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Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

Jun 1, 2010
[FONT= "Comic Sans MS"]Hmm.....
Would it be wrong to say the Twilight? It may be dark and infested with monsters, but I think it is a very beautiful and breathtaking place. It just seems so relaxing, akin to watching a beautiful sunset.
Eh, maybe I need to start playing it again. :P[/FONT]

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Feb 1, 2010
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I'll have to say Zoras domain's pool underneath, near the mother and child rocks, its a really beautifull and peacefull and when I'm on TP I love to visit and just swim around and talk to the zoras, Its great. :zelda:


My favorite place is the Sacred Grove (after the little pests are gone) I love the forest, clear blue ponds, the waterfall, and the music. And a close second would be Zora's Domain. It seems so peaceful and I love to swim. I'd give the guy going up the waterfall a run for his money. I wonder what the guys would look like under the shields, I know the prince looks normal (for a zora) but what do the guys look like under there. And what would the female Gorons look/dress like? Hmmm...so many questions... lol


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Jun 18, 2010
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What about the hidden graveyard in Hyrule Castle, by the tree where the hero is buried? There was an ominous, haunting atmosphere.


I remember the graveyard in Hyrule Castle where the hero is buried but can't quite remember how it looked.TP was the first Zelda game i ever played,and ALL of the landscapes had me awed.


Oct 4, 2010
The most beautiful place is the Twilight Realm for me because it is creepy, mysterious, yet amazing. The second place is Gerudo Desert at sunset and dawn.



Gerudo Desert at mid-day (ya call me insane) mostly because I used to live in a desert (the worms remind me of the terrorists, I used to live in Saudi Arabia)but also the music... phenominal music
Fishing Hole at spring, absolutely breathtaking, reminds me of Michigan (at spring obviously)
Twilight Realm, once again the music but also the darkness mixed with that strange orange gold of the sky... it reminds of something but I can't quite figure out just what it is...oh ya, thats right, the sunset... duh :xd:


The Temple of Time. So ancient. So cool. Especially the entrance! :)


I love the Ordon Village. I agree with you, it's very simple and quaint, but I also find it peaceful.
I like all of Hyrule Field as well. Kakariko Village, The Twilight Realm and The Sacred Grove. Those are my favorites.


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Jan 30, 2010
5. Hyrule Field: Though Hyrule Field was large and had a lot of space, I thought it was a beautiful area in TP. I really loved all the space that there was to roam to just let loose and run around. Though there wasn't much the Hyrule Field offered, it still killed time when you didn't feel like doing anything really productive in the game. The main area of Hyrule field was simply gorgeous, especially when it's the very beginning of the game and you are entering Hyrule Field for the first time. The twilight walls that surrounded the entire area were stunning and they made Hyrule Field pleasing to the eye at that point. Since there wasn't much to do in Hyrule Field, other than roam, I found it to be quite boring after a while, but the looks and design still leave me in awe.

4. Faron Woods: I absolutely adore Faron Woods, it was so plainly put together, yet I felt like it had so much to it. The music was very calming and I found that it added some character to Faron Woods. I personally love Faron Spring out of everything in the forest. It was conveniently placed and I found it to be quite beautiful. Going back further into Faron Woods, going towards the Forest Temple, I have to say that the area that was later filled with the poisonous fog was...for lack of a better word, interesting. It didn't seem just thrown in there to add something more. I felt that that area kind of showed a somewhat darker or even spookier side to Faron Woods. It was very pretty, in my opinion, and I really enjoyed how deserted and broken this area was in the forest. Something that I just love about Faron Woods is that it hides the path to Sacred Grove, which just makes this area just an awesome place in the game.

3. Gerudo Desert: Though Gerudo Desert was more of a plain and empty area, I thought it was a great roaming spot. The music was simply amazing and I couldn't help myself with singing along with it. I really loved Gerudo Desert when it was night time. For me, it gave the area such a mystic look and that was something that was pretty cool to see. I loved how the moon light almost made the sand sparkle and shine. This really gave Gerudo Desert the pleasing to the eye look, considering there wasn't much around to rave and talk about. Overall, Gerudo Desert was by far a gorgeous area in TP and I'm glad it turned out the way that it did.

2. Lake Hylia: Lake Hylia was drop-dead gorgeous. Not only was it so bright, it was really something that you just couldn't pass by and not look at for long periods of time. I really enjoyed swimming the entire perimeter of Lake Hylia. It was time consuming, but I personally found it to be somewhat fun. Climbing on all the pillars of rocks was also fun. It kind of gave off that adventure feel a little bit more to the game. What I really enjoyed the most from Lake Hylia was going underwater and just exploring, especially when it was night time. I found that Lake Hylia was the most fun when the moon was up and shining brightly down on the water. It was kind of creepy going under water and seeing not much that was ahead of you. I think that you could get a lot of personal story ideas from just being under the water. The music was fantastic. Like Faron Woods's music, it was very calming and relaxing. This was a piece of music that I cannot stop humming. It was beautiful and added more to Lake Hylia.

1. Palace of Twilight: My number one favorite area in the entire game was the Palace of Twilight. It was dark, mysterious, and full of the oh-so beautiful Twilight. I really think that the whole outside of the palace really drew my eye. The sky was so pretty, in my opinion, with the almost red sky and the black clouds. I have always been a personal fan of the Twilight, only because it was pretty neat to see all the little floating, black squares. The music was just fantastic and again, this was another song that I cannot help my hum in my head and out loud. The three separate buildings in the Palace of Twilight were very well-designed. I really loved how difficult it was the first couple of times to be able to get through when you had the Sol. It was good that the Palace of Twilight was kind of challenging since I found that not a lot of places were filled with high levels of difficulty. Overall, the Palace of Twilight was just a pretty place and it was my favorite in the entire game.


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Jun 14, 2010
My favourite placs have to be(in order):

Sacred Grove/entrance to the Temple of Time: So beautiful and peaceful here. I love how the lush forest begins to blend in with ancient ruins. Upon entering the Temple of Time, you look around, and it's just...stunning, the architecture in that place. I love the stained glass windows, the designs on the statues, as well as how there is a sort of fog in the clearing where you find the Master Sword when you first see it.

Castle Town(night): From looking at the one balcony at night, Hyrule Castle Town and Hyrule Castle look beautiful. There is a sort of glow around the fountain as well as the castle. It's lovely.

Snowpeak: Climbing Snowpeak, there's very little visibility, but I like it. And when you get to the top and it gets clearer, the view looks very nice(especially sunset)

Palace of Twilight: I think this place looked awesome. I just wish we could've travelled to more than just the palace and see other areas of the Twilight Realm. The dark clouds and the intricate designs of the Twili interest me very much.

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Feb 25, 2010
Cyrodiil, Tamriel
WOOHOO, a thread that I can finally be let loose in!

5. Castle Town/Hyrule Castle: One thing which I liked a lot about TP was that you would see Hyrule Castle from almost anywhere in Hyrule, & it looks so spectacular when you do see it in the distance. I think I remember that saw the sun set over it once (in the beginning sequence or in the game, I can't remember). Okay, back on topic. When I was playing TP for the first time (I think it was about a year ago) I couldn't wait to get to Castle Town. It didn't disappoint, it was lovely. Heaps of things to see look at, the stalls, the streets, the people too. There was just so much movement in this area, it felt to me that it was really alive in some aspects. A part of Castle Town that I liked was the viewing platform. That was good. Another aspect I liked was the fountain.

I'll come back & edit this later.
Sep 28, 2010
there were so many great scenes in TP.....couple of my favorite were Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle. Anywhere there was water was also great. but these 2 places I was just in awe. It was breathtaking.
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
TP had beautiful scenery throughout, something that contributes tremendously to my overall enjoyment of a game. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:The Crystal Bearers was the same way; it REALLY makes a game better for me.

Lake Hylia, post-Twilight of course, was probably the best. Namely, the beautiful water. The way the sunshine sparkled off of it during the day, and especially at sunrise-sunset, made for beautiful scenery. I also liked how... "lakey" it was, for lack of a better word. The wooden bridges, the cliffs, and the tiny "islands" really made the place feel more convincing. Also, the cannon. How can you NOT like the canon? The huge bridge overhead is also a big plus for me for some reason. I just thought it was a really nice touch, that a massive bridge would be built to bypass it.

I also really liked the Peak Providence. I know it's just a bunch of snow, but there was one time and place that really stood out to me. When you're sliding down that huge mountain, leading towards the Snow Peak ruins, and it's either sunrise or sunset. The light reflects off of the snow, making it a kind of golden color. The mountains reflect a really bright light too, making them "shine" in almost a diamond like manner. Sliding down, looking at all of it..... beautiful.

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