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The Mystery with the Ennemies' Weapons!

Have you ever been able to do it? (Read the text)

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Jul 15, 2009
Yup, this happens to me whenever I'm fighting a bunch of different armed enemies xD Sometimes it's just hilarious to see~
And I love dodging out the way so they end up killing each other instead... great non-violent trick to beat the Savage Labarinth xDD

And same, I was soooo disappointed when this wasn't put in TP... it added so much more depth to the enemies... like they could actually formulate some kind of stratergy instead of just charging (armed or not) at you as soon as they spot you :(
The seriously need to put this back in in Zelda Wii.


Feb 2, 2009
Yes. I actually had a lot of fun in Hyrule Castle in WW, haha. I don't know if I ever got a Moblin to hold a Darknut Sword, but it was fun to put the Moblin's Spear on the Darknuts. As a side note, it was pretty cool how you could fake out the Enemies and make them hit each other with their weapons, especially the Moblins, and especially when they fall off the balcony.
Nov 26, 2008
Yeah, I've had this happen before. But I never did it on purpose, it just happened when I was fighting several enemies at once.

Didn't seem like they could do much with a weapon other than their own (although I might be remembering incorrectly), I would have liked to see the enemies use the various weapons with more skill.

Actually, I really thought that whole weapon system in Wind Waker could have been expanded on a lot, and I'd like to see a revised system appear in a new Zelda game.

Waker of winds

Finally playing PH!
Jun 9, 2009
Mexico, si señor.
It happened to me a lot of times in the Hyrule Castle.

I didn't care a lot because they drop them almost every time you hit them, but it was a good little detail to see them spot a weapon and then run towards it and grab it.

It made me feel like I was battling a foe that actually thought.

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