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The Dark Trifoce

Oct 14, 2012
well in my belief it wouldent work to good for that because when you look at matter and anti matter they would destroy each other so im thinking it wouldent be good for someone to have the light and dark version of a triforce
Apr 8, 2012
I like the idea, but it would obviously need a better story. You're exploring one day. During the traveling, you find Ganondorf there . You fight him and find out what he's doing; He's trying to find a portal to the other realm. He tells you about the evil Triforce he accidentally made(obviously trying to make his own stronger) but then realizes his fragment "Broke out". He didn't have it anymore, and he was trying to get to the dark world to find it. You would then have to travel with him. The temples could still be temples, but they were more like gates. You would have to get the "Treasure"(the item) and defeat the monster inside of it(The boss). The last gate wouldn't have an evil monster, but an old man. He got taken by the monster, trying to deliver a sword to a blacksmith. He gives you the sword and as hid last wish, he asks you to get the sword to the blacksmith. He dies and then you get the Heart container. You go back to the normal world, and go to wherever the blacksmith is. You find him and he fixes the sword, powering it with a different metal(like in PH and the blacksmith). I'm getting tired of typing now, so I'm going to stop and finish the story later.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
It's an interesting proposition to be sure, but there would naturally be many questions raised should Nintendo put the idea to work. Would this "Dark Triforce" be a momentary distraction, that is, it only appears to be an antithesis to the Triforce of legend but in reality is far weaker? Or would it be the true antithesis or even stronger than the Triforce that players have already known? Should it appear, would it be retconned into the series, or tucked away under the notion of "it is but a legend" by the game's ending?

I do like the idea of Link and a well-known villain teaming up to destroy a much more powerful foe, however the circumstances need to be just right. Combine The Wind Waker's Ganondorf with a sympathetic and empathetic Link, and you have a good Hero-Villain pairing to defeat some greater evil: TWW Ganondorf was shown, at least in facade, to have something he held dear to him, and Link of course is a stereotypical "oh my friends!" type of hero.
Oct 14, 2012
I know how this would be perfect make it to where you can choose zelda, ganondorf, or link to play as and each of them will do different things in the game to defeat the dark force, and also make to where it could be a co op game to where 3 people could play the game together and make it nice and fun

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