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The Flow of Time

Midna's Sister

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Jul 23, 2012
In the Twilight Realm
Have you ever felt like time passes too quickly? How about too slowly? Anyway, this week, for me, 'twas as of someone played the Inverted Song of Time; one week felt like three... Yet the year passed so fast, from my birthday on July 14, to nearly the end of the year. So, what has the past week felt like? Month? Year? Anyway, peace, love, prosperity, bye-bye.
~Midny :mastersword: <3 :eek:carina: :triforce:
In the heat of the moment time always seems more drawn out. When I'm sitting in class, for example, bored out of mind, the passing seconds feel like minutes but in retrospect, as the year comes to an end, everything appears to fly by.

Lately, time has been passing very slowly on my part. Life is more challenging as new responsibilities are added every year and I'm seeing sharp divides between time periods when I am actively working strenuously or laying back and relaxing. For the first time in years I had a "long" summer albeit the length of this time period has been constant for years. I finally felt as though I distanced myself sufficiently from my academic life. It's been hard transitioning, however, as I am now overloaded with coursework, five AP classes, and in this final stretch college applications.

Life can be a very, very bipolar ride. Hold tight and don't look down or you might feel wheezy.


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May 26, 2010
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It really feels as if time passes all too quickly, yet what it really is is that we forget time is in effect. So, when you're partying from sun-up to sun-down, you're in the moment completely oblivious to the ticking-hand, which is all too natural; parties are a form of distraction as are any form of entertainment. In general, I personally find that when people have fun or at the very least are busying themselves with something that isn't flat out boring, time appears to move quickly for them. When people aren't having fun, time passes incredulously slow, but that's because they are usually too focused on time's passing.

The past week seems to have passed slowly for me despite having all the fun in the world. The past month? Holy cow, it's the 24th of October ALREADY! Just yesterday it was the 1st! :lol:
And the past year? I'm glad that beast is over with, though I really hate to turn 17; it's one more step to the outside world that I do not want to take, not yet.


embrace the brand new day
Oct 23, 2012
Time is most certainly a strange thing. I, too, have been feeling as though time has been creeping by until I realize it's nearly the end of October- and I'm still thinking of August as though it were yesterday. September completely slipped by me without my notice, it seems.


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Apr 12, 2012
I feel like this year went way too fast, usually in this amount of time it was like, June from what I can remember. Now of course time is slowing down because I'm waiting for AC3.

Lord Vain

Dawn of a New Day
Nov 29, 2011
Oh, so the subject is time is it? Yeah, time flies whether you’re having fun or not, the pendulums are always swaying and the hands of the eternal clock continue ticking away. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months, months becomes years, years become lifetimes, lifetimes become stories. Time waits for nobody, so always do what good you can in your time of living, because you never know when the clock will stop for you…just a part of this reality we all live in, heh.

In my time of living time seemed to just fly by. I mean, I remember getting Super Mario Sunshine back in 2002 at age eight…now ten years later I still have that copy of the game, it became a favorite of mine, I’m 18 now though. Playing it makes me look back to when I was little, the game annoyed me back then, but I got the hang of it and love it now…10 years I've been playing it, just thinking about that fact makes me feel old, heheh.

On another note I've almost been here at ZD for a whole year now...I joined back on November 29th, same day as Spirit actually, so in that sense we've both nearly been here for a year now. Almost feels like it was just yesterday, but that's the story with most things in life, feels like it was just recently when realistically speaking it was quite awhile ago.

Straight to the point I am somewhat interested in time as a concept. It's a pretty powerful thing if you think about it, in a way it controls when a person dies. Whether it be from age or something else, time controls when its day and when its night, and your internal clock could hit zero at any given time...sad as it is, this is a true fact. However, time also determines when we begin to live. When we are born into this world we are all given a day within a specific year, and in the end time eventually determines when we leave this world, once again we are given a day within a year when this happens. Date of Birth and Date of Death, time forever flows and people come and go.

Ok, I think I rambled on a bit there, heh...but time is quite the exceptional thing, it controls so much in this world we live in, try to always cherish the time you have.
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The Brony
Oct 23, 2012
The Untied Countries of Earth
Ups and downs. All the time I feel that that day passed too quickly or that this month isn't fast enough. Over time though it just feels like things keep going faster. Last week feel like yesterday and the beginning of the school year feels like last week. My birthday (November 1) feels like tomorrow at the speed that it's coming and me turning 18 feels like it'll be not too soon after. It's like everything is just speeding up.


The Quiet Man
Ah yah, I've come to look at time like that annoying older brother who loves hiding your stuff when you most happen to need it. When you come out of the bathroom, he's waiting with a bucket full of water, when you just finished a card house, he shakes the table and so on. It's hard to tell if he's doing it in some warped form of "good fun" or just being a jerk sometimes, huh.

... that probably came off as a lot more sarcastic/pessimistic than I thought it would. Anyway, it can be quite funny sometimes. I'm having a weird moment right now with time, see, I have an important exam tomorrow -or should I say in about 7 hours and counting- and if I arrive to it even a minute late it's going to become a real pain to finish it in time, and that's if the organizers even let me into the room. It seems whenever I think about something and go back to trying to sleep, oh look, it's been like an hour already. That itself makes it hard to sleep, since it piles up into a small frustration that's still big enough to not let me calm down. I bet tomorrow I'll be looking at my watch and while I'm halfway through the test there's just 1/3 of the time we had left. Interesting though, this sounds like something that will seem funny when I remember it. This must be what they call first world problems.

Well, not sure how that did in following this thread since this is sort of a random topic, but I guess it was a nice venting anyway.
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Innocent but not fearful.
Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
"The flow of time is always cruel. Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it. A thing that doesn't change with time is the memory of younger days." -Sheik, OoT <3

^ My thoughts exactly.


Dec 31, 2011
New York
Time sorta flows at a same pace for me. Never really feel like time is flowing to fast until it's already gone. Never feel like it's flowing to slowly unless it's far away in the future.

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