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The Fatigue Meter; Too Much?

What do you think about this Fatigue Meter?

  • It's being overused.

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  • I don't like it at all.

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  • They should make an upgrade to his stamina.

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Jul 28, 2011
Tampa, Florida
Stamina Circle

In the gameplay and disscusion video with Bill Trinen, we saw the Stamina Circle that appeared beneath Link. He can use this to run fast, or if he gets hit he will lose some of that stamina. I think this is a brilliant idea, what do you guys think? :)
Apr 16, 2010
While I do think it adds more realism to the game, I don't think it is a good idea. Just about everything Link does besides jogging and swinging his sword is controlled by this thing. If I remember correctly, even pushing blocks negates stamina. Hopefully Nintendo will make the puzzles with the stamina meter in mind, (if not, it's okay, difficulty in Zelda games is always a :yes: ).


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Honestly I would say that a few aspects that were in the demo made a lot of sense, ESPECIALLY sprinting and moving a large block. Try sprinting/dashing for a while and I guarantee you will come to a halt eventually. Likewise, push something heavy like a cinderblock or a refrigerator. It'll take some strength, and when you're done with it, you'll most likely have to take a rest. Besides, I doubt the fatigue meter will take too long to recharge, maybe it will recharge faster when you stand still - just like it's easier to breathe without moving (in some cases). What I don't understand though, is will the fatigue meter drain stamina from regular climbing or speed climbing? Throughout the demos, I've seen Link climb extremely fast and then climb at the regular speed. I assume that is part of sprinting, and not only would you be tired but you would also have to be cautious as well.


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
i agree with Azure, it makes the game feel more... real. why do you think they're using the Wii Motion Plus, to make it real. they want you to be even more of a "Link"ed into the game, and what batter way than to make it feel real. normal people get tired...
that reminds me, i wonder if Link will start out sleeping. i mean, he does in every other game (except the first two games).. haha, off-topic.
And here everyone is complaining how Twilight Princess is "too" real
Jul 16, 2011
I like it a whole lot. Everyone I talked with about the game liked it too. It will work as a magic meter of sorts, but making more sense this time. We will only be able to achieve certain parts of the world with an stamina upgrade(remember me of the SotC secrete garden), just like they did with magic so many times.

+ to me it should deplete the stamina when waggling the sword too much.

And wtf is wrong with this poll, only negative options.
Jul 16, 2011
While I do think it adds more realism to the game, I don't think it is a good idea. Just about everything Link does besides jogging and swinging his sword is controlled by this thing.

That's not true. Every item showed so far doesn't deplete the stamina (hopefully, some like heavy boots will). So it limits pushing blocks, spin attacks and climbing only. The dash is a bonus that we've gained this time, not a limitation.


I don't really like it. Stamina is one of the things I don't like because I like to swim around in water for a long time without having to be careful I don't sink. Or when you are climbing a vine and you run out of Stamina you fall, stuff like that is kind of annoying. I also hope it doesn't make pushing blocks around more time consuming, because in previous games it does take him awhile to push blocks. I guess it does use some realism I just hope they were smart about how the implemented it into the game. Just like I hope the Wii Moition Plus isn't overused, I want it to be a used here in there were it makes sense, not implemented in a silly way.

Actually, in the water, the meter only appears when you're underwater. If you watch one of the gameplay demos for the sky Temple, it disappears when he's above water

I like the meter, it adds more realism to the game, and makes it more difficult

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