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General Art The Human Weapon


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Aug 16, 2011
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I love to write. So this is one of my stories I created a week ago. Be gentle lol.

The Human Weapon:

Once there lived a crazed gunsmith who loved to tinker around with various kinds of weapons. He was very passionate about what he did, and to some his obsession seemed so great they thought he was borderline insane. However this particular gentleman's work was so praised by all, people overlooked the fact that he could potentially be insane. Born into a militaristic family, the son of a decorated war hero, he spent his youth studying about tons of guns, measuring barrel stock lengths, testing their damage ratios and even tried tasting gunpowder once.

Time eventually came around where he felt that he grew tired of just making guns. No, he wanted to do something better, more...interesting then what he been doing all his life. Back in his studying years, he also took an interest in human engineering. So, he decided to take a very...morally debatable decision: he would fuse gun parts to living flesh, and interlock their parts, linking blood and gunpowder together as one. One thing he lacked though was a body. So this man did the unthinkable and killed his own father, fled to a secret underground chamber he had invested some years ago, and began his terrible creation.

He started by taking the body of his deceased dad and taking it to the bare skin. For the midsection, he decided to make the "underwear" essential a ammo depot, which would be separated into several different chambers for the various weapons he would be melding together. After that he decided to work on the arms. For these, he crafted two finely melded barrels made out of stainless steel and iron tubes, and added a latching chamber, for which each arm he planted reversible and flexible arm cannons. The arm cannon on the left arm fired grenades, the one on the right fired missiles, but nothing too big. For the legs, he decided to do the same materials, but latched on two shotguns, which could be raised upwards and rotate left and right. The palms of the hands were a mixture of both blood and gun powder, also making for little ammo depots. Each finger was fitted with little pistols, which all worked in great order. The head was fitted with laser beam eyes and armor plating.

Finally, he had done it. He had created a human weapon, of his own design. He named it the Armed Bandisheer, and decided that he would use it to do mercenary missions for various governments. The man had a very successful creation, and made tons of money, and created more after gaining the money. He was still regarded as insane, and nothing more then a ruthless man who just loved tinkering with weapons. No one ever found out that he killed his father and that he was the original prototype. The man's dark secrets and crazy mind continued to do his work until he died.

I hope you enjoyed it :)

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