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The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX


I'm back!!
Nice game so far, I went into the boomerang mini-dungeon and got a Heart Piece (I think it was inside a chest next to a statue, but I'm not sure).
Though there is one more Heart Piece, and if I try to go out the guy tells me I haven't went through the whole mini-dungeon (he doesn't exactly says that, but that is what he means) and takes away the Boomerang...

Any help?


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Sep 30, 2009
Haven't made it terribly far yet, but I like what I've seen. Just keep on emulating the style of Alttp! You can't go wrong, that way. ;)

I had some minor installation issues with the Ubuntu 32-bit version. It's asking for a library Ubuntu has yet to incorporate into its package manager. So I run on over to icculus.org and install libphysfs v.2.0 from source, and it's still asks for that package, oddly enough. Long story short, I installed the Debian version and it worked just fine.

Link needs to be able to chop down two bushes at once. He can in Alttp and it's sort of a weird transition to make. Maybe if his sword range was a little broader too. Haven't played alttp in some time, but I think there's a difference in the way Link goes about hacking stuff with his sword. Alttp's is much smoother on the approach.

Some of my perceived difficulties are probably just me adjusting to play through a keyboard, so I can't really rant too much. 5 out of 5. *applause*

Are there plans to incorporate support for controllers?

edit: Whenever I hit that switch in what I'm guessing is the Earth dungeon, the game freezes. Ack! No one else seems to be experiencing such; maybe it's just my pc or the Linux version. Also freezes up in a few other places like when you jump in the water and occasionally in a hole (and if you come back out, the grass is either the color of the water or the hole). Anyone else having such problems?
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I'm back!!
OK, so far I've gotten the two Heart Pieces in the boomerang mini-dungeon (I also got a new heart: one Heart Piece from the 'labyrinth' game at the Rupee House and the two mini-dungeon's Heart Pieces... is this a glitch or are you supposed to get a new heart when you collect three pieces?)

So, where do I go now?
The kid's grandma told me to go to a forest south of the town, but I can't find the forest...
Also, when do people breaks the strange 'eight' "flowers"?


I'm back!!
Finally beated the demo!!:D
It's very fun, and some puzzles got me thinking a little.
The game isn't that hard, and, of course, I wouldn't like this game to be insanely hard, though it would make it more challenging.
By playing through it, I've found a new way to see Zelda games (consider this is the first time I've played a 2D Zelda game).
The beginning was very cool, at first I was puzzled because I didn't know where the blacksmith was, and when I got the sword I was pretty happy :)
Then, when I was confused because I didn't know how to get a bottle, I explored the overworld as much as I could, and I realized how big it is.
Then I went inside a shop and bought six apples so the the person at the pastries shop so the woman could stop bothering me.
And when I entered the boomerang mini-dungeon, I thought: "This game is incredible!".
That mini-dungeon got me thinking for a while, the puzzles with the boomerang are simply... well, puzzling?:P
In fact, I was a bit dissapointed with the Earth Dungeon (or temple), the only puzzle that kept me thinking is the blocks and arrows thing... It's simply great!
I would like to see a harder mini-boss and a harder boss, I would suggest paying attention to what TVTMaster said;)
I would much prefer the mini-dungeon than the dungeon itself.
Anyway, see what this DEMO (not even a full game!) made me write...
It changed my point of view, and it makes me think OOA is going to be better than my 3D games (OOT and MM).

Outstanding work your team has done here!
You must be proud of it!


What did you do to solved the arrows puzzle? I start off blocking the middle arrows but then I don't what to do with the other blocks. Please help, I must've redone this part like 30 times now. >.<

What did you do to solved the arrows puzzle? I start off blocking the middle arrows but then I don't what to do with the other blocks. Please help, I must've redone this part like 30 times now. >.<

Never mind. Just finished the Demo 3 minutes ago. =] Nice game. Now I wanna play more Zelda games =[

All I've got is the Keychain version with the double screen and OoT somewhere??
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Easter Egg!

I spotted an easter egg! In the basement there's a picture of Mario! XD :)

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