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The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

I own Cadence already, but I'll buy physical and skip buying the DLC if it's in the box. Love a physical, just hope it isn't Murica only or rare as hell.

SMTV finally getting a date, lmao, that poor game. This might be my chance to finally play and SMT that wasn't TMS.

SMS Hyde

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Oct 18, 2011
The astral plane
I still need to watch it, but it sounds underwhelming, but I guess at this point anything is better than nothing. I've never played SMT III, and I also haven't played Cadence of Hyrule and idk how interested I am in it. I might consider buying a physical copy though.


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Oct 13, 2013
I'm totally getting SMT 3 and SMT 5. Never played an SMT game but I've played a few Persona games and I know what I'm getting in for.


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Apr 7, 2019
3D All Stars feels so.. cheap. Sure, the games are upressed, but I was really hoping for the games to get some kind of WWHD-ish update with new lighting engine, gameplay tweaks and QoL updates.

Bowser's Fury looks awesome, can't wait.

Not gonna get Mario Kart Home, but it was nuts.

Rest didn't do much for me.
Didn't really care about any of this. I hope the 3D World expansion is good, I really enjoyed the original game but was hoping for Pauline to be added to the Switch version.

Don't care about much else that was shown but I hate that the 3D All Stars is a limited thing like the Kirby anniversary before it that never even came to Europe. I hope we don't get scalped to hell.

Rather disappointed that they're just optimised ports too. Nevermind.

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