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The Legend of Zelda: The Goddess's Necklaces (SU)

Midna's Sister

I'm the TwilightPrincess!
Jul 23, 2012
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The Legend of Zelda: Precipice of Memories(SU)

Hello, howdy, hi, or whatever greeting you perfer, welcome to the Legend of Zelda: Precpice of Memories.

This is 150 years after Twilight Princess. According to myth and legend, after Midna closed the gateway between worlds permanently, a strange reaction across Hyrule happened. Light can't exist without the bond of shadow; thus, a odd illness spread across the land. Link fell ill. He want into a coma for several weeks, and awoke with no recollection of who he was, or who anyone is.

Now he must travel across the land in search of his shattered soul, and with it, his memories.

Signup form:
Roleplay sample:

Name: Link
Gender: Male
Clothes: I'm sure you know; Classic Green Tunic
Appearance: Fair-skinned, blonde with blue eyes, average height
History: (he can't remember anything....)
Roleplay sample: "Hello?" he asked softly in the dimly lit cottage. "Who's there?"
"Only me, Link, dear," said his aunt. "Who're you? Why are you here?! Who's Link?!?!" he exclaimed.
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The Oncoming Storm
Aug 22, 2012
Sacred Realm
Name: Liam
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, athletic build, one green eye, one blue eye, black hair, tan skin, wears a green tunic and brown pants.
Weapons: two stiletto knives and a bow.

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