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Spoiler The Future of Zelda (in My Opinion)


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Oct 22, 2010
Have you seen Axle's article on the future of Zelda on the home page? All of us have debated about the timeline, how half of ours make sense, the rest doesn't. We're all wondering how the series will turn out. My best friend is even making some sketches on his idea for a new Zelda game, where... actually, you all would steal it (well, at least one of you would try), so I'll keep it a secret until he submits it to Nintendo through e-mail or something. Anyways, her e are my ideas for the future of Zelda.

Look at the WiiU's graphics on the Zelda Demo at E3. HD, 3D, all of this stuff is coming together. Pretty soon, there'll be a 3DS with HD and 3D that pops out of the 3DS... literally. Take a look at the graphics of some of the games.

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Just look at that HORRIBLENESS!! Sure, that was the best they had back then on the NES, but still, it seems so horrible compared to now.

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Link's first 3D adventure comes to life on the N64, throwing a whole new way to play into player's faces.

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Wind Waker is one of my favorite Zelda games. It has colorful cel-shaded graphics, and it has awesome designs on characters, places, and pretty much everything.

These are only some examples of the evolution of Zelda. Here's a few videos I found on Youtube.


(Here's a three parter.)

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amu8Zqdgd1o
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaIGWrrJxf0&feature=related
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wSwiVSTvx8&feature=related

Anyways, those videos pretty much show the evolution of the graphics in the games. How could the WiiU affect that? Like I said before, we’re almost close to getting HD3D on handheld and console systems. If they accomplish that, Nintendo will be at the top of their game. The WiiU is already being talked about, especially over here at Zelda Dungeon, and they’re supposedly releasing a new Zelda game for the WiiU, so who knows what will happen with that one? Of course it’ll PROBABLY be HD, but what about later on? What happens after that? Will there be that original 3DS game they mentioned? Or another remake, hopefully Majora’s Mask? No one knows but Nintendo, and I’m not even sure THEY even know yet. But back to what I was saying earlier; I’m here to talk about what I think the future of Zelda will, might, and should be.

Starting off with will: no one knows yet, other than that we know about the WiiU game, and a 3DS game. So not much here.

Now to might. They might make the WiiU game a Twilight Princess remake (which I’m fine with, but it probably won’t be…), and it might be a game where 3D means something… oh wait, it will be. It might be a transportation game, so you can fly around and bomb the heck out of Ganon’s Castle (Axle’s mailbag reference). It might be just a regular game, not too important, not that not important.

Now to what it should be, my favorite category where I can voice my opinion. :D Let’s start with the WiiU opinions. Some people say that it should have the inventory on the tablet. Some say it shouldn’t be a Twilight Princess remake. I say it should be both and neither. How is that possible? Well, The controls are obviously on the tablet, right? Well, then why can’t you have the inventory on your tablet and on your TV? You can either just set it to having it on the TV, or you can have it on the tablet, and drag an item with your finger. When you pick it up, the TV will have how ever many item buttons there are, that many circles on the TV. You turn the tablet, and the circle it’s pointing towards will get a little bit bigger, or have an outline, or whatever so you know it’s aimed at that one, and you slide the item across the screen and it lands on the TV. Pretty cool, huh? That’s not it. You know how there are supposed to be motion controls from now on? Well, you could use a Wii Remote with the tablet, and use the tablet as a shield with a strap on the non-touch side, so you can actually literally use the motion controls fully. Then there’s be separately-purchasable accessories, so you can buy them and they’re the Hylian Shield and the Master Sword, or a light saber for Star Wars games, or other stuff like that.

Now what the 3DS should be like. If 3D should mean something, well… I still have no idea what that means. Sorry.

Those are my ideas, pretty much. Please leave nice comments and tell me your ideas, I don’t care how long they are, I’ll try to read them all. See ya later!


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