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The Divine Beasts in Age of Calamity

When Calamity Ganon attacked in Breath of the Wild's past, he corrupted the four Divine Beasts. Each Beast then caused problems for their respective area of the world until Link managed to calm them 100 years later.

With Age of Calamity being set in the period when the Beasts are corrupted, what are you expecting their roles to be during the game?

Do you expect them to be environmental hazards?

Are you expecting to board them as the Champions in an attempt to defeat the Blights within?

What are some of your ideas for the Beasts in Age of Calamity?

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Oct 18, 2011
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It actually looks like there will be a good chunk of the game set before Calamity Ganon's attack, so I could imagine the Divine Beasts being used by the Champions in some battles maybe. I suppose there is also evidence that they were used against the Hylians, for example, the giant hole in Hebra mountain is likely from the laser of a Divine Beast.

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