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Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Death

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Aug 19, 2009
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Not exactly, a boring and lackluster chapter can have merit if you give it something plot progressing, and an episode based entirely on action can sometimes seem lackluster as well if you don't get much done in it. Not insulting you, just saying that thinking like that might not be the best way to go about making chapters.

Yeah, I guess. Still, the original chapter five was a really horrible. Nothing got done and it was really boring. There really wasn't anything good about that thing.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback as always and when chapter six rolls around, I hope you enjoy it.
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Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
Yeah, I guess. Still, the original chapter five was a really horrible. Nothing got done and it was really boring. There really wasn't anything good about that thing.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback as always and when chapter six rolls around, I hope you enjoy it.

Well if you thought nothing happened, why didn't you just merge it with Chapter 6 and you would've had both story moving and a fight scene.

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Well if you thought nothing happened, why didn't you just merge it with Chapter 6 and you would've had both story moving and a fight scene.

Thanks very much for the critique Charge. I'm very glad to have you around to critique my work, and I took your advice on merging the two. I can't believe I never thought of that. It would've been so easy, but the thought never crossed my mind. I can be so dumb sometimes. :lol:

Anyways, check out the original chapter six post to view the newest version of chapter five in it's entirety.


Zelda Dungeon's Critic
Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
Thanks very much for the critique Charge. I'm very glad to have you around to critique my work, and I took your advice on merging the two. I can't believe I never thought of that. It would've been so easy, but the thought never crossed my mind. I can be so dumb sometimes. :lol:

Anyways, check out the original chapter six post to view the newest version of chapter five in it's entirety.

Alright I just checked it out and I must say, much better. It gives a better explanation of how Link got all that stuff when we weren't looking. It was a perfect change that gave us a chance to advance Link's quest without a hiccup. We got to look more into his past again and understand the things he learned long ago.
I must say that the chapter five present there is quite short. Much like how Chapter 6 suffered from too much action, the original chapter 5 suffers from being too short, but now that they're together we have a perfect harmony.

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Hey! It's that unpredictable time again! It's time for chapter six of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Death!

I know I've been writing chapters on a half week basis since the original chapter five, but don't expect them every three days. When I write, it can take anywhere between a day or two and a week to write a chapter and this is one of those couple day chapters.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and remember that feedback and critique is welcome. After all, ChargewithSword is a great guy to have critique and feedback from, but it would be great to have other readers give me feedback and critique.

Also, I originally planned to make the Great Deku Tree senile and think Link meant Disaster Sword instead of Master Sword, but I thought it was a little too goofy and out of place, so I cut it out.

EDIT: I decided to change a little detail so that the Great Deku Tree knew only the location of the first Pendant because I wanted to incorperate something. I'll let you find out that something when you read chapter seven.

Without further ado...

Chapter 5: Forest Temple Confusion

The Kokiri peered out of their wooden houses, staring in awe at the ghostly swordsman in their village. He had defeated the monsters that attacked their village and ultimately saved them, that was for sure, but why was he here?

Why was he here? Was he a friend or a foe? And why did he look so similar to the Hero of Time from ages ago? All these questions buzzed through their minds. Then, a lone Kokiri girl walked out from her house.

She too had the physique of a normal nine year old, and wore a green tunic without a hat, unlike Mido and Koroko. Her hair was a shade of light green and her eyes blue. Her name was Saria.

Saria approached Link, not afraid in the slightest. The other Kokiri gasped and wondered what the man would do once Saria was close to him.

Link turned around and saw Saria walking to him. This brought another memory back to him.

A nine year old boy garbed in the green Kokiri clothes and a floppy hat to match climbed down from a treehouse in a forest, accompanied by a blue fairy. At the bottom on the ground stood that same girl who was approaching Link in reality now.

"Wow! A fairy!" She exclaimed once he reached the ground. "A fairy finally came to you, Link!"

His senses returned to reality.

"Um, excuse me, mister." Saria said. "Is your name Link, by any chance?"

"It sure is, Saria." Link responded. "It's really nice to see you again."

Everybody in the village, excluding Saria, gasped. This came as a great shock to them all, excluding Saria, for they believed Link to have been long gone.

"I knew it!" Saria declared. "I knew there was something familiar about you! And now I know. You're Link, the Hero of Time, right?"

"Well... technically yes and technically no." Link answered. "It's complicated, but I am the same person you're thinking of."

"I see..." Saria responded.

Mido, Koroko, and the rest of the Kokiri wandered out of their wooden houses, their hearts at ease knowing that it was the great Hero of Time that was in their presence. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn't have trusted him. But Saria had feelings commonly, and she was never wrong when she had one of those feelings, so they knew it was true.

Mido walked over to Link. "If I may ask, why exactly did you come here, Link?" Mido asked.

"Well, I wish I could say I'm here to visit." Link began. "But it's a little more serious than that. I need to see the Great Deku Tree."

Mido nodded. "I see." He responded. "If it's that important, then I'll take you to him."

With that, Mido and Link walked past the village and into the Great Deku Tree's grove. In this grove there were many trees of many kinds and heights, and one gigantic tree with a human like face stood in the center.

"Great Deku Tree." Mido called. "The Hero of Time wants to speak with you."

"Ah, the Hero of Time?" The Great Deku Tree in the center of the grove repeated. "What brings you here, great Hero of Time?"

Link approached the Great Deku Tree and spoke. "Firstly, Great Deku Tree, call me Link." He said. "And secondly, I'm here because I require information."

"Ah, you require information?" The Great Deku Tree repeated. "Then please ask me about anything. There is not much I do not know about."

Link cleared his throat. "Do you by any chance know where the Pendants of Virtue or the Master Sword lie?" He asked.

"I see." The Great Deku Tree said. "Then it must be what I feared. He has returned. Ganon has returned, and he sent those vile monsters to this place."

"Exactly." Link clarified. "And that's why I need your help."

"Listen closely Link. This is important information." He said.

Link nodded.

"The Pendants of Virtue lie in three temples spread across the land and one of them is in this very forest. I do not remember where the others lie, but there may be clues in the Forest Temple where it lies." The Great Deku Tree explained. "The Master Sword lies far to the south in the Lost Woods."

Link nodded, showing that he understood. "Thanks for the information Great Deku Tree." He said. "I must go now."


In North Castle Town, many guards stood atop the walls of the city, scanning the horizon for Ganondorf and his troops. Peering out of his telescope, made of wood and painted royal blue with the Triforce on it's center, saw many monsters of horses, and some centaur monsters, along with a tall, green skinned, red haired man approaching the town.

Realizing who they were, the guard rushed to the castle in the center, hoping to get there before Ganondorf and his minions could arrive. Rushing through the halls and into the meeting room where Navi, Princess Zelda, and King Daphnes sat at a table, he shouted of Ganondorf.

"What has you so worked up?" The King asked.

"He's here..." The guard wheezed. "Ganondorf is almost here..."

Everybody gasped.

"Then we must evacuate at once!" The King announced.

"Indeed!" Navi agreed.

"Sound the alarm!" The King demanded. "Make sure that no civilian is left behind! We will meet in the square where Navi will open the portal!"

"Roger!" The guard said, saluting the King and ignoring his fatigue.

In mere minutes, every single citizen of the town, from hylians to fairies had gathered in the central plaza of town.

Navi snapped her fingers and a small blue stone appeared in her hands. The spell she was about to perform was why she needed to conserve her energy. If she did not have enough and Ganondorf arrived before she recovered enough of it, all would be lost.

She quickly shouted an incantation in the Ancient Hylian tongue and a light blue ring of light appeared on the ground.

"Quickly!" She announced. "Step into the ring of light you see before you!"

The citizens did as the Fairy Queen had said, rushing to get past the portal. Just after the last few civilians went through the ring of light and to their designated evacuation area, Ganondorf and his minions arrived in town, carried by Kargorok birds.

"King Daphnes, Princess Zelda, Navi, go quickly!" An Elite Castle Guard said. "We'll hold them off."

King Daphnes growled before rushing through the ring of light with his daughter and Navi. They arrived in a large clearing in the forest just before Navi did another incantation in Ancient Hylian to close the portal, preventing Ganondorf from following them.

"Damn it!" Ganondorf cursed in the town. "They knew I was coming!" He growled.

Then, in a sheer moment of pure rage and frusteration, he and his monsters began to destroy the town itself, having dealt with all of the guards already.


Link had now just arrived at the Forest Temple in the woods. It took him a while, but he had finally found the location of his first Pendant of Virtue.

It stood mightily against those who would try to defile it, more of a castle than anything else. The walls were made of smooth gray stone that felt cool to the touch. A broken staircase lead up to the entrance.

Link flew over to it, and entered the castle like temple.

Inside there was a carpet of grass and corroded, interlocking stones that made up the walls. In front of Link was a small set of three stairs leading up to a door.

"Either this isn't the same Forest Temple I explored with Navi or somebody remodeled this place." Link mused aloud. He walked up to the door and opened the door to go through. He passed through a hallway with a green rug and corroded walls to go through the door at the end.

This next room was gigantic and dimly lit by four torches in the center of the room. A mass of vines and foliage descended down on the ground in the center of the four torches, covering a hole. Three doors branched out of the room, one straight ahead, one to the right, and one to the left.

Staircases lead from all four of the doors in the room. Link stepped down the staircase that was in front of him and phased into his untouchable form in order to attempt to see what exactly was in that hole. However, something unexpected happened.

Instead of passing through the vines like he expected, one of the vines snapped at Link, knocking him back.

"Owwww." He groaned. "How did that happen?"

Then, a large, bulboid, inhuman head twisted out of the vines and expelled a throaty laugh.

"What the hell?!" Link exclaimed, gasping.

Then, as suddenly as it appeared, the head disappeared back into the vines.

"Seems I can't go that way." Link mused. "At least, for now."

With that, Link headed through the door past the mass of vines. There was another hall beyond it with a red carpet this time and corroded walls as well.

Entering through the door, Link found himself in a small room with little more than a chest and more corroded walls. He stepped towards the chest, when a creature came crashing down.

Reacting quickly, Link backflipped out of the way as not to be hit by the creature. When it stood, Link studied the creature.

It wielded a small sword of petrified wood and a circular shield made of petrified wood. The creature itself was made of bones with one key difference. Those bones were covered by plant material.

Vines sprouted up, blocking access to the door and the plant covered skeleton creature, dubbed a Folifos by Link, charged him. Vines were attached to it's feet and for every step he took, it tore up the ground a little more.

Link unsheather his sword and grabbed his shield in order to block a swing from the Folifos's sword with his own. He overpowered the Folifos and quickly slashed at him.

Link absolutely despised fighting the undead because they were simply so hard to kill. He knew from experience that you had to completely obliterate them before they would truly die.

The Folifos recovered and charged Link again, tearing up more of the ground they both stood on. Link dodged the undead plant monster's attack and slashed it's side, snapping a bone.

Link growled at how little progress he was making. But then, something happened that ticked Link off even more. The foliage around the bones had repaired it, completely undoing his progress.

The Folifos charged Link again, tearing up even more of the ground before it gave away, making the two of them plunge down into another room.


He landed on the ground with an audible thud and so too did the Folifos, which now had been completely destroyed. The plant that once surrounded the skeleton writhed about in pain before a hole opened in it and a green liquid burst out from it to fall back onto the plant, melting in completely.

Link gulped and moved on to look for the chest. When he opened it, he found inside it a bow and a small quiver capable of holding thirty arrows. He grabbed them and held his new toys above his head in triumph.
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Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
Good job with this chapter so far. You gave us a chance at exploring the past with Link all over again. Your description of the forest temple is vivid and hearkening back to the original while trying to take steps on its own. I also loved the description you gave Foilfos, making him a very interesting monster to look at while being original. I am liking at how you are producing this story.

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Good job with this chapter so far. You gave us a chance at exploring the past with Link all over again. Your description of the forest temple is vivid and hearkening back to the original while trying to take steps on its own. I also loved the description you gave Foilfos, making him a very interesting monster to look at while being original. I am liking at how you are producing this story.

Thanks again for the feedback Charge. I originally was going to make the Forest Temple more or less the same with a few differences (like an eye switch on the ceiling where the plant thingie that blocked the hole sprouted), but then while thinking back to the Forbidden Woods in WW where the boss was a big, frightening plant, I figured I could make the entire temple plant based.

And actually, I'm impressed with myself that I made the description of the place so good that you actually called it vivid. I sure have come a long way with description, let me tell you.

And actually, you can probably expect more monsters like the Folifos in the future, I can guaruntee that.

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Aug 19, 2009
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It's time for yet another installment of... The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Death! And yes, I have been thinking of giving the title it's own color. Let me know what you think of it and if you have suggestions for a better color, I'm willing to try them.

Anyways, this will probably be the last chapter I post before my as of yet to be known long hiatus I'll be taking for Super Mario Galaxy 2 (only five days left! I can't wait! :D) that starts on Sunday, but there may very well be another chapter squeezed in there before then (but don't get your hopes up).

This chapter is a bit longer than I thought it would be and it took me a good many hours (about half my day after I got home) to write, but don't be discouraged by the size of the chapter. As the Happy Mask Salesman would say: Have faith......... in my writing abilities. :lol:

Originally I planned on Link fighting dodongoes in the sewers, but then I realized "This is a plant based temple! What the heck am I doing putting fire breathing lizards in here?!" so I switched it to what you see now. Maybe I'll save a fearsome dodongo battle for later. And just for the record... I CAN'T WAIT TO BOMB SOME DODONGOES! Sorry, I couldn't pass up that joke.

Without further ado...

Chapter 6: Getting to the Root of the Problem
Link now put his bow and quiver away in his magical satchel. He looked around, seeing not one way to exit the small cramped room with walls and floor corroded. He looked up to see the vines closing the entrance and vines sprouting from all sides of the walls to close in on him.

Reacting quickly, Link flew up in a mad dash to get away from the imposing foliage. He just barely made it without getting ensnared by the vicious plants, squeezing through a hole, his window of opportunity, that the vines had been closing.

He sighed a breath of relief and saw that the vines blocking off the door had retreated. Now it was obvious that the plants in this temple were self aware, attempting to completely obliterate Link's soul with their twisted, plant like ways.

Not trusting the vines as a safe ground, Link flew through the door and back into the main room. The mass of plant matter blocking the hole was still present, but Link was not interested in exploring that area of the temple quite yet.

He took a left and headed through the door to find himself in a peaceful looking room with corroded, interlocking stone walls, a carpet of lush green grass and even a small pond with an island and a few smooth stone pillars on it.

There was a small, dry well to the left and a stone walkway above with three doors on it, however one required a key as it had a large, blue, pulsating lock on it. He decided to explore the well first.

He hopped down, finding a small sewer system with a stone walkway where he landed and a stream of murky water flowing on the left. He walked down the passageway, keeping a lookout for anything of any particular interest.

As he neared the end of the passage, a small treasure chest came into view. Before he could reach it, two Folifos crashed down into the tunnel.

Alike the one he battled before, they were skeletal in appearance and wielded swords and shields made of petrified wood.

They charged him and swung with utmost vigor, one hitting his shield and another hitting his side. This launched him into the stream of murky water where he rose, just to get knocked back down by another sword strike from the other Folifos who had followed him into the stream.

He rolled to the side, narrowly dodging a downward thrust that would have obliterated his soul. He jumped to his feet, ignoring the pain he felt and charged at the two Folifos. His sword made contact with one of their rib cages and snapped a bone, only to have it healed by the vines that covered the animated skeleton.

It struck back, knocking Link on his back, injuring him further. He rolled away, dodging another lethal downward thrust and jumped to his feet again.

A vision let itself become known to Link. A young man identical in appearance to Link stood in a field, surrounded by hopping craps covered in animated vines.

"FIRE!" He yelled, causing he sword to be enveloped in red flames. He went on to stab his sword in the air, launching fireballs at them and ultimately burning them to bits.

He snapped back to reality and blocked another swing from the Folifos and jumped back onto the platform.

"FIRE!" He shouted, and his sword was enveloped in red flames. He stabbed his sword in the air to shoot fireballs at the two Folifos, the vines on which burnt and the bones fell in a messy pile, staying there for they were too heavy to be swept up by the weak current of the stream.

Link collapsed, dropping his sword and shield at his sides and breathing heavily. While it was the Folifos that lost the battle, Link had sustained serious injuries as well.

Then another vision pierced his mind. A young man identical in appearance stood on one knee, face covered in blood and his clothes torn up and stained with his own leaking blood.

"Life..." The young man incanted weakly.

In an instant, his clothes were repaired and, while still covered in blood, his wounds healed up completely leaving not a single scar.

Then his senses snapped back to him.

"Life..." Link incanted. In an instant, his broken bones healed and his energy returned to him while depleting his magic power at the same time.

He grabbed his sword and shield, putting them away and walked over to the chest. He squatted down and opened it, picking up a small key.

He put away the key in his magical satchel and climbed up to the surface where the Folifos had dropped in on him.

Now he was in another out door area with a carpet of green grass and vines along a wall in the distance, small Skullwaltulas skittering across them. After climbing out of the sewer, he walked over to the vines and tested them. Unlike many other plants he had encountered in the temple, these vines were not self aware.

He pulled his bow and quiver out of his satchel and took aim at the wall climbing spiders. One by one they fell until there were none left. Link climbed up the vines and onto an alcove at the top with a door.

He entered through it and found himself in a small room with a large chest and another door at the end. He walked over to it and opened it up, finding a map of the dungeon. He placed it in his magical satchel and continued on with his journey through the temple by entering the next door.

Now he was in a large room, walls and floors corroded alike the rest of the temple, and a maze like interior with a ladder ahead. He approached it and climbed up onto a higher ground with a large block ahead.

Link pushed it back along these narrow hallways past two alcoves, one with a disintegrated ladder and rubble at the top and one with a way around. He continued to push it until it could no longer be pushed. He turned around and took a turn into the alcove and pushed the block from a different angle until it fell and clicked into place.

He climbed onto the block and then onto even higher ground and pushed another block through another narrow passage, passing by two more alcoves, one with a ladder and one with a passage leading around to the hallway at another angle.

He pushed it along until it couldn't be pushed anymore and phased through a wall to take on the block from another angle. He pushed it until it fell and clicked into place and climbed on top of it and onto even higher ground.

He turned a corner and saw another area of the room with a door blocked by vines.

Link unsheathed his sword. "FIRE!" He shouted. His sword became enveloped in flames once more and he stabbed at the air, launching a ball of fire at the vines which caused them to ignite and burn until all that remained was ash.

He continued through the door into a twisted hallway with a red carpet where he struggled to keep his balance. Slowly but surely, Link traversed the hall into a room with a large blue and gold treasure chest stuck on the wall and a door with a pulsating blue lock.

He flew over to the chest and squatted on top of it, or rather it's side, and opened it from the awkward angle. He flew over to it's side, or top if you will, and retrieved a golden skeleton key with a red ruby in the top center part.

Next he flew over to the alcove and tried his new found Big Key on the lock with little success. Next he tried the key he had found long ago in the sewer and the body of the key snapped off before the lock pulsated wildly and disappeared.

Now he went through the door and saw a large room with a staircase, foliage growing on it, and corroded walls and floor. He jumped over the staircase and onto the ground below before going through a door at the bottom.

This next room was huge and circular with a small chest in the exact center. Cautiously, Link walked over to the chest and squatted to open it, finding another small key inside. He walked to the other end of the room and went through the door to find himself at the bottom of a room identical to the room before the circular room.

He ascended the staircase and found another pulsating blue lock on the door and tried his new small key on it. The key snapped in two and the lock pulsated wildly before disappearing.

Link went through the door to find himself at the room he had entered with the stone walkway above and the entrance to which he entered the sewers. He took a right and entered the room.

Inside was a small room with a single step leading down and a large treasure chest. He descended the single step and opened it to find a device known as a Hookshot. It seemed to be a simple handle with a hook and body shell attached to it, but Link knew what it did.

If he gave the handle a squeeze, the hook would spring out and latch onto things where it stuck and retract, pulling it towards him or him towards it. He left the room and took a right to enter the door there. However, it lead back to the room where he pushed the massive blocks, but on a higher level, so he backtracked to the room he entered from, jumped down to the ground, and headed back to the main room where the mass of vines had covered the hole.

He unsheathed his sword. "FIRE!" He yelled, enveloping his sword in flames once more and blasted the vines with a fireball. They ignited and all that was left of them in a few seconds was a pile of ash.

He jumped down the hole into a huge circular room with a blue rug leading to a large, ominous door with a pulsating golden lock. He took out his golden Big Key and stuck it in, snapping it in two and causing the lock to pulsate wildly before disappearing.

He went through the door which vines sprouted to block. This room was gigantic, having a staircase to the right leading up to a central raised platform in the center and a carpet of green grass and the walls were extremely corroded.

Something about the place set Link's nerves off, but there was no backing down now. He walked up the stairs and saw a large, green, bulboid head sitting in front of a green jewel with a rope around it.

As Link stepped onto the large, central platform, the plant noticed Link and vines immediately surrounded them from all sides.

"MY... PRECIOUS!!" It yelled in a deep, scratchy voice.

The bulboid head opened it's large mouth and ate the Pendant, before laughing a deep throaty laugh. Brown roots rose up from the ground, serving as makeshift arms and legs.

Link unsheathed his sword and the battle began.

The bulboid monster whipped it's arm like root at Link, flinging him back into the vines surrounding the which launched him back in the ring. He quickly got up.

"FIRE!!" He shouted. His sword was enveloped in flames once again and he shot fireballs at the monster. However, it blocked by having a vine take the fireball for it, sacrificing itself for the main body.

Link shot many fireballs at the monster, all blocked by supporting vines. Then a large bloodshot eye opened on the head and immediately, Link knew what to do. He grabbed his Hookshot and shot it at the monster's hideous eye.

The head was pulled towards him and he slashed at it. The head was only a third of the way off, and it closed it's eye now.

The monster whipped it's arm root at Link again, this time grabbing him and smacking him into surfaces all over the room. He dropped his sword on the ground and his Hookshot as well as he was flung all over the room, screaming.

Then he was thrown in the air onto the ground, and the monster uttered it's deep, throaty laugh again. Link grabbed his equipment just before the vines could get to them and pull them under to become useless to him.

The monster opened it's eye again and Link shot his Hookshot at the eye, only to be blocked by another vine. It laughed again and the vine smacked Link back as he was pulled towards it.

Then Link put away his Hookshot and armed his Bow. He waited for the monster to open it's eye again, all the while dodging whip attacks from the monster and keeping his distance.

Eventually the eye opened and just as the monster was going to whip at him again, Link shot an arrow right at it's eye. Green blood spattered all over and Link was thrown around the room again, not letting go of his equipment this time.

When he was back on the ground after being thrown, a rather tiresome and nauseating experience as Link had recently learned, he armed his bow again in order to repeat the process once more. However, every time the monster opened it's eye and Link shot at it, a supporting vine blocked the blow.

After wasting five arrows, Link decided to switch tactics again. He put away his bow and unsheathed his sword that had seen little use during the fight. Now when the monster whipped at him again, he let it grab him.

He kept the grip on his sword tight and as he was being swung around, he waited for the moment to deliver the final blow. The eye opened and the vine swung him towards it.

Link thrust his sword foward, thrusting it deep into the eye and killing it. It exploded in a great burst of green blood, leaving a large Heart and the Pendant below. Link fell and landed on his spectral behind, and stood up to collect his valuables.

He started with the Heart, which he held above his head in triumph, feeling stronger than before. Next he grabbed the green Pendant of Virtue, now wet and slimy from having been eaten by the monstrous plant, and spun around to hold it above his head in triumph.

Then another vision came into his mind. A young boy clad in red placed the green Pendant of Virtue upon a pedestal in a room similar to the one he was in at the moment, but with a blue rug with Triforce marks around the corners, a guard rail, and paintings along the walls.

"Great." He said. "The Pendant of Courage has been placed. Now I'll go to Death Mountain to place the Pendant of Power."

Then his senses snapped back to reality. He knew where the next Pendant of Virtue was now, and he was certain he would be able to find Death Mountain.
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Aug 19, 2009
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Hey guys. Guess what time it is! If you guessed time for the next installment of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Death, you're right!

Anyways, I just want to say a few things before you read the chapter. Firstly, I must thank Zeruda for editing my previous chapters for me so that they are correctly labeled (I accidentally called the third installment, chapter three instead of chapter two and then accidentally labeled the chapters after that in according to that). Hopefully I won't confuse chapter thirteen with chapter fifteen, er chapter twenty one with chapter 30, er you know what I mean. :lol: And also, I've decided to try out a new font in this chapter. I think it fits the whole fanfiction thing a little more now.

Also, this has been a work in progress for like half a month now and I worked quite a bit on it. I really wanted to make sure it had both plot progression as well as a fair share of action (something I learned from the past few chapters), but I had a bit of trouble trying to achieve said plot progression and now I've finally found a way to do all that. Without further ado, let the chapter commence!

Chapter 7: Deathly Discovery

Link hopped down from the broken staircase and onto the forest floor before walking away to the southwest. As the Forest Temple faded out of sight behind the trees, Mido had come into view, rushing over to Link.

"Wait!" He called out, grabbing the attention of the now dead young man. Link turned around to see his friend running towards him as fast as he could and stopped. Mido gasped for breath as he finally reached Link.

"What's wrong, Mido?" He asked. "What has you so worked up?"

"The Great Deku Tree..." He said in between breaths. "He felt an evil presence in the Forest Temple a little bit ago. He sent me here to warn you and give you this."

Mido held out a small brown sack filled with things making wooden rattling noises inside.

"Firstly, I already took care of that evil presence in the Forest Temple." Link said, taking out the Pendant of Courage, in all it's sparkling green and silver chained glory, for Mido to see. "And if you don't mind my asking, what exactly is that?" Link asked, putting it back in the Satchel.

"It's a Deku Nut bag." Mido began, having caught his breath. "It preserves Deku Nuts for a long time and keeps their stunning properties potent."

Link took this bag from Mido's hand and stuffed it inside his Magical Satchel.

"Thanks, Mido." Link said. "It's annoying to have to keep restocking Deku Nuts just because they go bad."

"You're welcome." Mido said. "You're always welcome in Kokiri Village. If you ever need more, we'll be glad to give you some."

"I guess this is where you and I part ways." Link said. "I'll see you later."

And that they did, Link continuing towards the southeast and into Death Mountain and Mido returning to his home in Kokiri Forest.


Link walked along a path of rock, nearing the area known as Death Mountain. Rocks and bits of lava spewed from the volcano, Link phasing through it all with his ghostly powers.

He eventually came upon the opening of a cave and entered. There was a lone bridge suspended over a pit of lava. Carefully, Link stepped onto the bridge to walk across to the other end of the cave.

The lava bubbled and popped underneath Link as he walked across the bridge ever so carefully. And then, almost as if on cue, a school of large boney fish jumped out of the lava, triggering Link to flee the cave as well as splashing it on the bridge and thus igniting it.

He searched through his satchel as he ran for his Hookshot as quickly as possible, and found it. The bridge collapsed into the lava, the end on which he began having completely ignited and burnt away.

As he fell, he fired his Hookshot at one of the poles on the other end of the cave and the hook made it just in time to save Link. As he landed on the ground on the other side of the cave, something quickly struck him.

"I can't believe I just did that..." He wondered aloud, angered by what he now realized to be his stupidity. "I can't believe I forgot I could fly!!"

He took a deep breath, and decided to let it go. He was fine and his adventure was able to continue, so he exited the cave and moved on.

It was when he exited the cave that he bumped into a group of seven Moblins wielding spears and bows, headed by a robed Wizzrobe with a large pointy hat. Seeing Link caused reactions of shock from all, as they had all been with Ganondorf when the young man was killed for his piece of the Triforce.

Then, deciding on what they should do, they rushed while the Wizzrobe hung back and let his comrades do his dirty work for him.

Link unsheathed his sword and grabbed for his shield before he jumped over the Moblins and slashed at their backs while they were open.

Three Moblins fell from being slashed by Link's sword and disappeared in puffs of smoke before they turned around and swung their spears and fired arrows, doing more damage to their party than the dead young man before them.

After a short while, they killed themselves off with a little help from Link.

The Wizzrobe, having seen the whole thing merely scoffed at his comrade's deaths and teleported away, feeling it to be much more important to tell Ganondorf about his discovery.


The Wizzrobe had finally found his Master after searching half of Hyrule for him.

"Master Ganondorf!" He said as he bowed in respect. "I come with new information!"

"What's that?" The Dark Lord asked. "Have you found the whereabouts of Princess Zelda?"

"No, Master Ganondorf." The Wizzrobe said, gulping. "It's Link. He has come back from the dead and is now scaling Death Mountain, most likely in search of the Pendant of Power."

"What did you just say?!" Ganondorf demanded. "Link has come back from the dead?!"

"Forgive me, Master Ganondorf." The Wizzrobe pleaded.

Ganondorf growled. "We must devise a plan for Link to make sure he does not get in the way..." Suddenly, something stuck him. "Wizzrobe, follow Link. He is bound to take them to the Lost Woods and use their collective power to gain access to the Master Sword. When you get the chance, strike him and take the Pendants back to our base."

"Yes sir!" The Wizzrobe announced before teleporting back to Death Mountain to follow Link.



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Sorry for the long wait, but I've finally finished chapter eight. I decided to experiment a little bit and add humor to my fanfic in order to balance out the darkness a bit. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 8: Red Hot Adventure

Link stepped into the Fire Temple where his vision led him. Lava bubbled and popped all around him. A narrow walkway lead out to a central platform at which three other narrow walkways branched off, each leading to a door.

Carefully and instinctively, Link walked across the narrow walkway and onto the center platform. Without warning, a gigantic slug like creature popped out of the lava and proceeded to shoot a fireball at him.

Link quickly grabbed for his shield and blocked it just before it could hit him. The lava slug, known as a Fire Toadpoli, sank under it's firey veil.

Link saw two glowing blue locks on the doors straight ahead of him and to the right, while a mere metal lock stood as the barrier to the door on the left. Link passed through the door to the left with his ghostly powers.

This new room had flat blackened ground all over, probably the result of lava cooling off and hardening for some reason or another and a door at the end, completely unlocked. The young man clad in green tread carefully across this ground.

The way it crunched under his feet sounded unsafe to him, but then again, the mere fact that it was crunching wasn't a good sign. And with the way he had been phasing in and out between tangibility and intangibility on the way to the temple had done a number on him.

After all, even the most powerful ghosts had limits to how much they could use their abilities in succession and Link was definately not the exception to that rule.

Regardless, Link had to keep moving in order to get the next Pendant. Suddenly, the ground caved in underneath Link. Reacting quickly and out of impulse, Link scrambled for the door, barely avoiding a drop underneath this layer of hardened lava and into the molten red liquid below.

He sped through the door and into a room with a single narrow ledge in front of that door before a long drop into a lake of lava. Link stopped abruptly as he realized there was no solid ground ahead and teetered on the ledge, trying desperately to keep himself on top of the ledge.

But alas, his attempts proved fruitless as he fell. Thinking fast, he grabbed his Hookshot out of his magical satchel and latched onto a target just above the door he came out of.

Then, as he dropped onto the ledge, the whole room rumbled and roared and waves of lava crashed upon the rock walls of the room. A gigantic creature burst from the lava, sending blobs of it flying almost everywhere.

"Crap!" Link exclaimed.

It was a gigantic scorpion that not only thrived in lava, but also seemed to be made of it. Lava seemed to be coursing through it's body and it had large black claws and a pair of pincers covering a single eye.

The large scorpion creature slammed one of it's claws onto a wall, dislodging the ledge Link stood on as well as dislodging a few large rocks from the ceiling.

The ledge fell in the lava and began to dissolve away and to top it off, the scorpion monster swung it's other pincer at Link. Thinking fast, Link hopped onto one of the boulders that had been dislodged, narrowly dodging the claw and avoiding having the only ground under him dissolve.

He rolled the boulder and himself away from the monster in a fashion identical to how people walk on balls. However, the monster that he was fighting had not given up chasing after it's prey, or at least, what Link assumed he was to it.

It had slammed it's two claws on the walls on both sides of Link and his dissolving boulder. Then, the pincerss on it's eye opened up and a small hole under neath it's eye opened up as well.

Instinctively, Link grabbed for his Hookshot and fired it at the creature's eye, and was ultimately pulled to it. Once on it's eye, Link reacted quickly and unsheathed his sword. He stabbed the eye mutliple times, specs of purple-ish blood splattering all over.

As Link stabbed the scorpion in it's eye over and over again, it shook around violently, trying to throw him off in addition to closing it's pincers on him. But Link phased in and out in order to avoid them and his right hand was firmly gripped his Hookshot which was still embedded into the creatures eye and kept on stabbing.

After three minutes the beast stopped moving. It quickly fell back and as that happened, Link removed his Hookshot to get back to the door and waited for a moment. Nothing besides the beast burning up in the very pool of lava it once called home happened. With that, Link carefully made his way back to the entry room where he discovered something odd.

The door across from him, the one with the blue glowing lock had now disappeared.

Must've been because I killed that beast... He thought to himself. With that, he headed over through the door, ready for what may lie beyond.

This room was spacious, the ground beneath him incredibly solid and sturdy. Before him lay a large treasure chest with a pulsating blue lock on the front, preventing Link from simply reaching in and taking the treasure with his ghostly abilities. Link walked towards it, fully prepared for something to happen.

In all his many times crawling dungeons, things were never quite as easy as just walking up to a chest and getting it's contents. Whether it was aquiring a key before hand in order to open it or defeating a fearsome monster, things were never quite that easy.

Link attempted to open the chest despite the lock. After three minutes, Link's grip had slipped and he fell on his back. Shortly after this first failure at opening the chest, he stood back up and unsheathed his sword.

"It's go time now..." He said as he jammed the tip into the chest. With all his might, Link pushed down on the handle of his sword and used it as a lever. Eventually, Link lost his grip on his sword too and it came out of it's place in the chest.

With blinding speed, his sword flew up into the air before hitting the ceiling with a deafening CLANG and coming back down to the ground, spinning as though it were a mid flight boomerang, and clattering on the ground, barely missing Link as he lay on the ground. CLANG, clang, clang...

Again, Link did not let this failure deter him either. He brushed himself off and stood up just before picking up his invaluable weapon. He pondered the situation for a moment. Perhaps he missed a key somewhere in the dungeon. Perhaps there was a secret path way that he missed.

After thinking over the possibilities, Link decided to turn back for now and see if he couldn't find a way to open that chest and gain whatever valuable item that lay inside... or at least, he would have, if the ground hadn't begun to tremble and shake once more.

BOOM!! Large boulders had come flying towards Link, a wall apparently having broken. Thinking quickly, Link tried to dodge the boulders but a large one hit him and as quickly as it came, Link had gone. He had phased out of reality again, further pushing his limits.

As the dust settled, Link could see the cause for the wall's breaking. A large brown figure, semi humanoid in appearance and with armor all over it's body. It resembled a Goron, a race of friendly rock eaters who had once inhabited Death Mountain and a race Link knew well at that, but something was off about it.

The friendly atmosphere of the Gorons he once knew was completely gone. It's eyes were a bloody shade of red and it seemed to have a lust for blood. Saliva dripped out of it's mouth and splashed onto the igneous rock they both stood upon.

Link knew from one glance that this Goron was not here to chat about the good old days. This Goron was blood thirsty, and seemed to want Link's blood, even though he no longer had any to give.

Link didn't want to have to kill this Goron, because while they may not have known each other, long ago he made a pact with the leader of the Gorons and ultimately the two of them had become Sworn Brothers through that pact, and as such Darunia's fellow Goron tribe members were just as much Link's brothers as they were to Darunia by extension. He hoped that at the most, this Goron would just be sore from battle and that he could perhaps return him to what he should be.

The Goron clad in armor curled up and rolled straight at Link. He jumped out fo the way, narrowly dodging the attack and the Goron made a u-turn straight back at Link. Narrowly, Link dodged once more, but the Goron kept rolling at Link relentlessly.

As the Goron made another u-turn in Link's direction, it rolled right over the treasure chest and broke the top right off. Fortunately, the base was too strong for even a gigantic Goron like this to crush with it's mad rolling.

As the Goron missed once more, Link took the opportunity to snag the item within the chest while he could. It was a small wand of a light blue hue up to the top at which darker blue crystals seemed to form at the top.

Link recognized it's power almost immediately as he picked it up. He had used it before, and he knew he had used it for conjuring up ice and snow. It was known simply as the Ice Rod.

The Goron made another u-turn for Link. Thinking fast, Link thrust the Ice Rod into it's direction and a flurry of ice and snow came rushing out of the crystals at the end. The ground underneath solidified and as the Goron got close to Link, he jumped out the way and aimed the Ice Rod at the ground in front of the Goron, partially freezing it in the process as well.

The Goron crashed into the wall and the armor scattered all over the place, uncurling and ultimately laying there in the whole chaotic event.

Link cautiously stepped close to it and it abruptly shook it's head and stood up.

"Ugh..." The Goron moaned. "What have I been doing all this time?"

"Trying to run me over." Link joked.

The Goron stiffened up and slowly turned around to see Link before him.

"I-is that you?" The Goron asked. "Is it really you? Are you the hero from all the stories? The one named Link?"

"Yes." He responded. "That's me, the Hero of Hyrule."

"I-I'm so sorry!" He said, bowing down in forgiveness. "Please forgive me! I had no idea what I was doing! An evil mage in black robes came here and cursed me with that black armor! Please, forgive me!"

"Hey, don't sweat it." Link responded cheerily, putting a hand on the Goron's shoulder. "You were under a curse, you couldn't help it. And besides, if you hadn't shown up, I'm not sure how I would've gotten the item in that chest you destroyed."

"R-really?" The Goron asked, looking up, still not quite enough to making eye contact with Link. "Thank you so much! I will help you as best as I can!"

"Well, it would be good if I could find the Pendant of Power." Link said. "Do you think you could help me with that?"

"Of course!" The Goron said, standing up straight and saluting to his smaller superior. "I am here for the very purpose of making sure the Pendant never falls into evil hands. Not only are you worthy of it in my eyes, but you are the very person who brought it here in the first place! I will lead you to the chamber where the Pendant lies."

With that, Link and the Goron left through the door and into the main room.

Without a word, the Goron pulled a small blue pulsating key out of a satchel around his waist and together they went through the door. There they found a large room complete with an altar and a large red gem on a silver chain sitting on top of a pedestal at the far end of the room.

"Here it is." The Goron presented. "That which you seek: The Pendant of Power."

"Thanks a lot for the help." Link responded. "I'm not sure I would've been able to get here without your help."

"M-my help?" The Goron stuttered, honored by Link's statement. "No, that is not true at all! I'm sure you would've figured out how to get in here anyways."

"Regardless, it's thanks to you that my quest is going along faster." Link countered. "So thanks for that... brother."

The Goron was now just as confused as he was honored.

"Did you just call me 'brother'?" The Goron asked.

"Yes, I did." Link responded. "A long time ago I made a pact with the leader of the Gorons and as a result, we became Sworn Brothers. By extension, the other members of the tribe had become my brothers as well."

The Goron was shocked by that statement. There had been tales, though distorted, and the integrity of which questioned, of a young boy clad in the green of fields who had come to Death Mountain and met with a former leader of the tribe to make safe their primary source of food, a cave known as Dodongo's Cavern. He was speechless that he met the very same hero that not only brought with him the Pendant of Power, but also the same hero that had appeared in some of his tribe's earliest legends.

With that exchange out of the way, Link walked up to the pedestal where the Pendant lay enshrined, carefully. He had a feeling something might happen, so he walked slowly.

He looked around for a moment and saw nothing other than the symbols of fire on the walls as decoration, the Pendant and it's pedestal, and the Goron who led Link to this place.

Feeling safe, he grabbed the Pendant and held it above his head in triumph! With that, a vision of the same young boy from when he had picked up the Pendant of Courage. The very same blonde boy clad in green.

"There we go." He said, placing the Pendant upon it's pedestal. "Zora's Waterfall is probably a pretty good place to hide the next one."

With that, he snapped back to reality with knowledge of his next destination.

Ah, ha, ha, ha! A voice cackled from the shadows.

"Excuse me, Link, did you hear something?" The Goron asked.

"No, nothing out of the ordinary." Link answered. "Why, did you hear something?"

"Yes, I thought I heard laughter..." The Goron said.

"You're probably just hearing things." Link dismissed. "Maybe you need some rest."

"Maybe..." The Goron said thoughtfully.


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Woohoo! A new chapter of A Link to Death WITHOUT the thread becoming dead again! I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: Due to circumstances out of my control, I won't be able to put up the entirety of chapter nine, but you guys get to have an epic cliffhanger for this! Hooray!

NOTE II: The rest of the chapter is up, and let me say that I had a lot of fun writing the dialogue between Link and [spolers]Ruto[/spoilers].

Chapter 9: Fire and Ice

Link walked along a long river at the base of Death Mountain, dodging occasional falling boulders as landslides caused them.

Eventually, after much walking, he spotted what he believed to be Zora's Waterfall. However, the landscape had changed dramatically in those hundreds of years since his predecessor had hidden the Pendants of Virtue.

He hopped behind the waterfall and into a small, cramped cave with two dimly lit torches. The walls were lined with varios cave paintings of what seemed to be half fish humanoids.

"Definately Zoras." Link decided. "I guess this is the place. But where might the Pendant be?"

Suddenly, Link felt a presence. Almost as though he was being watched.

He unsheathed his sword to find an old woman in brown robes behind him, her body hidden by them.

"So, you are the new hero?" She mused. "Hah! You would never compare to the man who was to be my husband!" She chuckled quitely.

Link felt insulted by this, but unsheathed his sword... for now. The Old Woman seemed to be no threat to him, a few unsettling insults aside.

"How long have you been here?" Link asked. "How long have you been watching me?"

"You don't remember little old me?" The woman annswered cryptically. "I suppose you wouldn't. You never remember things very well after you've been reborn."

"Listen, lady, I don't really have the time to decipher riddles right now." Link stated bluntly. "There are some very serious situations going on at the moment and I need to find the three Pendants of Virtue. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but this is very serious. Do you know where the Pendant of Wisdom is?"

"Ah Link, you are just as serious as ever." The Old Woman answered cryptically. "You never were the kind of man to just settle down and get married."

"H-how do you know my name?" Link asked, taken aback by the woman's referring to him by his exact name. "Who are you, exactly?"

"My name..." The Old Woman began as she clutched her robes. "Is Ruto!" She said dramatically as she took off the robes and revealed her true identity.

She stood almost as tall as Link, her skin blue and white with fins along her arms and a purple dress as well as appearing before him in a ghostly form.

Link simply stood there, his mouth agape in complete shock.

"What is it?" Ruto asked. "Am I more beautiful than you remembered?"

"N-no, it's just that I didn't expect that." Link answered, regaining his composure. "What are you doing here? And why did you compare me to myself?"

"You should know that I tease, Link." Ruto answered, crossing her arms and blushing. "And there are two reasons why I'm here. The first being because I was laid to rest here. The second being because I need to guard the Pendant of Wisdom."

So this is the right place after all... Link thought silently. "Well, Ruto, would you mind showing me where the Pendant is?"

"Of course Link." She responded. "But on one condition..."

"And what condition is that?" Link asked.

"We still haven't gotten married." Ruto stated bluntly. "We could do that now, and spend the rest of our afterlives together."

An uncomfortable silence followed the cave after Ruto had made that statement.

"You know I'm just joking don't you?" Ruto said, breaking the silence. "As I said before, I like to tease and you should know that."

Without a word, Ruto slapped her hands together in a praying position, as sages normally do when using their powers, and the wall behind Link crumbled revealing a long secret passage.

"Through that passage you'll find a dungeon made specifically to keep those who are not worthy away from the Pendant." Ruto said. "I'd love to accompany you, but I have to make sure nobody can get into the Ice Cavern to get the Pendant. I apologize."

"Don't sweat it Ruto." Link said, smiling. "It wouldn't feel right if I could just get the Pendant without a dungeon to challenge me anyways."

With that, he headed through the passage to get into the Ice Cavern.

As Link arrived in the Ice Cavern, Link was greeted by a vista of sparkling ice crystals. Snow lay on the ground and the walls were covered in ice. The passage kept going.

Link arrived beyond the passage and saw before him a spacious room with slippery ice along it's floor and three branching paths ahead of him, a door with a pulsating blue lock straight ahead on top of a ledge, other smaller ledges leading up to it, a passage to the left and a passage to the right.

Link chose the passage to the right. After going through the long passage, he ended up in a room with slippery ice along it's floor and a couple ledges leading up to a few platforms made of ice. A chest sat on a lonely platform away from the rest.

Link hopped from platform to platform all the way to the chest. He opened it and found nothing inside.

Dungeons are meant to trick people... Link thought to himself. But an empty chest is just plain disappointing.

With an empty hearted sigh, Link went back to the main room and continued to the left passage. Throught this passage he found a chest enshrined with icy stalagtites and stalagmites in the room. He opened it and found a pulsating blue key.

With that in tow, he headed back to the main room and hopped up to the locked door. He grabbed his new key out of his pocket and used it to unlock the door. Both the key and lock stopped pulsating in synch before disappearing.

He headed through the door to find another passage way and found himself in a big empty room, ice on the floor and a feeling of dread looming over him. A locked door lay just ahead of him.

"So you've arrived." A voice said. "Your quest ends here."

Link unsheathed his sword and turned around to see his polar opposite staring him dead in the face, sword and shield at the ready. Dark Link.

Without warning, Dark Link lunged at the normal Light Link and swung his sword. The blade bounced right off of his shoulder, thanks to his chain mail, but left quite a bit of pain behind.

Link had been thrown back and slid across the ice. He ran at Dark Link and jumped, aiming to pull off his trademark jump attack. Without batting an eye lash, Dark Link dodged and countered with a spin attack. Link was knocked foward, his face greeting the ice, and his sword and shield sliding away on the ice.

Link brushed himself off and dove for his sword. But, Dark Link was one step ahead and slashed at Link, his sword bouncing off the chain mail once more and causing him to slide across the ice and smack dab into a wall.

Link picked himself up and made a mad dash for his fallen equipment, getting slashed once more by Dark Link and sliding across the floor.

"Enough of these games." Dark Link rasped, going through his cloned magical satchel. "It's time to finish you."

He pulled out a red wand, a small red gem at the top and the handle being yellow. Link recognized it immediately as the Ice Rod's polar opposite: the Fire Rod.

Dark Link pointed the Fire Rod at Link and the air around it got even colder as it sucked away every bit of heat left in there. Thinking fast, Link pulled out his Ice Rod to counteract the Fire Rod and began to charge up the Ice Rod, taking the cold from the air around them, turning the room they stood in into a no temperature room, neither cold nor hot.

Then, with sudden quickness, Dark Link fired a gigantic blast of fire at Link, melting ice and snow in the room. Link countered by letting loose a gigantic blast of ice, refreezing all that melting water.

The two polar opposite elements clashed and large gust of wind was released with a thick cloud of fog. Both Link and Dark Link were pushed forcefully back into walls, the two rods sitting side by side along the floor.

As the fog cleared, Link was seen slowly inching his way toward the two rods, sword and shield in hand and Dark Link mirrored the same thing. The two had incredible fighting spirit and neither were letting this battle end before rising victorious.

Both Links fell and Dark Link chuckled weakly and gave a weak smile.

"I'll be back..." He said before dissolving into the shadows.

Link still wasn't finished. He continued to inch his way across the floor and claimed both his Ice Rod and Dark Link's Fire Rod.

Link managed to get up with the support of the two rods, and slowly limped to the door that had become unlocked.

Inside this new room, he found another altar with the next and final Pendant enshrined, paintings of Zoras along the wall. A small channel of water seperated the two from their destiny. Link used the Ice Rod to create a small pathway out to the Pendant and grabbed it.

He was far too weak to do his signature move right now, so he immediately stuffed the Pendant in his satchel. As he headed across the ice bridge he made, a gigantic fish leaped out from under the water to grab him and smash the ice bridge.

As he was shaken up from underneath the water and dragged out of the temple and into the wild waters of Hyrule, his equipment was shaken off of him. His satchel, the bow, the Hookshot, the only things that managed to stay with him were his sword and shield which were strapped firmly onto his back.

Link, having been tired out from the battle with Dark Link had no more energy to fight, and thus could do nothing but hope that things would turn out okay. Then, a miracle happened. The fish had let Link go in order to pursue something else floating along the river... his Pendants. Underwater they shined greatly before being gobbled up by the behemoth. With this, Link's awareness of the world slipped away.


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best story ever! i actuly chose this over WW and your dialoge 4 link was hilarios for the most part . my favorite things he said were "Either this isn't the same Forest Temple I explored with Navi or somebody remodeled this place." and "It's go time now...":lol::lol: :clap::clap::clap::):)


I'm getting two zelda stories getting published this year. The first one is called legend of zelda:crimson hourglass.

They say when battle is pounce on our legendary hero, he will never be stopped for nothing.
But gives him inconoclast to take back evil then a chef of the devil appears.
His name was ganon... Hero of time tried over throw him, yet the three goddesses gave our hero the master sword. And finally he'd killed the chef of the devil...: That was chapter 1 , please if you have any comments then go to my profiles.

How about my zelda stories which they be published this year; first is called legend of zelda: crimson hourglass: chapter 1:

They say when battle is pounce on our legendary hero, he will never be stopped for nothing. But gives him inconoclast to take back evil then a chef of the devil appears. His name was ganondorf: hero of time tried over throw him, yet the three goddesses gave our hero the master sword.and finally he'd killed the chef of the devil.: please send a comment if you like it

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I'm getting two zelda stories getting published this year. The first one is called legend of zelda:crimson hourglass.

They say when battle is pounce on our legendary hero, he will never be stopped for nothing.
But gives him inconoclast to take back evil then a chef of the devil appears.
His name was ganon... Hero of time tried over throw him, yet the three goddesses gave our hero the master sword. And finally he'd killed the chef of the devil...: That was chapter 1 , please if you have any comments then go to my profiles.

How about my zelda stories which they be published this year; first is called legend of zelda: crimson hourglass: chapter 1:

They say when battle is pounce on our legendary hero, he will never be stopped for nothing. But gives him inconoclast to take back evil then a chef of the devil appears. His name was ganondorf: hero of time tried over throw him, yet the three goddesses gave our hero the master sword.and finally he'd killed the chef of the devil.: please send a comment if you like it

Uh, that's great and all, but please don't spam up my thread with your own stories.

Anyways, for those of you wondering when the next chapter will be up, I apologize for how long it's taking. I hit a little snag with some computer problems and had to completely reformat my hard drive which set me back quite a bit (having lost Word and all) and then there's the fact that I've had a lot to do lately, not to mention there are other things I've left unattended. The concept for the chapter is almost finished, if that's any consolation. Editing the details and fine tuning the chapter shouldn't take me too long after that, so it shouldn't be too much longer.

However, I won't be making any promises on when exactly it'll be done.

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