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Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Death

Master Kokiri 9

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
if it takes a month to post chapters i will stop reading this

I'm sorry to hear that man. I'm EXTREMELY sorry about the long delay, it's just that there's been so much to do lately between my story, several Mafia games, several forums to balance out, and then there's the fact that I recently started High School (well more like a month ago, but still). Top it all off with the fact that this chapter was a challenge for me to write and you get the long wait.

I originally intended for the chapter to be up today (in fact I might just pull an all nighter to get it up and be done with it) but I had to go to my niece's birthday party which lasted a while, so yeah.

I'll try to get it up either later tonight or tomorrow and then try to get the next chapter up soon after.

I'm EXTREMELY sorry about the extreme wait, and I hope you won't take offense to this, but I do have things in my life that take priority over my stories.

Still, I can't stress enough how sorry I am for the long wait. :cry:

Master Kokiri 9

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
I am SO sorry that I left this dead for so long guys. Lemme fill you in on some stuff that's been going on that prevented me from posting this.

Anyways, I had to reformat my hard drive a while back and I lost Word (still haven't been able to re install that on my computer) and that made me lose quite a bit of progress.

Then there's the concept issue: you see, I simply went through a lot of beta concepts for this chapter (at least three) and scrapped them due to the fact that I want to make it the best it can possibly be while remotely making sense.

And then I started High School. It's a drag but unfortunately it has to happen eventually and with everything High School has to slow me down with "offer" to me, I haven't been able to work on this as much as I'd like to.

To top it all off, I've been meaning to do this update since the beginning of the month, but I left the manuscript (I've begun to write it down on paper at school whenever I've got free time [which actually has been about like ten minutes every study period, more or less]) and I accidentally left it in my locker over the weekend.

Then I kept forgetting to bring it home during the course of the week. And I finally remembered to bring it back on Friday (and just in the nick of time too!). Then there was a bit of a hassle with having to go out of town shopping with my mom, so I couldn't update it then, then I tried the next day and I had to stop before it got too late. Then I sorta put it down for a while and then I got Earthbound yesterday (so flippin' excited I could just flippin' explode! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD) and I've been playing that nonstop since I came home yesterday, so that distracted me BIG TIME.

Long story short, this chapter was by far the HARDEST chapter to right so far and also the chapter that by far suffered THE MOST interruptions so far.

Really, I'm VERY VERY VERY sorry about it taking so long guys. On the bright side, the rest of the storyline's pretty much finished at this point and I'll try to post the next chapter tomorrow. No promises though, I don't want to be unintentionally breaking them.

Anyways, I hope you think that this chapter was worth the wait.

Chapter 10: Isle of the Great Fairy

Link awoke on a sandy beach. Waves crashed all around him. Odd though it may have been for him in his ghastly form, it was still possible for him to lose conciousness.

What am I doing here? Link thought to himself. Suddenly, his memory flashed back to him. He had been attacked by Dark Link in the Ice Cavern and then a monsterous fish known as a Gyorg came and attacked him in his weakened state.

So that river carried me all the way here, huh? He mused.

He looked out at the body of water before him.

It's odd, though, that I can still lose conciousness... Maybe that's what happens when I 'kill' a Poe? He thought. I guess this isn't the time to reflect upon what's happened so far...

He stood up and began searching the beach to see if he could find his missing items, sword and shield aside. He dug in the sand and walked through the water in search of them for what seemed to be hours until something caught his eye.

A green lizard walking on it's hind legs scurried out from a forest deeper on the island. It stopped suddenly and dug in the sand before finding a brown satchel. Link's satchel to be exact.

Without a word, the reptile scurried into the forest with Link's satchel held above it's head.

"Was that a... TOKAY?!" Link thought aloud. "Figures, they'd steal my stuff since they did it the last time too..."

Uttering not one more word, Link rushed after the Tokay in an attempt to get everything back.

After a while of wandering through the forest (because he had lost the Tokay through all the twists and turns), Link came into a clearing of wooden huts and hollow trees.

Various green lizards walking on their hind legs, called Tokays by Link and his people, walked around conducting business in a very similar manner to how Hylians did in their towns. Heck, they even used the same currency: small six sided gems of varying colors known as Rupees!

As he walked around, he caught glimpse of a Tokay shop: one that sold wooden sticks, Deku Nuts, and none other than a brown satchel. Link's satchel.

The ghost approached the reptilian merchant and, trying very hard to keep his rage to a minimum, began to speak.

"Can I have that satchel back?" He asked kindly, showing no signs of rage from having all of his items stolen.

"Back?" The Tokay parroted. "What mean back? Satchel belong to me."

"I lost that thing earlier." He said, gritting his ghostly teeth. "Is there any way I can get that thing back?"

"Oh, you buying." The Tokay declared in it's broken Hylian. "Bag cost three-zero-zero Rupees."

"Three-zero-zero Rupees?" Link parroted, confused. "Don't you mean three hundred Rupees?"

"No." The Tokay replied. "Three-zero-zero Rupees."

At that point, Link's left palm met his forehead silently.

This thing's insane... Link thought to himself. How am I supposed to come up with three hundred Rupees? Of course, the one time I feel that Rupees'll be absolutely useless, I end up needing a lot of them! And three hundred Rupees are pretty hard to come by these days too!

He walked off, frusterated in more ways than one.

"Crap." He said to himself, walking around the forest. "How am I supposed to come up with three hundred Rupees? I knew the economy was bad these days, but three hundred for something like that is just plain robbery!"

He took the time to stop walking for a moment and look at his options.

"I could fight robbery with robbery, but that's not exactly befitting of a legendary hero, so that's a no go." He mused, not recalling the time where he had stolen a bow, only to get fried by the shop keeper later. "And I can't just go around looking for monsters to kill forever..."

He began walking again, not knowing what to do. Unbeknownst to Link, however, he had walked in a straight circle and back into the Tokay's village, where something strange was happening.

There was his shadow self, Dark Link, terrorizing the village with none other than Link's own items.

Without thinking, the young ghost drew his sword and shield and charged into the fray, getting in a preemptive horizontal slice in on him!

The dark copy dropped the bow it had been firing arrows from as well as the satchel, and with it all of Link's items, onto the ground.

Dark Link drew his sword, but Link acted fast and made a risky move while his shadow self was reeling. He did a jump attack, and just before Dark Link could have his head sliced open, he jumped to the side, suffering a blow to his left arm which, in turn, made him drop his own weapon.

Revenge is sweet... Thought Link, remembering his last bout with Dark Link.

Dark Link, not wanting to lose this battle, grabbed for his shield and dove for his sword. Link slashed at him, but narrowly missed his target.

This did not deter him, however, as he kept on the offensive and rushed after his opponent, not allowing him any opportunity to let him recover from his attacks.

Clang! Metal met metal as Dark Link had just managed to put up his sword to deflect Link's horizontal slash.

But, unfortunately for Dark Link, he hadn't been able to properly brace himself and because of that, his sword flew out of his hand once more.

Link kept up his attacks and slashed him horizontally across the shoulder. Then diagonally across the other shoulder! Then, finally, as he was about to deliver the finishing blow on his long time nemesis, he disappeared into the shadows.

Mark my words... Dark Link's voice echoed across the now silent forest. You haven't seen the last of me...

With that battle over and behind him, Link walked foward towards his satchel and bow to pick them up... only to have a Wizzrobe appear out of nowhere and suck his items towards him with magic.

"Wait!" Link cried out, giving chase to the devious wizard.

Unfortunately, the Wizzrobe did not wait, and instead, sped up the pace at which it hovered through the forest, laughing maniacally all throughout the so called 'chase'.

But, as luck would have it, a bolt of lightning struck the Wizzrobe, killing it instantly (after which it fell and disappeared in a puff of black smoke) and leaving the items unharmed.

Link took a sigh of relief and rushed over to inspect his items.

None of them were harmed and everything was accounted for, including the Pendants of Virtue that he sought so much.

"Good... that's a weight off my shoulders..." He said, feeling a tremendous urge to hold his reacquired items above his head. So, with tremendous feeling, he thrust his satchel and bow over his head, almost losing a hold of them once his pose had reached it's end.

He heard a quiet laugh from somewhere nearby, and quickly put away his things and drew his sword.

"Who's there?!" He demanded, edgy from his last two encounters.

"Fear not, for I am not your enemy." A feminine voice called out. As quickly as the voice had been heard, a beautiful woman materialized before Link.

She stood tall, about as tall as he did, and wore a long green dress that went down to her feet and her skin was somewhat tanned. Her long brunette hair, coming down to past her shoulders and covering her ears, had been decorated by flower petals. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of blue.

She looked like a perfectly normal Hylian woman of noble lineage, if not for one glaringly obvious feature. Large butterfly wings jutted out from her back, fluttering gently. Obviously, Link had just met a fairy. And not just any fairy either: he was in the presence of one of the more regal fairies (the Hylian Nobles of fairies if you will), none other than one of the Great Fairies that lived throughout the land of Hyrule.

"I am the former Queen of the Fairy Land, Venus." She said, introducing herself in a friendly manner and smiling courteously. "And you are welcome for the help with that Wizzrobe."

"Well, don't I feel all stupid now." Link said, sheathing his sword and putting away his shield on his back. "I'm very sorry for turning my sword to you." He bowed in respect.

"It is quite alright." Venus said. "You were rather on edge, and it was understandable. Be more careful not to turn your sword against allies again, though."

Link stood up straight when a question popped into Link's mind.

"Lady Venus, if you wouldn't mind answering my question, where exactly are we?" He asked, trying to be as polite and formal as possible. Unbeknownst to him, Link was already well versed in formal conversations with royalty via past lives in which he knew Zelda and commonly met with her and the Royal Family.

"We are on an island off the coast of Eastern Hyrule." She answered. "It is here where we Great Fairies gather and also an island inhabited by the lizard race of Tokay."

"Ah, I see." Link replied. "Lady Venus, if you wouldn't mind answering another question, do you know how I got here or what happened to the Gyorg that had attacked me?"

"Ah yes, the Gyorg." Venus parroted. "The Gyorg no longer swims the seas, thanks to my power and you had drifted here. You see, I commonly go out to sea to help keep the population of monsters in check and I had killed the Gyorg like any other. In fact, I hadn't even known it had you in it's grasp at the time. I helped you drift to shore along with your items."

"Okay, thank you very much for that." Link said, bowing his head. "Lady Venus, there is one final question I would like to ask."

"What is that, dear?" Venus asked.

"Can you help me get off this island?" Link asked.

Venus chuckled quietly.

"Is something funny, Lady Venus?" Link asked.

"Yes, I can do much more than that." Venus answered. "I can take you directly to your next destination, the forest where the Master Sword lies: the Lost Woods."

"Thank you very much, Lady Venus." Link responded, bowing his head.

"You are welcome." Venus said. Before any more words could be spoken, Link had found himself in a dark, foggy forest, complete with owls hooting and Wolfos howling.


Master Kokiri 9

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Alright guys, update time! I know, you were probably expecting a really long wait like for the last chapter. Well, like I said earlier, the story's pretty much done now. All I really have to do is fine tune the details, the dialogue, and just find the time to post the updates. Anyways, here's chapter eleven.

Chapter 11: Lost

"I cannot take you any further." Venus said. "The Master Sword only accepts a person who goes through much toil and hardship. This forest is the final test to those who wish to gain it's power. If you ever need my help again, check your map. I've marked the island on it for you."

"Thank you for your help, Lady Venus." Link said.

"You are welcome." She replied, smiling.

Without another word, the two went their seperate ways.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Much time passed as Link wandered through the forest. He had been walking around in circles for what felt to him as a hundred years now, always passing by one giant tree which he had marked with his sword.

Indeed, he had marked each tree he saw by slashing it with his sword, but now the only trees he ever saw were already marked.

Link was beginning to lose his patience now, as he arrived back at the gigantic tree one more time.

"Ugh..." He sighed. "I guess they don't call this the Lost Woods for nothing..."

He stopped for a moment to gather his thoughts and try to regain his bearings.

Maybe a birds eye view'll help out... He thought silently. Link sheathed his sword and rummaged through his satchel until he had found his Hookshot. He aimed the hook at a branch and climbed ontop of it.

He looked out in the distance and saw nothing. Nothing but a big blanket of fog.

So much for that idea... He thought to himself. Hopping down from the branch, he began walking again.

As the hours went by and Link wandered around the forest more, he came to a new tree. One that had gone unmarked. He followed it -- after marking it, of course -- and found himself amongst several new, unmarked trees.

He kept following them, marking them one by one until finally, he had come to his destination. The one that he had sought for so long. The very heart of the Lost Woods where the Master Sword was kept.

There it stood, at the top of a stone platform in front of him. Steps led up to the first platform and then to both sides more steps lay leading to the next platform and on that platform, going the opposite way from the first steps, led up to a small third platform.

This third platform was just large enough for one person to stand without standing on the sacred pedestal where the Master Sword slept. On that pedestal there was a message inscribed.

Link walked up to the pedestal and read the message inscribed on it.

When the Hero's Triumph on Cataclysm's Eve
wins three symbols of virtue
The Master Sword he retrieves,
keeping the Knight's line true

That is what it read. Without another word, Link walked up to the third pedestal and went through his satchel to find his Pendants of Virtue. Without warning, they began to float in the air, and eventually formed a triangular shape around him and the Master Sword.

Link grasped the handle with both hands and began to pull it out of the pedestal. Slowly, it came out of it's pedestal until, at long last, Link held the Master Sword in his hands once again.

Link gave the blade a bit of a test. He slashed it horizontally! Now a thrust! And a diagonal slice! And finally, he held it high up above his head for the whole world to see! The sword glowed with a sacred light and the fog dissipated almost as though by the sword's command.

He switched the hand with which he held the Master Sword and pulled out his old sword. He put his old sword in his satchel, and switched the Master Sword back to his left hand.

He twirled the blade around in his hand and sheathed the blade into the sheath of his old sword. A golden glow emanated from the sheath as the sword transformed it to fit the newly attained blade.

With that out of the way, Link began his journey to Navi's fountain where he hoped to find out where Ganondorf may possibly be.

Ghost of Zelda4

You know, Bro, I'm kinda dissapointed.
I thought I was the writer here :(
Great plot, though.
As many other people have seem to have commented on, the dialouge is a little too frequent. It's nice to see characters interacting and discovering their personalities, but maybe tone it down a bit?
Also, the paragraphs aren't very meaty and we all know you LOVE meat. Maybe not a lot of description, but link some ideas together?

Love you, bro.

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Ok so I just got caught up on your story and I like it. Good work.

Thanks for the feedback. ;) I appreciate it. Makes it so worth it.

You know, Bro, I'm kinda dissapointed.
I thought I was the writer here :(

I'm confuzzled. Are disappointed in my writing abilities or are you disappointed that I surpassed you?

Ghost of Zelda4 said:
Great plot, though.

Thanks a ton. <3 you.

Ghost of Zelda4 said:
As many other people have seem to have commented on, the dialouge is a little too frequent. It's nice to see characters interacting and discovering their personalities, but maybe tone it down a bit?

Meh, I'll try. But see, dialogue is my thing. And besides, it's not nearly as frequent as it was in the beginning.

Ghost of Zelda4 said:
Also, the paragraphs aren't very meaty and we all know you LOVE meat. Maybe not a lot of description, but link some ideas together?

What? Um... I know you just skimmed, but do you really think that I didn't do a good job with the details? Sure, the newest chapter isn't exactly the best, nor is it very meaty, but the other chapters had lots of detail. Next time, try reading before posting, alright?


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May 29, 2010
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Master, I really loved this story. This is an incredible fan fic...and contrary to what other people say, I think the size, diologue, and everything in general are perfect! The type of writing is unique, and it has a signature sound to it. Your fan fics rule!!!

I love the comedy of the story too...The way Link says stuff the way he does is so funny! Keep writing and coming up with your brilliant ideas!! :)

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Aug 19, 2009
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Okay guys, sorry about this but I'm gonna have to put the next chapter on the back burner for now. I'll still work on it from time to time, and you might see it soon, but I gotta attend to a secret project that needs attention, and I need to do it asap.

Again, sorry it has to be this way, but my Top Secret Project needs as much attention as I can give it.

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Aug 19, 2009
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Waiting is a virtue, guys. Because I'm back to update on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Death once more! Huzzah! I've got a good feeling about this one. I hope you think it was worth the wait, and to make up for the slow progress in updates over the course of the story, I'll be releasing chapters once daily until Sunday. And don't worry, I won't break myself or anything. Probably.

Chapter 12: Navi's Tragedy

Ganondorf was seen walking back and forth, his armor clicking and clanking against itself. The room was dark and high up in his tower.

He was waiting for news of triumph from his elite Wizzrobe which he had sent to steal the Pendants out from under Link's nose.

And then, as if answering his unspoken demand for the Wizzrobe to deliver him the Pendants, a Wizzrobe had appeared before him.

The Wizzrobe was fidgety and nervous, expecting severe punishment from his master at the failure that had been experienced.

"Wizzrobe! What took you so-" Ganondorf paused for a moment, realizing the differences between the Wizzrobe before him and the one he sent. "You are not the same Wizzrobe I sent to steal Link's Pendants. Explain yourself."

The Wizzrobe gulped audibly. "Forgive me, Master Ganondorf, but I bring horrible news." He paused for a moment. He had begun to hyperventilate. "L-l-Link has managed to keep the Pendants of Virtue. Th-t-the Wizzrobe you sent was killed somehow..."

"DOES LINK HAVE THE MASTER SWORD YET?!" Ganondorf exploded. Rage overtook him, and he was having great difficulty to keep himself from blasting his underling to smithereens.

"Y-yes, proba-" was the last thing the poor Wizzrobe ever spoke. He had been blasted to death by a small sphere of evil magic. All that remained was a pile of smoldering cinders and his pointed hat, flaming.

"Damn him..." Ganondorf cursed under his breath. "Then that must mean that he's going to come for me soon... I must form a plan..."


Link walked through the forest, lost once more. The wind rustled the leaves and the sun peaked through the tops of the trees.

He checked his map and looked around for a landmark.

Nothing... Link thought. Without any landmarks to go by, the map's absolutely useless...

He continued to walk, but he quickly found a healing fairy nearby. And another. And another.

They flitted away and Link followed them without thinking. Quickly, he found himself among a shanty town.

Wooden huts were peppered throughout the clearing in the woods, and various people whom looked like the usual peasants you'd see in North Castle Town walked around, conducting business as usual.

However, something grabbed Link's attention. A portion of the ground was raised in a triangular shape. At it's three points, water spouts rose up at an angle meeting in the middle of the triangular spring.

Underneath that intersection stood Navi, eyes closed, using her powers to keep watch over the place, making sure Ganondorf and his cronies wouldn't manage to get them.

"Link!" Tael exclaimed as he noticed his presence. The floating purple puffball flitted over to him.

Everybody turned to face the young man and the fairy, and all the people looked with various looks on their face. Many reactions from the people were triggered. Despair and anxiety had stuck the people.

"It's so good to see you again! Have you really done it?! Have you really gotten the Master Sword?!"

"I sure have Tael." Link said. Then he noticed the various stares that the people were giving him. "Hey, why are all of you staring at me like that? Didn't Navi tell you already?"

Even more gasps were heard now and the shanty town, which was once deadly silent, was now abuzz with chatter and gossip about Link, but more commonly, why Navi never told them about Link's current status as a ghost. Even Zelda and King Daphnes, whom always were prepared for the unexpected, had received quite a shock.

A loud whistle was heard from the center of the shanty town. Navi had made her move.

"Listen up everyone!" She yelled over all the clamor. "I know that I have kept a few very crucial facts about you, BUT-" was all she said. An arrow had struck her back, and she fell foward, landing with a splash in her spring.

Healing fairies rushed to her and began to heal her, desperately trying to keep her alive.

Everybody looked in the direction from which the arrow was fired. There stood Dark Link, a bow in his hand.

Everybody gasped in horror. Why was there this darkened version of Link there? And why was he attacking now?

"EVERYBODY, HIDE!" Link yelled. At this moment Swiftblade had risen.

"Link, what is this being?!" He demanded.

"No questions, Swiftblade, just protect everybody!" He ordered.

Dark Link charged at Link, sword and shield in hand. Link unsheathed his own sword and grabbed his shield from behind his back, and charged at his copy.

The two swiped at each other. Clang! Metal met metal and the two were locked in a battle of strength. Each of them pushed as hard as they could on their blades, trying to overpower the other.

A full tense minute passed before the two jumped back simulataneously. The two Links rushed either other again. They swiped their swords. The two blades met with a deafening CLANG!

They swiped their swords once more. And again. And once more. A wild frenzy of swinging blades began, and the two jumped back in unison again.

Once more, they charged each other. Link rushed in for a stab attack, and not only did Dark Link jump out of the way, he jumped on top of Link's sword!

It all happened in a flash and Dark Link had the pleasure of getting the first blow with a horizontal slash across Link's shoulder!

Link was knocked on his back. Dark Link was now on the ground and rushed in to make the final blow. He jumped in the air and started a downward thrust into Link's chest.

But Link rolled own of the way and dodged, leaving Dark Link stuck with his sword in the ground! Quickly, he jumped to his feet and begun to slash at him! He slashed to the left, then to the right!

Dark Link was knocked away from his sword, and as he was reeling back Link delivered a final stab which impaled Dark Link.

Link removed his sword from the dying doppleganger and slashed at the air twice before he twirled it around in his hand as he brought it closer to it's sheath when he stopped it as it was aligned perfectly enough to finish the rest of the sheathing technique flawlessly.

Then, as with the last fight with him, Dark Link's body disappeared into the shadows.

All the people merely stared in open mouthed wonder (excluding King Daphnes and Princess Zelda, but they were still pretty amazed with Link's fighting skills).

What was initially despair and grief turned into a shining ray of hope against the evil forces of Ganondorf. However, the feeling of accomplishment did not last long since Navi was still gravely injured.

Realizing this, Link rushed over to Navi, whom was under intense care by the healing fairies of the spring.

"Navi..." Link said. "Are you... alright?"

"I'm... f-fine, Link..." She replied, gasping for air, but with a smile on her face despite the pain she was in. "Don't worry about me... you've got more important things to do... like defeating Ganondorf. I'll be fine, it's just a flesh wound..."

However, Navi was not as alright as she said she was. An arrow had punctured one of her lungs, and if the wound wasn't healed quickly, she would die from lack of oxygen.

"Link, go." Swiftblade said. "I know you care deeply for Navi, but we will make sure she is alright. You have much more important things to do as Navi said."

"Yeah Link, just go." Tatl said, her voice grave and serious. "If you don't go and defeat Ganondorf now, even more innocent people will suffer. Right, Tael?"

However, Tael was too busy crying and praying that Navi be saved to respond to Tatl.

"Please Navi, don't die on me!" Tael cried, his voice breaking. "I don't want you to die!"

"Well you catch my drift." Tatl said dryly. "Anyways, just go Link. Before Ganondorf can make even more people suffer."

"Alright." Link said. "I'll see you later."

Without another word, Link walked somberly away into the forest in search of Ganondorf's stronghold.

Just you wait Ganondorf... Link thought to himself. I'm coming for you... I'm going to make sure you get what you deserve!


Master Kokiri 9

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Alright guys. Here's another update. Shocked that my update schedule went as planned? So am I. Anyways, here's chapter thirteen of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Death! Enjoy. :D
Chapter 13: The Calm Before the Storm, Ganon's Tower Infiltrated!

Link walked somberly through the forest. The wind did not dare to blow and the sun hid behind the clouds. Not even the monsters dared to try and attack Link. Everything seemed to stop cold for Navi.

Though he had no idea where, Link kept going. Searching for Ganondorf's stronghold wasn't quite as easy as he had thought it would be. If only he had the Triforce of Courage right now, then he could use it to track Ganondorf's Triforce of Power!

Unfortunately, Ganondorf had both and he was stuck, wandering, in search of a lead. He kept on walking until eventually, he had found himself in a clearing in the woods where Deku Nuts lay strewn across the ground.

"Might as well..." Link thought to himself, looking at the opportunity to stock up on Deku Nuts. He began to pick up Deku Nuts one at a time and stuffed them into his magical satchel before he remembered.

He had completely forgotten about the bag of Deku Nuts Mido had given him when he left to find the Pendant of Power at Death Mountain. He reached into his satchel to pull out the bag and opened it.

Sure enough, the Deku Nuts inside were still fresh and ripe for exploding a flash of blinding light.

Now Link had a lead and a motive. Now, with much more feeling, he set out to Kokiri Forest in hopes of learning something from the Great Deku Tree.


The moon peeked out through the clouds and it's soft, gentle light shone down between the various leaves in the branches high above and the wind blew gently, swaying grass and plants around.

Link was now in Kokiri Forest and not a one of it's inhabitants were awake. All the children of the forest had gone to bed already and were dreaming their sweet, innocent dreams.

"Hey, Great Deku Tree." Link called out as he reached the guardian's grove. "I need to ask you something."

The Great Deku Tree's wooden eyes opened slowly, and it's mouth opened to let out a great yawn.

"What is it? Who disturbs my slumber?" He asked. "Oh, Link, it is you. What do you need?"

"I need information." Link answered. "Tell me, do you know where Ganondorf is at the moment?"

The Great Deku Tree closed his eyes for a moment to think. Did he know of a place where Ganondorf may be located?

"Well?" Link asked after a few minutes. "Do you know?"

The Great Deku Tree opened his eyes and began to speak.

"No, I do not-" He immediately interrupted himself. "Oh! I just remembered!"

"Yeah? Where's Ganondorf hiding?" Link asked.

"I recently sensed an evil wind blowing to the northeast." The guardian deity said. "I cannot be entirely certain, but I have a feeling that Ganondorf may be located somewhere to the northeast."

"Anything else?" Link asked.

"Hmm... perhaps he has modified Parapa Palace to suit his evil deeds." The Deku Tree said. "I do not know for certain, though, and I may be entirely wrong."

"That's alright, Great Deku Tree." Link replied politely. "Any information at all helps a lot. Thank you very much."

"You're quite welcome, Link." He said. "Good luck, and may the Triforce be with you."

With that, Link turned and headed back out of the forest to find Ganondorf's stronghold. But before he could leave, the Great Deku Tree stopped him.

"Wait!" He said. "I forgot to give you this the last time you came here, and I do not want to repeat the same mistake."

"What is it?" Link asked.

"It is a magic spell." The Great Deku Tree said. "I will instill you with the power of Farore's Wind, a magic spell that allows you to teleport over short distances."

"Alright!" Link exclaimed in excitement. "Well, what are we waiting for?"

Without another word, the Great Deku Tree closed his eyes and his leaves began to glow green. That light then slowly crept it's way to Link, until a glowing green light surrounded him.

Then, the green light disappeared and a power welled up within Link's soul. He had now learned how to perform the spell Farore's Wind.

"Link, before you go, I must warn you." The Great Deku Tree said, speaking with grave seriousness. "Under no circumstances are you to EVER use Farore's Wind to travel long distances. For one of the living, it would most likely result in death. And for the dead, it would likely result in complete destruction of your soul. If your soul is completely destroyed, all will be lost and there will be nobody left to stop Ganondorf. There wouldn't even be a chance of being reborn at all. You must promise me that you will never use Farore's Wind to travel long distances."

"Alright." Link agreed. "I promise."


The sun was rising upon a vast desert and Link walked through it with deadly determination on his face. Eventually, he came upon a black tower larger than anything he had ever seen before.

He now went inside, phasing through the large drawbridge over an empty moat. Inside was a realm of darkness. Darkened rooms only barely brighter than pitch black from scattered torches throughout the tower.

Nothing ever stood a real chance against him. As he ascended the tower, staircase after staircase, Moblins, Bokoblins, Wizzrobes, and even the more-annoyance-than-threat Miniblins (of which were small imp like creatures carrying small spears) fell haplessly against Link's mighty Master Sword.

This is too easy... Link thought to himself as he ascended the tower. Ganondorf is smarter than this... he should be expecting me, he should be sending every monster he has at me... he should be doing more than just playing that organ however many floors up he is... something is off... it's too easy...

Just as he arrived at the semi final floor of Ganon's Tower, the door behind him shut and a Darknut clad in black armor appeared to give him one final challenge before Link's final showdown with Ganondorf.

Link nonchalantly walked up to the Darknut, casting Thunder along the way to chip off it's armor enough to reveal a weak point in it's armor, and unsheathed his sword violently into said weak point, killing it.

He ascended the staircase in front of him, sheathing his sword along the way, and found himself in a large, darkened room with four torches providing minimal illumination and an organ in front of a doorway.

At that organ sat Ganondorf back to Link and his cape hanging over the stool, playing a song filled with dread.

"Long time no see, boy..." Ganondorf said, cutting short the song which he liked to call his theme. "I see you returned from the dead in order to stop me... but can you really do it?"

The greedy demon king sat up and turned around, fluttering his cape as he did so.

"I will personally see to the complete and utter destruction of your soul!" Ganondorf yelled, now rising up from the ground to engage Link in combat.



Feb 25, 2010
This is awesome. I can't wait for the next update, unless you lied and it really was abandened.

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Hee heee! I love how you incorperated the songs into your story! :)
That makes it so much more zelda-like!

Actually, I took a little inspiration from the witty dialogue of EarthBound when I made that music gag. That, and I wanted to make a music gag since I always listen to music as I'm writing the chapters. :P Anyways, here's the chapter you've all been waiting for. The decisive battle between Link and Ganondorf starts today! And yes, that's the best title I could come up with.

Chapter 14: The Decisive Battle! Shadow versus Light, Link Versus Ganondorf!

Ganondorf began the battle by firing a ball of concentrated black magic at Link. Wasting no time, the young ghost unsheathed his sword and slashed it back at Ganondorf. Ganondorf had forseen this tactic. Just as the ball of concentrated magic seemed to hit him, he disappeared and reappeared behind Link and blasted him from point blank range before he could turn around.

The force of the blast knocked Link foward and he used the momentum to jump and turn around in mid-air! Quickly, he focused his energy into the tip of the blade and released a shot of concentrated magic at Ganondorf. Just as it seemed to land, Ganondorf had disappeared and reappeared behind Link, blasting him once more and causing his face to meet that of the floor.

Painfully, Link got up charged his foe, and he slashed horizontally but as before, Ganondorf disappeared just as he seemed to hit him. Link had anticipated this. He used the momentum to rotate three hundred sixty degrees, his sword following that path, and nailed Ganondorf right in the arm, knocking him clear across the room and right into his organ which played one last note before Ganondorf got up.

Link had him now. He focused his energy into the tip of his sword and fired a blast of concentrated energy at Ganondorf. As the beam hit, a grunt of pain escaped the dark lord's throat. Link seized this opportunity to put an end to Ganondorf and charged. He dropped his shield, clanging loudly on the stone floor, in order to brace his sword with both hands.

He jumped into the air above Ganondorf, the Master Sword raised high above his head and he struck down. But, as fate would have it, Ganondorf did not die. At least, not yet. At the last moment, Ganondorf used his magic to teleport behind Link before he blasted him again.

"You're pretty good!" Ganondorf complimented the hero. "Just what I'd expect from the Bearer of Courage! But can you see through this technique of darkness?!"

Ganondorf balled up his fist, the back of it facing Link and the mark of the Triforce glowed brightly until, suddenly, the whole room went pitch black with darkness. Link ran to the middle of the room, only to be hit by a club.

Reinforcements? Link thought to himself. Now Ganondorf's playing smart! Maybe that's because he's got two of the Triforces...

Another club smacked Link. And another. And another. A vicious onslaught of club attacks had left Link defenseless. He had to get this mob of monsters off of him and fast. Link focused energy into his blade once more, and spun around in a circle like a vicious bladed top, felling all of the distractions in the room, but at a cost.

As soon as Link stopped spinning, his sword clattered to the ground and he teetered around in dizziness. Ganondorf had anticipated that. He was charging a ball of concentrated energy in anticipation for this moment. And now, he released it at Link. As he regained his composure, Link was blasted in the chest with a gigantic ball of concentrated black magic and was knocked backwards with much force.

Thinking fast, Link had grabbed his Fire Rod that he attained during his first fight with Dark Link. Now was the time to use it. He activated it, and fired a ball of fire in a random direction. During the brief existance of the fireball, the room was illuminated just enough to reveal the location of one of the four torches that had gone out.

Link shot another fireball at that torch, lighting it and revealing the location of the Master Sword. Link ran up to it, but Ganondorf had appeared in front of it, and he was blasting magic balls at him. Link didn't even attempt to dodge them, and instead braced himself with his forearms. Ganondorf did not anticipate this, but he immediately formed a plan in which he could dispose of Link once and for all. The very same plan that had killed him in the first place.

He waited, until Link was close enough for him to summon up a sword in his hand with which he could skewer Link once more. Once that happened, he raised his hand into position and summoned a blade into his hand to finally end Link for good.

Link had anticipated this, however. He quickly phased out of reality and passed quickly and cleanly through Ganondorf's sword and even Ganondorf himself to pick up the Master Sword, taking a stab at him from behind! Now he took the opportunity to light another torch and dove for his shield! Ganondorf had begun to put all of his energy into one blast with which he would obliterate Link's soul!

Link, being the sharp hero he is, caught wind of it and began to focus all of his energy into his sword! The two released their blasts of concentrated magic and they collided! Concentrated energy waves covered the both of them and Link took this cover as his chance. He charged at Ganondorf and jumped up to land the finishing blow.

WHAM! Link's sword went right through Ganondorf's chest. The two paused for a moment before Link took his blade out of Ganondorf's chest. Blood trickled down Ganondorf's mouth as he coughed. It seemed that Link had not struck his foe's heart after all. He pulled his sword back and stabbed once more, this time stricking nothing.

At the last second, Ganondorf used his power to teleport to the other end of the room, going through the door behind the piano. Link followed suit, and found himself in a bizzare room.

It was dark and there was nothing but an altar at the end. But on that altar were three torches, forming a triangle shape. On that altar was a sword covered in blood. The sword which was used to impale Link and kill him. The torches off to the sides were lit with ethereal blue flames. Ganondorf knelt before the altar, blood leaking from his wound.

And then... the third torch was lit and the earth rumbled and roared. The walls shook and a tornado of blue, evil energy formed around the sword, putting out the lights.

"Lord Ganon..." Ganondorf whispered. "Is finally here..."


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Aug 19, 2009
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Ho ho ho! Meeeeerrrrrry almost Christmas! Didn't think I'd update on Christmas Eve, did you? Well, luckily for you, I am. I'm flooded with creativity right now and I kinda wanna get motivated and finish this so I can move on to my next projects. And yes, I said projects as in more than one. You'll see what I mean soon enough. ;)

I hope you guys liked the plot twist. I think I may have not forshadowed it quite enough, but I still wanted it to be enough of a surprise for you guys. Oh well, if that's the case then at least I'll be able to learn from my mistake with my next few works.

Anyways, let's get this show on the road! Who knows, I might update again later today. :D

Chapter 14: Ganon's Arrival

When the tornado stopped, there on the altar stood a gigantic, monstrous beast with a pig nose. Blue skin covered it's body and a large blue cape hung from it's back. In it's left hand was a large trident that seemed to radiate an evil aura.

Link rushed at the two, but a barrier of dark magic barred his way. He slammed his fists against it to no avail.

"L-Lord Ganon..." Ganondorf wheezed. "I apologize for not obtaining the complete Triforce for your arrival..."

"Minion, you resurrected me through the use of the Hero's blood, and yet I see an apparition of the Hero beyond the barrier." Ganon pointed out. "What is the meaning of this?"

Ganondorf gnashed his teeth. "L-Lord Ganon, I apologize, but he came back from the dead..." Ganondorf hung his head in shame and humiliation. "F-forgive me..."

"Forgive you?!" Ganon spouted, gnashing his teeth. "You have failed me, minion! How can I forgive you?!"

Ganon reached out and grabbed Ganondorf by the neck. Two golden triangles, the Triforces of Power and Courage, materialized from Ganondorf's body and merged with Ganon's left hand, leaving the Mark of the Royal Family, three golden triangles forming a pyramid of themselves, on the back of his hand. The top and right pieces glowed brighter than the left.

The barrier dissipated, and Link found himself face to face with Ganon.

The beast threw the now lifeless body of Ganondorf off to the side and he walked off the altar, his steps thudding and heavy.

"So boy, you came back from the dead to kill me?" He commented. "No matter. Your soul. I will obliterate it and be rid of you for good!"

Ganon now spun his Trident in his hand to create a circle of firey bats. One after the other, they assaulted Link, dissipating upon impact, and further weakening him. In his dazed and confused state, Link tried to shake it off but one after the other, they just kept coming and insisting on attacking him.

He managed to steel what strength he had left and side step out of the way of the onslaught of Fire Keese, and not a moment too soon for Ganon had thrust his trident in that direction. Had he been a moment too late and he would've been gone for good. Using this advantage, Link thrust his sword at Ganon, only to be blocked by a swipe of his trident, knocking the hero's weapon out of his hand.

Link immediately dove for his weapon, narrowly escaping another thrust of Ganon's mighty trident and picked up his weapon. It seemed fighting in this state would be harder than Link had expected. His limbs grew heavy and his stores of mana were running extremely low.

At this rate, Link's soul would be destroyed even if Ganon didn't lay a direct blow on him. Ganon shot a beam of concentrated evil out of his trident, and Link took the full force of it, screaming in agony as it made contact with him. Eventually, Ganon stopped his beam and approached Link.

If only I had my Triforce Piece, then things would be so much less painful... Link thought to himself in what he thought were his final moments. Wait! If only I had my Triforce Piece! Once Ganon gets close, I'll attack!

He waited as Ganon's monstrous thudding footsteps came closer.

"So this is the full extent of the so called Hero." Ganon mocked. "Pathetic! You have not been able to lay a scratch on me, and here you are, looking so weak and puny! Perhaps that minion of mine wasn't as useless as he made himself out to be. But I will not go to any great lengths to revive a mere pawn like he." Ganon raised his trident above his head. "Now... this is the end for you!"

Ganon's trident came down fast. Link only had one chance. "Farore's Wind!" He shouted. Ganon's trident hit the stone ground with an audible clack! Link now held onto Ganon's arm, calling out the Triforce of Courage to him.

"No! Pest! Cease!! Desist!!!" Ganon shouted, trying to shake Link off of his hand. But to no avail, Link stayed put, drawing out the Triforce of Courage. A golden triangle emerged from Ganon's hand, to which Link held on tight and finally... it flew off, away from the darkness of Ganon's Tower and with it, Link's hopes of ending Ganon!

Ganon shook Link off of his wrist and raised his trident. Link was completely spent. He lay flat on his back on the ground, exhausted.

"So, you managed to strip me of the Triforce of Courage." Ganon commented. "No matter. I will find it again! And with you out of the way, you cannot stop me!!" Ganon raised his trident over his head. "Finally, I will be rid of you forever! You will not be able to meddle in my affairs any more."

"Ganon..." Link choked out. "As long as there is one man alive, you will be resisted. As long as there is one man alive, you will be thwarted. You can destroy my soul... but another will take my place. And if you kill him, another will take his place. And if you kill him, another will take his place. As long as there is one man alive, you will not achieve your evil goals." Link smiled. He was bested, but another would rise to take his place. He was sure of it.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Ganon retorted. "If another takes your place, I will squash their hopes of killing me! Once I have the complete Triforce, nobody will stand in my way!" Now Ganon thrust his trident down.

"Farore's Wind..." Link whispered, taking him out of the tower just before Ganon's trident destroyed him.


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