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The Insides of the Poke Ball Finally Discovered!


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May 26, 2010
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Originally found this at ZeldaInformer: Pokémon Directors Finally Answer the Eternal Questions :: Zelda Informer
Mods, I searched the pages and found nothing like this, if a thread actually exists it's alien to me ;)

Anyway, I was stumbling across ZI on my Facebook page when I noticed something peculiar; the post said "Pokémon Directors Finally Answer the Eternal Questions". Having some love for the Pokemon series myself, I clicked the link and saw this beautiful snippet of information among an interview that Kyle Hillard of GameInformer had with two respectable people behind the lovable Pocket Monsters series:
What exactly happens inside of a Pokéball? Is there a home in there? Is there food in there? And can humans go in a Pokéball?

Masuda: It sure would be interesting if Pokéballs existed in real life, and we haven’t imagined that. But, in terms of what’s inside of the Pokéball, it’s a space that’s incredibly comfortable for Pokémon. So comfortable, that they want to enter the Pokéball without any sort of outside encouragement. What’s actually in there is something we would like for people to sort of imagine on their own. In terms of whether humans can enter the Pokéball or not, it’s called a Pokéball, so probably not. I think it’s just for Pokémon.
So what do you think of this information? Did you ever think the Pokeball to be something beyond what you just read? :D

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Yeah I read that in the Game Informer mag, and I think it's a cop out. I wanted an explanation along the lines of a matter annihilator beam to convert the Pokemon into pure energy, a tractor beam to pull them in, and supermagnets to contain the energy, not this "it's just magic" crap. Very disappointing.

Also, if they want to go in without any encouragement, then why do they keep breaking out when I try to catch them?!


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Mar 20, 2012
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Meh, I always figured Pokéballs somehow made Pokémon comfortable through travel one way or another. What's inside of it I never really cared for nor wondered about. Interesting find though.


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Jul 23, 2011
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That's very interesting to hear about the Pokéball. I always thought it was a relaxing place where a Pokémon could just relax and just chill from adventures! :3


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Aug 25, 2008
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I always figured it would be some sort of digital storage in which the Pokémon would be put in a stasis until they are needed again, hence why they maintain their status and hit points.

We have all seen fan parodies, even with Robot Chicken, depicting it as some sort of loft or apartment, but when we look in there, all it appears to be is a bunch of mirrors, which then emits a laser containing the Pokémon when it is time to fight.

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Jul 21, 2012
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Stinking Masuda, and his stinking Deus Ex Machinas -_-

Nah, I'm kidding, but I wish we could have had a more in depth explanation. And the whole "people going into pokeballs" was kind of proven false already in an episode of the anime. Brock or someone was trying to get a Sudowoodo, and it hid behind Jessie RIGHT as the beam shot out. When it hit her, she turned all red and was shaking, and she said "So that's what it feels like", and was all burnt afterwards. I can't remember which episode that was, or wether the anime can really say anything about the matter (Since it's not canon), but interesting nontheless.
Feb 23, 2011
I've always envisioned an alternate dimension suited to the Pokémon's desire within the confines of a Pokéball. I guess I wasn't too far off... in a sense... :/

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