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The (bad) Advice thread


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Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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No video games, especially not Zelda games. Run for office or something else productive. ninja'd.

Talk nonstop, you don't have to communicate if the other person can't get a word in.

I constantly have a song in my head and it's getting old. Thoughts?

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Oct 6, 2016
Why, just the other day I was waltzing along main street when I sees a lovely little farm family from upstate throwing tomatoes at a rogueish-looking villain in the stocks. My opinion: wherever there are thugs and miscreants causing hubbub and mischief, there will always be demand for wooden, public-shaming devices. Invest now, strike while the iron's hot!

My Christmas tree is dry as a bone but I can't escape the feeling that I may get another four months of Christmas cheer out of it if I simply leave my blazing halogen bulbs strung on it. To throw away or keep?


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Keep it, having a dry plant with electric bulbs on it drastically increases the chance of a fire in your home. Keep up the holiday cheer with all the insurance money you get when that place burns down!

I think I want to try a hamburger. Where's the best place to get one?

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