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The Flagship Zelda Non-boss Enemy

What enemy is or could be the flagship enemy of the zelda series?

  • Octorok

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  • Stalfos

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  • Moblin

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  • Wizzrobe

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  • Armos

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  • Darknut

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  • Keese

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  • Tektite

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  • Other

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Nov 7, 2010
hi people!

basically, which enemy in the zelda series do you thing is/are the most representative, what I mean is, for example, the mario series have (in my opinion, at least) the goombas or the koopas are an enemies that represents in some way the series, they are very iconic, and when I think in mario enemies, this always come to my mind.

to me, for the zelda series it would be:


Octorok: by far one of the most iconic, only absent from TP for unknown reasons


Stalfos: one of my favorites, an has appeared in every main zelda game


Moblin: iconic of the ganon army in some games


Wizzrobe: is also worth a mention, almost in every zelda game


Armos: same as the wizzrobe :P


Darknut: even if it has not been in some many zelda games, I think is very memorable and offten the most challenging common enemy, and has become more and more popular in recent games


Keese: it has been in every game but AoL, where there are still similar enemies, the keese can be found in many places, and even weak, it still deserves to be mentioned


Tektite: even if I dont think it could be popular enough, it is in almost every game

so, what do you think?, do you like this ones? or do you think there another enemy that could be the flagship enemy of the series?

I am adding (at the last moment, not planned) a poll, make sure to vote for the ones do you think could be or is the flagship, and you better know you can select more than one ;)

cya, and thanks for seeing this not so well done topic :D
Feb 23, 2011
I think the Moblin is a well-known staple in the series and very iconic, and is almost synonymous with Ganondorf appearing in a Zelda game. It has appeared in over 10 games since the very beginning, and has gone through several aesthetic changes over the Zelda chronology. A Moblin can even be seen in one of the demos of the upcoming game, Skyward Sword.


Moblins were originally going to appear in Twilight Princess, but were removed from the game for unknown reasons.

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