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The Legend of Zelda: Accursed Shield - A game concept

Jun 2, 2018
Hyrule is invaded by Kyron, a technologically advanced nation from the north. Princess Zelda is taken prisoner and taken aboard the main airship by the leader of the invasion force, Viscount Vairaz. Link, Zelda's childhood friend, attempts a rescue only to be caught and thrown overboard.

Link ends up landing in a forgotten forest ruin. He saved from serious injury as his shield takes most of the impact for him. While looking around where he landed, Link finds a shield with a demonic pig face carved into it. He jumps back when the face opens its eyes and speaks to him.

"You there! What is your desire?"

After learning Link's situation, the shield introduces himself.

"I have been known by many names in the past. For now, you may call me... Dragmire."

Dragmire offers to help Link find a weapon that can overcome the Kyronians' technological weapons. All he asks in return is that Link takes Dragmire along and does a "small favor" for him afterwards.

"It looks like you need a new shield anyway. I'm made of much sturdier material. The weapon we seek requires three keys. The first is nearby, the other two need a bit more legwork, but nothing a young lad like yourself can't handle."

Left with few other options, Link agrees to Dragmire's terms. Taking up the Accursed Shield, Link sets out to claim the Master Sword, save Zelda and liberate Hyrule.

A few other things...

- Every time Link defeats a dungeon boss, Dragmire sucks the evil energy left behind.

- After the first dungeon, Dragmire gains the ability to disguise himself as a Hylian shield when Link is in town.

- Like in Link Between Worlds, all items are fueled by Link's regenerating magic bar.

- In the Lost Woods, Link meets the green-haired Lady of The Woods. The Lady of The Woods warns Link Dragmire can't outright lie, but he can still leave out details of the truth.

- After gaining the Master Sword, Link learns Kyron is syphoning energy from the Six Temples, which is having a devastating effect on Hyrule.

- Side quests involving helping Kryonians rebels who infiltrated the invasion force lead to Link getting the Master Cycle and electrifying the Master Sword. The electrified Master Sword is far more effective against Kyron's robotic soldiers and the mechanical monsters Vairaz placed in the Temples.

- Another side quest involves collecting fragments of a trident from the Temples. Dragmire needs the trident for Link to complete the "small favor".

Just to be clear, I have no intention of making this game. I just wanted to see what others thought of this idea.

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