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The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread


Apr 16, 2021
Isn’t the point of directs to give you something to look forward to?
Yeah, but in terms of the few things I care much about, there's for sure not gonna be any updates on them. (And I wouldn't mind watching it live just for fun, but I'm gonna be working anyway.)


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Another ho-hum direct. Better than the last one if only because it felt like there was more to it than just Mario, but at the same time even less managed to grab me. There wasn’t a single thing in this direct that I know I’m getting for sure, even the last one had wonder I guess. Luigi’s Mansion and the new Princess Peach game probably could have given this direct a bit more of an edge if they hadn’t used it as filler in the last direct.

Also, I find it odd how they’re remaking TTYD so soon after Mario RPG, you’d think that they’d be devoting their time to something a bit more diverse.
Definitely one of the weaker Directs. A lot of news on games we already knew about.

Princess Peach Showtime seems to take some cues from Kirby with all of her abilities.

I'll finally play Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door with this remake.

And, of course, I'm excited for the final wave of Mario Kart DLC.

The rest was pretty boring to me.


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Not much interesting this time around. I feel like we really didn't need a remake of Mario vs Donkey Kong. Literally nobody was asking for that lol. I know a lot of Donkey Kong fans have yelling for ages now they want a new game, but I don't think that's quite what they meant.


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May 5, 2012
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my hypest announcement was easily Trace Memory being remade ALONGSIDE the wii game we never got, those mad sons of *****es
I'm also in big disbelief that Paper Mario 2 is getting a remaster, and it looks pretty faithful
also mixed on the existence of F-Zero 99 but I'll still hop on it asap


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Aug 1, 2012
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Seemed like another Mario direct. I don’t care for Mario but Thousand Year Door and Mario RPG are hype. The Peach game looks interesting. I’m kind of digging the style of it. Luigi’s Mansion 2 was the worst one so I don’t really care for that remaster. Also I like playing the new Mario Kart maps with friends but I couldn’t care less about the characters. I just main Peach every time.

F Zero 99 was kinda a letdown. Was hoping for a new game or at least a remake. Mario vs Donkey Kong remake was a letdown too. I want a new 3D Donkey Kong.

Splatoon DLC looks pretty cool but I’ve never played any of the story modes in those games.

No Metroid makes me convinced Prime 4 is gonna be announced along with the new console as a launch title.

Other than that. I didn’t care about anything else they showed. Overall it felt like a filler direct.


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Feb 8, 2011
Nintendo, if you are going to bring back F-Zero, then why not make a new game as well?

Overall one of the most lackluster Directs in ages. I don't mind a bunch of smaller announcements like Dave the Diver or Trombone Heroes, but the major Mario remakes were geared towards the hardcore audience from 20+ years ago. At least Unicorn Overlord had a banger soundtrack despite the corny name.

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Haven't actually watched it, but no Fantasy Life i means I was disappointed. Nice to have a release date on the TotK amiibo, though. Gotta preorder...

Absolutely dying over that Spy x Family game though. What a hilarious surprise. "SxF but babyfied Persona" was that absolute last thing I would have thought of.

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