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The Legend of Zelda Song Lyrics

Aug 2, 2023
I write lyrics to all types of video game music, but mostly it's just The Legend of Zelda. I write to remixes, fan editions of Zelda themes and official pieces! If you want a song written to please let me know! (BTW new here! I don't really know how the forums work, but if you could give me some pointers, I would appreciate it! Thanks!)
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Aug 2, 2023
THE SONG OF HEALING: MAJORA'S MASK (Fan- Edition by The Noble Demon)

Remember my child, the song of healing.
Remember faintly the keys struck as you sing.

For this melody has powers beyond mystery.
Embedded deep within the strokes of history.

We all have masks that we hide, and we wear.
We all lock in secrets in the souls we must bear.

When the waves and currents of life are raging-
Won't you give up your worries and began to sing:

"Hear me, oh hear me melody of healing..."
"Listen to once uttered words I'm now singing..."
"Each note is a fragment, a beat of my heart...
"Every word I cry now tears me apart!

"This is my lone desire that I now can see."
"All of the tears that flow refuse to cease."

"My darkest hour descends upon me-"
"Send me this single request my desperate plea-"

Remember my child the song of healing.
Recall the keys soaked in tears as you sing.

For this simple song has a power unknown.
This tune will carry the tears you have sown.

When you are down in the trenches, and you can't see-
Light creeps through the cracks and shadows that be...

Flowers will bloom in abundance after long-
Until then, child remember this song...


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