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General Zelda The Lone Wolf


Jul 1, 2012
Something I've noticed about Link, is that he is typically lone figure. He is generally seen with no notable family acquaintances, maybe the odd one here and there but Link feels as if he is on his own. Even on his quest, it's solely up to him to save Hyrule, we generally receive little help -- maybe the odd hint here and there but nothing truly significant.

One could counter this and bring up companions, but even still, the majority don't help all that much and, for the most part, they stay hidden. So I would label Link as a "Lone Wolf".

To what extent do you guys agree with this statement, but more so, do you like Link as this lone figure? Should he stay this way? or would you like to see him maybe be helped more on his journey?


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May 26, 2010
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He's less of a Lone Wolf and more of a One Man Army (OMA). He could destroy the world with just himself, not needing a single partner. And I don't like it. A realistic hero would be vulnerable and require more assistance than some AI giving you the occasional direction. A realistic hero would require the aid of at least a village in order to accomplish the stuff that Link does.

But...I ain't complaining really. Link's been this way since forever, so why fix what ain't broke? :I


Jun 26, 2013
I believe it's a big part of his character that he's alone when facing his challenges. He talks to the occasion NPC here and there and helps them out, which actually, they usually give him upgrades, so he's not technically doing this all by himself.
but anyway, all of his tasks and obstacles are up to him and him alone to step up and face. It's a basic 'hero's journey" scenario, and kind of a metaphor for growing up, seeing how Link is usual predicted as a kid.
Definitely something I feel should stay.

I'm not sure I would call him a "Lone Wolf" because that would also imply that he mainly fights for himself, which simply isn't true. He fights for his kingdom.
He's more a "Lone Hero" if anything


May 18, 2013
That's the way I prefer him to be, although he has help these days in the GCN, Wii, DS games. in the 3d games he was most alone in MM, that's the ideal situation from a gameplay standpoint.


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Dec 17, 2012
It is recommended that all civilians and non-combatants remain at distance of at least 100 yards from the Hero of Legend while he is on a murderous rampage. Thank you for your cooperation.

(I don't want help, thanks).


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Jan 29, 2011
I agree with this %50. What comes to mind for me is Midna, and she was probably the best companion in that she helped Link the most. She let him out of the cell, she also produced some attacks for Wolf Link, and other parts in the story where you need her to do something. And I'd say that there's enough help from other NPCs, even though its little help, that Link couldn't have done it without that help. So he's sort of a Lone Wolf in that he really doesn't work with anyone, save companions in some/most games, but receives so little help that its almost like he does it alone.
Jun 16, 2013
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I agree with you about this! He basically takes on the evil by himself, with little help, but not much. I think that what makes him a cool guy, by taking on all the evil and winning by himself.


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Dec 17, 2011
I feel like the term "lone wolf" doesn't really work for Link....

A "lone wolf" is typically a loner... you know, a character who chooses or even prefers to be alone. A good example of this would be the annoyingly emo protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall. Link, on the other hand, is thrust into a situation where he is the only one who can take on the tasks given to him, as destiny has it. I imagine that Link is actually quite lonely during his quest, especially in games like The Wind Waker or Twilight Princess where he's been shown to have strong connections to others from the start.

However, as far as gameplay goes, I prefer that he remains the sole hero. I feel like there is more of a connection with the world of Hyrule (or even moreso, Termina) when it's really, truly only YOU who can save everyone. Actually feeling the weight of that burden leaves me with more of a feeling of satisfaction and pride when I've saved the day if I compare it to being part of a team like in Gears of War.

Despite my many annoyances with it, I think Twilight Princess did an excellent job of displaying Link's role as a warrior on his own, because we saw his distress when those close to him were in danger or didn't remember him. It made him feel more realistic, and a protagonist that has someBODY to fight for and not just someTHING to fight for is a lot more interesting than a "lone wolf" character.


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Nov 15, 2011
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I mostly agree with this, but I enjoy some people or animals that can periodically help Link on his quest. One example are the Animal companions in the Oracle games (Moosh, Ricky, and Dimitri) which were really a fun gameplay mechanic, and I'd like to see something similar return.
Feb 10, 2013
I would agree with it for the most part. However, there are some notable exceptions. The big one that comes to my mind is Spirit Tracks. I see Zelda as more of a partner to Link than your typical companion. She is even playable when she possesses the phantoms.

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