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The Legend Theory: Is There a Timeline?


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May 16, 2009
East Clock Town
So a theory has been tossed around for a long time now. This theory is known as "The Legend Theory", and states that there is no complete timeline linking all the games together. The reason for this is that the games aren't all new stories, but rather most of them are just the same legend retold.

While this can't be entirely true as some games are obvious sequels/prequels to others, is it possible that all the games involving Ganon are distorted legends? Since most of them reference a backstory, there has to be an original, true starting point.

While I still believe in a true, overall timeline, I did some research into the possibility that each game featuring Ganon is a "what happened next" Legend taking place after one of Ocarina of Time's endings.

In this version of The Legend Theory, Ocarina of Time is the only true story, and each other game is a "what if" scenario, focusing on one specific element of Ocarina's story, and romanticizing it to make it of central importance.

My full thoughts on the matter can be found here:
Legends of Hyrule



Apr 19, 2009
I have to admit it's possible. I don't like it though. I don't think it is something that Nintendo would do to us. Forseeably though, it is something they could pull out of the bag, if they were to run out of ideas that they could explain away using 'a few hundred years later' they could say. Well actually that was all wrong, the are all actually one story but it's rather like a game of chinese whispers. This would enable them to produce endless Zelda games.

I don't really think it could be true though. Think about the whole Ganon to Ganondorf scenario. They'd all have to be different games. If you REALLY think about it, the only games that could be the same story re-told differently, are WW and TP and possibly AoL and OoX.

WW and TP because they are essentially different sides of the timeline and essentially two parallel stories. Also, WW is far more 'Hollywood' with the whole noble saving his sister stuff and all the gods rooting for Link and such. There's only one real reason AoL and OoX could be the same, and that is that in both, someone is trying to re-incarnate Ganon. I know the stories of each are completely different, but different takes on legends often are. I don't think this is true though as they are set in seperate lands.

To conclude, I think this is possible, but unless Nintendo completely sells out, I don't think they will do this to us.


Even Ganon loves cookies
May 16, 2009
East Clock Town
Did you read the parallels/explanations in the article itself?
I think a strong argument can be made that LoZ, aLttP, and WW are all sequel legends to Ocarina of Time.


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Nov 11, 2008
Highly, HIGHLY unlikely. There would be very few games that could be legends retold if you actually look at the evidence.

Ocarina of Time being the original doesn't make sense to me just for the fact that I believe MC goes first. Even if MC didn't go first, MC can't be a retold legend because it has nothing to do with Ganon. Neither does FS and FSA is obviously a prequel to both games AND has Ganon in it which rules it out as a retelling of the story. Especially since the game seems to be discussing a completely seperate Ganondorf.

WW and TP are obvious sequels to OoT. We have in game evidence and creator quotes confirming a split multiple times that make it impossible for those games to be retold legends. They are their own legends on parallel sides of each other.

LoZ and AoL are directly connected to each other. It's hard to say that it's possible for AoL to be a legend retold when it has a prequel to go with it.

OoA and OoS could be legends retold of each other except for the fact that the games have a linked ending which makes it clear that those are 2 seperate adventures that happen in whatever order we want them to happen so they can't be legends retold.

PH and ST are obvious sequels to the WW saga so they can't be legends retold.

LA takes place either after OoX (not my theory) or ALTTP (which is my theory) and suppose it goes after ALTTP, this would mean that ALTTP was fact because the only way LA could be real is from Link's point of view since it was an adventure no one knew about and the fact that Aghanim is a shadow in that game means that ALTTP truly happened making it impossible for it to be a legend retold, not to mention the obvious connection with FSA and ALTTP that was clearly made in the GBA version of ALTTP and the even further connection made with FSA ending the way it did.

With all of that in mind, there is not a single game that I can see being a retold or altered version of Ganon, Link, Zelda and the Triforce. It seems perefectly clear to me that there is a timeline and that none of the games are legends retold. If there were any games that were legends retold then they could not have another game connected with it, but they all do.


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Sep 19, 2009
Ganon's Tower
This has been discussed many times, but here is what I think. Many times has a Link fought Ganon, then won and saved Hyrule. It is stated that "You are the Hero of Time reborn" when Link destroys Puppet Ganon in Wind Waker, So what I am thinking is it is always the same Ganon/dorf. The Link is another version of him/ No real timeline has been explained since it is to difficult to come up with one, hence the Oracle of Ages and Seasons with there screwed storyline.


Ocarina of Time being the original doesn't make sense to me just for the fact that I believe MC goes first. Even if MC didn't go first, MC can't be a retold legend because it has nothing to do with Ganon.
MC coming first in your timeline doesnt change the fact that LttP, WW and LoZ/AoL are all possible sequels to the Ocarina of Time story.

It become far more clear what Erimgard is suggesting when you read the article with an open mind and a little bit of optimism. Yes, there is a timeline, Aonuma said there is, but it is great to read such a fantastic article that explores an entirely different approach to the timeline. Even if you don't believe the Legend Theory is at all possible, at least consider some of the possibilities it suggests.

Great article Erim. One of your best yet.

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