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Ocarina of Time The Easiest Way to Beat the Fire Temple Boss


Deku scrub
Jun 19, 2011
Lon Lon ranch
All you have to do is climb onto the edge and when he comes out hit it and start jump attacking it

Comment some better ideas if you have any


Overlord of Userbars
Jun 19, 2011
Chamber of the Sages
Haha! I used that same trick! Then I showed my friend who couldn't beat him and he was like, "Oh my gosh! I could've done that all along?" He got so mad... :lol:


Ash Gala Wonderful!
Mar 9, 2010
49.9°N 8.2°E
Yeah, that really does the trick! Also in the 3DS version, I think that he goes back faster into his hole if you do that, especially if he has the fire-breathing phase.
And of course a jump slash with the Biggoron's sword is the way to go because it does 4x (or 3x?) the damage of a normal Master Sword slash and you only have one hit per turn so this pretty much maxes out the damage per turn.

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