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Game Thread The Greatest Mafia Game Ever (aka Sloth Mafia™)

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Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
Hello everybody. Glad you could join us today! Thanks for offering up your names to give to our newly bred sloths!

In this game, you will all be speaking on your sloths' behalves (since my sloths are too self conscious to speak themselves). Each sloth has a distinct personality trait, which has been outlined in your role PM. On top of the regular mafia rules, each player is to post as if they are their sloth; that is to say, you must write your posts with your sloth's personality trait in mind. Now keep in mind that personality traits may change at any time after certain criteria are met, so any abilities that come with the trait you have can change. You will always be informed of any changes.

Now, most of your sloths are quite well behaved, but alas, two of them have been... misbehaving as of late. Already, I've lost two of my older sloths by their hands! Your goal is to find the two that have been misbehaving, by agreeing as a group which one you think it is each day. At the end of the day, the sloth with the most votes will be put down for bad behaviour. When a sloth dies, its current personality trait will be revealed, but not its alignment. The good sloths will reach a victory once both of the poorly behaved sloths have been put down.

In this game, there will be no double posting. I will reiterate this in the rules. The reason being that sloths are slow creatures, and as you are speaking on their behalf, you must also be slow. So no double posting. If nobody else posts within twelve hours of you making a post, however, you may make another one.

So without further ado, I say we get this show on the road! Good luck friends, and have fun!

  • Read the rules
  • No communicating about this game outside of the game thread
  • No evidence from outside the game thread may be used
  • No double posting, unless 12 hours have passed since your latest post
  • - Because of this, I will allow ONE edit to posts if you have made a mistake in it, but DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING YOU'VE ALREADY WRITTEN. Once you hit post, what you've written is permanent. All you may do is write EDIT: beneath what you wrote, and make the correction there. If you would like clarification on this rule, ask me!
  • No deleting posts under any circumstances
  • Role claiming is not allowed
  • Name claiming is allowed, since no personality traits are alignment indicative (the scum was randomized after all the roles were set)
  • Soft claiming is allowed, so long as it does not get excessive
  • All players are required to post a minimum of 4 times per game day. This was emphasized in the signup thread, so you have all already committed to this requirement. Exceptions may be granted in extenuating circumstances, just please make sure you PM me if you cannot make this requirement rather than clutter up the thread
  • No Lynch is allowed
  • Extensions are allowed, but no more than twice throughout the game (and no more than once in a single day), and votes will be counted separate from regular votes
  • No screenshotting or quoting any information contained within your role PM
  • Each post must reflect your assigned personality trait
  • Days in this game will last 3 days, nights will last 1. Days will be shortened if they seem too long
  • No night posting of any kind, with the exception of lynchees, who may make one post-death goodbye post if desired
  • Have fun!

The Living:
The Dead:
  • Minish_Link (Put down Day 1)
  • Jamie (Killed Night 1)
  • Pendio (Put down Day 2)
  • Libk (Killed Night 2)
  • DekuNut (Put down Day 3)


The day will end Tuesday, May 30, 6PM PST. With 8 alive, 5 votes are required for majority. For the first day only, at least 3 votes are required for a lynch to go through.
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redolent needling balm
May 20, 2017
Appalachia, CSA
Oh my, this is not good, this is not good at all - two of the oldest sloths have been killed?
Oh no, I'm quite sure I'm a lot older than most of you. I'm doomed for sure. Doomed, I say.
Some of you younger sloths ought to form a circle around me - a hedge of protection so I'm not the next to go.
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