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The Mirror of twilight, Its origin , loss, and recovery

Nov 28, 2015
Hello everyone I have a theory for you today one about the Mirror of Twilight.

Lets start out with its Origins.

Most likely the Ancient Sages were the Original creators of the mirror of twilight . Theme or the Light spirits . Due to the fact that the sages know how to use the mirror of twilight and the light spirits were the beings tasked with sealing away the Dark interlopers.(I have another theory about who the Dark Interlopers them selves are but that and a Theory on the fused shadow is for another day)

The Mirror was then places and used in the Arbiters grounds, in case it is ever needed again. I also believe that the Arberters grounds is not the Spirit temple due to their construction being totally different . The Spirit temple being within a huge statue and a large stone , and the Arbiters ground in a giant Colosseum like structure.

The loss

After the Dark interlopers were sealed away it seems the grounds came under the control of the Gerudo and was turned in to a place of worship for the goddess of the sands (due to the many statues of the goddess found through out the grounds but due to unknown reasons the grounds are abandoned possible replaced by the spirit temple in a closer location to the Gerudo fortress (the OOT maps and the TPmas seem to show different parts of the desert). The mirror is then lost to time and legend (or possible it is the large Mirror located in the spirit temple its self , having been claimed by the Gerudo.

The Recovery

Finally when OOT Link is sent back in time by Zelda after the battle with Ganon , Link alerts the King to Ganon`s treachery and a war breaks out between the Hylians and the Gerudo . The war ending with the genocide of the Gerudo (seemingly) and the Spirit temple being sacked (possibly destroyed)and the Arbiters grounds being reclaimed and being used to execute the captured Gerudo (similar to the shadow temple durring the past Cvil war)and the Sages using the Mirror that was retrieved to seal Ganon away in to the Twilight realm.

And thats My theory . There are still some bugs in it I`m sure but every theory has them. But what do you think? Is this possibly what happened with the mirror of twilght before its destruction at the end of Twilight Princes?


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Only thing i can see wrong is Arbiters ground was used for the execution of G-dorf, it was literally the execution grounds of Hyrule as shown by all the dead that inhabits, hell you could argue it's symbolically the Shadow Temple, the Grounds were used to exile the Gerudo as well after that war is my belief and they eventually turned into Twili but lesser than the originals.

Aide from that it makes some sense ^^


Like a sir.
Apr 21, 2012
I agree with Shironagi on the whole Arbiter's Grounds being used as an executionary place. The fact that the Gerudo are missing, the fact that most of the Twili don't actually seem to mind the Twilight, and the fact that they all have red hair (along with the fact that Midna resembles some kind of Arabic ruler or princess) really does hugely point to the Twili being descended from them.

As for the Mirror of Twilight, I do believe it was Zelda who said that she believed that it was destiny that the mirror was left behind by the Goddesses so that the Twili and Hylians could someday reconcile.

I want to think that the Twilight Mirror was created originally by the Sages in order to facilitate the capture of those they believed to involved with the Ancient Sorcerers. Knowing the sages/general Hylian's knack for screwing things up, they more then likely ended up prosecuting people who really in truth had no
kind of evil intentions to begin with. But then again, knowing how much of a threat the Ancient Sorcerers were to begin with, I could sorta understand them wanting to take extra precautions.

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