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The Oocca...


i got bored and posted something
Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
Ah, yes, the Oocca. One of the most infamous, of course, is Ooccoo. At the first go through, I thought they were just some race, like gorons, or Zoras. But when I did further research, I realized they were so much more! I studied my surroundings. In the room that originally held the cannon to the City in the Sky. On the walls were pictures of Ooccas being bowed to from humans. I did more research, seeing that they were above the hylains in a way, closer to Gods than them. (A little fuzzy info from Shad, but I think I got it right. Correct me if I am wrong). As I inspected further, I saw people near the worshippers in a precarious position. I'm not sure, but I think they were being hanged (Either that or one arm is unnormally long). Why would this have happened? Would the Oocca be doing this, or is it some other type of force? Please, feed any other info you have.
Nov 26, 2008
You got it right, roughly. The specific details are that the Goddesses created the Oocca, not the Hylians. The Oocca were technologically advanced, and somehow (I tend to think unrelated to their technology) they created the Humans to rule Hyrule, then created a flying city and lived up in the sky. Not a lot of other details about it, other than them building the Temple of Time, creating the Dominion Rod, etc. They seem to have possessed magic, because the book Shad reads from contains magic incantations, and I believe it was a book of the Oocca. You'd also probably have to have magic to make the Dominion Rod. :P

Not sure about this depiction of a human being hanged, though. I'm doubtful, though, and I bet it wasn't intended to be that. I can't say for sure, but it still sounds like something that wouldn't make sense and would clash with already established information. I've never seen the image you're referring to; I actually didn't pay much attention in the Sky Cannon room.

I thought the inclusion of the Oocca was kind of weird, actually. I liked them fine as a race, but I didn't much care for the changing of established history in the games' fiction. I liked the old story of Hyrule's creation much better. The Oocca themselves were pretty odd. Somehow their presence in the City in the Sky as well as their sounds in it's music made the dungeon really eerie. But I liked them well enough, save for their backstory of course.

As for Ooccoo, I loved her. She was a great addition to the dungeon warping. One of TP's many great new ideas. :)

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