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Zelda Art "The Last Sheikah" A Legend of Zelda Fan-Fic


The Chaotic Enigma
Mar 23, 2011
This story takes place in the 7 year gap in Ocarina of Time, in it will be my explanation of what happened to Zelda during that time. I know some of what I say may be inaccurate but I wrote it that way to make the story better...heres part 1 of "The Last Sheikah"...


There was lightening pounding the earth and rain coming down like it was the fury​
of hell itself. Something, somewhere, was happening, and everyone was in danger...
Wolfe stood outside the Shadow Temple while this terrible event unfolded. Wolfe was a sheikah, the youngest one left at the age of 17, and he looked how you'd expect a sheikah to look, with a medium build and extremely agile. None of that would help him now though, as he felt useless doing nothing but standing there. This was his job though, he was to watch the temple until the sage would return.
Out of nowhere a loud crack sound came out from behind him, he turned around and saw his sister Impa carrying a sleeping Princess Zelda. "We were ambushed," Impa said out of breath, "if it wasn't for the guards...we wouldn't have made it." "The guards have always been brave men, how is our princess?" Wolfe asked looking at Princess Zelda.
"Shes exhausted, the escape took a lot out of her."
"And what of the hero?"
"I don't know...we rushed past him and the princess threw the ocarina into the moat. I can only hope that hes safe and at the temple."
"He won't wake for a while though, isn't that what Rauru told you?"
"Yes, he told me it would be a 7 year sleep for him, your job is to look after the
princess until then...because the temple is my home now, as you are aware."
"Yes, I'm aware," replied Wolfe. At that Impa nodded then walked over and put Zelda into Wolfe's open arms. "Goodbye brother," she said to him, before turning toward the entrance of the temple and making her way into it.
"Take care of our princess..."
Wolfe watched as his sister went into the darkness of the temple and away from his life. He then took a moment to look down at the sleeping Princess Zelda, he was to protect her with his life, and he wouldn't let her down.
His first priority was to get her out of the rain, if she were to good sick he would already been seen as a horrible protector. So he walked out of the graveyard through the thunder and rain making his way to his house near the front of Kakariko. As he walked past the houses with sleeping people he felt a sorrow hit him, caused by the thought of them waking and seeing what could happen to their world now. He finally arrived at his house and entered it, then he laid the sleeping Princess Zelda on his bed and covered her with sheets. He then took his place against the wall next to the bed and sat down there. This spot would be his new bed in case he had to act fast in a moment of danger. Before he finally fell asleep at this spot one thought crossed through his mind.
"We must all stand together now, or our world will fall to darkness..."
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The Chaotic Enigma
Mar 23, 2011
Thank you, theothernavi and Zelda64, currently im working on part 2 but i've had a few delays due to my internal conflicting ideas haha.

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