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Breath of the Wild The Champion Power {Spoilers}

Discussion on TLOZ Breath of the Wild


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
So i'm kinda curious as how often people actually use each of the Champion powers?

Mipha's Grace: I abuse way to much as i'm too lazy to actually block and it's mostly lynel damage, so much so that i've not actually touched my fairy staff in a VERY long time.

Revali's Gale: I don't use this nearly as much as i do Mipha's Grace i got it late enough that i wasn't all that useful as i had cleared all Shiekah towers bar one (damn Ridgeland) i do find it's handy for very tall mountains it's gonna take too long to climb such as the Gerudo Highlands from desert level.

Urbosa's Fury: I don't actually use it as i find it messes up my normal attacks when i'm in combat, i'd rather do tons of damage with my weapon than with Fury.

Daruk's Protection: again don't use just for the fact Mipha's Grace kinda cancels this out and my tendencies to snipe my foes from afar then move in for the kill.
I usually leave them disabled. Mipha's Grace I will occasionally enable when I'm doing something exceptionally stupid and anticipate dying and don't want to waste my fairies. I left it enabled while I stormed Hyrule Castle the first time as well. I enable Revali's Gale for some of the tree stump korok puzzles, but other than that I don't really use it. I've been using it recently with my lynel shenanigans but that's a different story. I don't think I would have much a use for the other two so I don't mind not having them.

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I leave them all enabled. I use Revali's Gale the most, to make climbing easier in the rain or after i fell a long way down for a bs reason like sliding off of WHAT WAS CLEARLY FLAT ENOUGH part of a cliff when i was almost out of stamina. I don't die very often, the past few times I have died and activated Mipha's Grace was from falling off high cliffs, the most recent time was when i got blasted off the akkala citadel by a skywatcher. Daruk's Protection isn't really something you "use" as it blocks for you automatically so I don't really count it. I only use Urbosa's Fury when I get surrounded and I'd rather use that then use up health items or weapon durability.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Revalis Gale - This is my most used power, one that I specifically seeked out to get early on in my second game. It allowed me to more easily reach Zoras domain while I was still fairly low on health and stamina so I could still get the fast travel point and the gear there early enough to properly enjoy it.

Daruk's Protection - Not one I intentionally use a lot, just one that tends to be used up as it triggers automatically when holding up my shield. It's a nice defence mechanism, but I would have liked a better way to control it, not just the option to disable it.

Urbossa's Fury - This one is really good for combat and I tend to use it on stronger enemies or on situations where I get ganged up on by too many mobs. It's the one I would use the second most given a choice. I like that I can choose whether to trigger it or not, meaning I can save it for when I actually need it.

Mipha's Grace - It's the power I need the least, the one most easily replicated. Nice to have as a back-up, but I'm likely to chase after this divine beast last always because I don't find this power all that useful.
Im always blocking so Daruk's Protection is always getting used up, mostly on Octoroks that are miles away.

Revali's Gale i abuse when it rains so i dont have to go the long way around.

Mipha's Grace is used a lot less now that i'm not getting 1-hit KO'd.

Urbosa's Fury i only use if i cant be bothered to take out a Lynel or Hinox the traditional way.
Jun 7, 2016
On my first file, I only really used Revali's Gale and Mipha's Grace. But on my new file, I don't use any, (I've done a divine beast free file) as you can use fairies instead of Mipha's Grace and 4 lit campfires work like a smaller Revali's gale.
Sep 21, 2014
Once I discovered how to disable them, I got rid of all of them permanently except for Revali's Gale. I didn't spend 6 years complaining that Zelda games are too easy only to have resurrection and free perfect blocks done for me.
Aug 28, 2016
Mipha's Grace - used it a lot early in the game... rarely used since then... tend to trigger it manually by blowing myself up rather than wasting food.

Revali's Gale - tend not to use it most of the time as I prefer to climb when possible... only use it during rain, to scale heights too tall to climb alone, when I need to climb quickly, etc.

Urbosa's Fury - only really use it when I'm confident that I could beat an enemy without it... when the challenge has gone, just to save time/weapon durability.

Daruk's Protection - was handy when I got it, but now tends to waste itself on weak attacks, leaving me open to the more powerful attacks, so doesn't make that much of a difference any more.


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Jan 31, 2010
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I used Revali's Gale a lot. Not that much anymore except when it's raining and I need climbing.
Daruk's protection comes in handy at times but it also gets in the way. There are lots of enemies I can easily deal with myself and I don't need it. But I'm too lazy to disable it.
Mipha's Grace is something I hardly use anymore. I can deal with tougher enemies without getting killed now plus I got so many apples I can easily eat those when my hearts are running low.
Urbosa's Fury is something I only used like 2 times in total. I never use it. Mainly because I never think about it.


Jun 22, 2011
I use Revali's Gale all the time. I just started my second playthrough and obtained the power much earlier this time. Climbing towers is super easy now.

I use Daruk's Protection by accident fairly often. I'm still not used to having it, but I seem to go through it quickly.

I use Mipha's Grace occasionally. For example I ran into a Lynel with a club that dealt some obscene amount of damage along with a five (!) shot savage Lynel bow that racked up damage much faster than normal. I had on maxed out armor and 27 hearts and still could only take about 4 hits. I also have a tendency to try to run away from annoying enemies when I'm low on hearts and end up losing my last hearts to an arrow in the back.

I use Urbosa's Fury very rarely until I started fighting Lynels more often. Now I use it whenever I fight them. I find it's even more useful against large groups of enemies.


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Oct 1, 2012
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I use Revali's gale all the time because screw climbing. I save Mipha's Grace for huge battles that make it worth the 30 minute wait. I use Urbosa's fury when I'm surrounded by stronger enemies. I always have Daruk's protection disabled.
Jun 7, 2017
I have Mipha/Revali/Urbosa turned on all the time, and use them at will ... I keep Daruk turned off, and honestly forget its even there. SOMETIMES I remember about it, and want to use it, but that's literally a 1-2 times per 200 hours occasion.

As noted by others, the most useful of them are Revali's Gale and Urbosa's fury. Revali mainly to assist with really high climbs, or when it's wet/raining ... but sometimes I just use it if I want/need to glide a long way, so I just toss myself up higher to start my glide. It regens fast enough that it's worth it. Urbosa's fury is great when farming things from silver enemies. I can beat them all w/out the fury, but it's just so much easier to stun a lynel, spin attack for 2+ stamina rings, then slam down the fury and watch them die.

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