes she's annoying.
Friends: Most of the crew.
Enemies: None so far. But if someone makes fun of her too much, that person would be her worst enemy.
Likes Ats and Vatti: Not much.
Role: Deck Hand.
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Okay here I go.....
Name: Vanessa Semin (no need to guess why :P )
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Weapons: Crossbow and longsword
Outfit: Blue sleeveless shirt, red belt, black pants
Character description: Light brownish long hair till the waist, 5'9 tall, average weight
Personality: Silent, a temper, smart and independant and a bit evilish
Likes Atsuma and Vatti?: Don't easily trust people and anybody who is a friend of her enemies are her enemies too :P
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*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Thanks to all those who signed up and made this easier for me. Alright, all characters are approved and sign ups are over. Din Akera will be posting her profile later, (as well as me) she's included as well but had not the time to sign up since she had to run out of the house. ^^

Anyway, the story will be based in a WW kinda world, but not WW itself, another continent known as Pancracia, which lies to the west of WW Hyrule. There will be several Zelda characters appearing, some just for a tad bit others through out the story. So, I now depart to finish the prologue. Any questions you have, you can pm me about it. ~Atsie


Commodore of the Ship -- Atsuma Gale (Atsuma)
Captain-- Vatti Gale (Vatti) (Atsuma's sister)
1st rank Lieutenant--Pandora Kahite (THP) (Close friend/GF to Atsuma)
2nd ranked Lieutenant--The Owl (Ember Incubus) (Close friend to Vatti)
Deck Hand-- Rand P. (Random Person) (competitive friend of Atsuma)
Deck Hand-- Hazel Nightingale (Hazel)
Deck Hand-- Foxy (13Foxes)
Deck Hand-- Din Akera (don't know what her character name will be)
Crow Nest Vigilant--Chloe Atkins (Pop360)
Ship Cook--Keely Gibson (Dragon56533)
Canon Operator-- Vanessa Semin (Bigelover88)
Canon Operator-- Griffin McMorrigan III (ThatOneGriffin) (competitive friend of Vatti)

Here is my profile.

Name: Atsuma Gale (Some peeps in the story will refer to Atsie as Saga, a nickname inherited at the island where he will be from)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Weapons: An elvish curved silver blade, a magical sawed off double barrel pistol and two 12-inch throwing daggers, which he will wear strapped at his thighs, one at each side.
Outfit: Usually wears dark pants, a white shirt underneath a dark trench coat, dark boots that reach his kneecaps, two long silver gauntlets and several necklaces just for show. (will acquire a pirate hat soon)
Personality: The serious kind, attentive but quiet, speaks only when he needs to, shy with girls he does not know, somewhat of a tease with those he already knows. He likes helping those that need help and likes teaching to others what he knows, which is often. He is very competitive with almost anyone, even his own shadow. Though he looks scary thanks to a nasty scar running down his right cheek, Atsuma is actually kind and very generous but can become quite angry in a snap. Hates dark beings and anyone who would dare hurt his dear sister and friends.
Appearance: Stands 5-9 off the ground, is muscular, has dark brown hair that falls in bangs to the sides. He also has a nasty scar on his right side cheek, light tan skin and honey colored eyes.
Friends: Atsie considers everyone a friend, though he's come to believe there are no friends in reality, not even his competitive friend Rand P. In other words, Atsie does not easily trust someone, (words of advice from his father).
Enemies: None atm, but there will be some as the story progresses. ^^
Likes Vatti: Yesh, she means everything in the world to him since she is the last relative he has.
Place: Port Celice
Race: Human/Hylian
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Din Akera

Jan 27, 2010
My own little world
As promised.
Name: Din Akera
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Weapons: Double daggers, Chain whip, Fire magic.
Outfit: Black tunic, red scarf around her neck and left arm, leather knee high hunting boots.
Character description: Very long flame red hair. Deep red eyes. Tall slender. Fair skinned
Personality: Loyalty is her number one trait. Once she has a 'side' or friend she is stuck to them, no matter what. She is very friendly and loves to socialize but she is protective and can be violent if provoked or anyone she cares about is in harms way.
Friends/Nemesis: um... (I will leave this up to you Ats, but Hazel and I are good friends. :D)
Likes Atsuma and Vatti?: Sure!

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