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The Next Link's Hair Color

Link's Hair Color Should Be...

  • Blonde

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  • Brunette

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  • Blonde or Brunette

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  • A diffferent hair color

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  • It depends on the atmosphere of the game

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  • I really don't care

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Dec 19, 2011
I actually liked the slightly darker haired Links, like the ones with more brunet or the dirty blondish hair color. I have nothing against the blonde hair color, however... I don't know... I just think that I like that hair more when its a little darker in color. :P
May 27, 2012
It's arguable but for me in Twilight Princess I thought Link was a dirty blonde, and in Skyward Sword I thought he was a light brunette.
I really don't care, but I guess it'd be nice to for Link to be a real brunette again like in the original Zelda games.


FPT | Breb
Nov 28, 2011
Maricopa, Arizona
Even though I think Link looks best as a Blonde/Dirty Blonde, it really depends on the rest of the character design. Like WW Link is kiddish and happy looking and he is super blonde(almost yellow). TP Link is a little more epic and dark like he is super cool and determined and he is Dirty Blonde(honestly he is kinda brunette)


Nanomachines, son.
Apr 12, 2012
I think Blonde suits him as much as his green clothes do, but in the end it really does depend on the atmosphere. I wouldn't even mind seeing Pink come back again :lol: (of course I say that now...)

The Hyrulian

Hero Of Time
May 29, 2012
QLD - Australia
I think that it does depend on the atmosphere of that game, as in like Oot and MM it was a lot more childish looking, just more cartoony, and then you get TP where it is a very serious game, and Link looks much more grown up, but I like both versions really, just keep Toon Link blonde. c:

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