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The Colorful World Of The Legend of Zelda


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
I was curious about this topic, so I decided to make this thread. So, please, read on. :)

Hyrule is known to be such a magical world. From Gorons, Zoras, Dekus, Fairies, Kokiris, all of them are all unique. The Hylians as well are unique. There are so many characters to this world of Hyrule, characters that we have loved for a loooong time. Even Error, or the old man in The Legend of Zelda. Who do you guys think is the most interesting, weirdest, coolest, whatever character in the series?

I think that Tingle is the weirdest of all of them. He's just sooo...plain weird. A middle aged man in a green suit is just odd to me.

So, who are your favorite character in all of Zelda


Toon Deity
May 16, 2011
Seattle WA
My favorite character is probably Quill, the Rito postman. Not only is he helpful to Link as an ally, he is also just a BAMF. Oh, also Princess Ruto because she is so in love with Link it adds some nice character depth other than "Link! Save Hyrule!!"


never give in brohams!
Jul 27, 2011
the shop keep in link and the faces of evil, wait that game doesent count what about wand of gamelon no not that either ok umm then gyorg no gash darn ok thats it go kotake i choose you!

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