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The Book Quote Game


This was inspired by The Movie Quote Game

The rules are the same, on you're quoting books instead of movies. I'll start.

" 'Oh, Phlinx, we have been chosen! I just know it. We are the chosen owls. The Golden Glaux has come to visit us. You know they say that he only comes once a century.'
'Whats a century?'
'Im not sure but when he comes he will lead us to the basin of golden sedge berries. We shall be his anointed ones.'
'Whats anointed?'
'I'm not sure. I think it means blessed, Phlinx. Yes, blessed, that's what me mum told me.'
'But we be pirates. Pirates ain't ever blessed, are they? What's the point I being a pirate if you be so good you git yourself blessed?' "

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