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The Annoying Side of the Legend of Zelda


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May 29, 2012
Dark World, Sacred Realm
The Legend of Zelda. One of the best franchises Nintendo has ever made. Besides putting the games out of chronological order in the Zelda Timeline, this series is perfect. Well, nearly

In this thread, i shall tell you about the annoying parts in Zelda. Since I do not own Minish Cap, The Oracle of Seasons/Ages, Wind Waker, and Spirit Tracks, i shall not say anything of those. But if i do get them. i shall update this thread.

In the original Zelda, i know that when you find a secret cave, you think that it'll have a prize. But some of the time that fact is wrong in this NES title. Sometimes, you are scolded by an old man and you have to pay him rupees for repairing his door that you've destroyed. Another thing I'd like to point out is that are forced to start back at the starting point if you die in the overworld. Some consider that the bigger challage of the game. I find it just plain annoying. Third, is that you really don't have arrows. You only have arrows if you have rupees. God that always annoyed me.

Now in the sequel to the original Zelda, Zelda II, many people consider this the "black sheep" of the Zelda games. Why? It was the only sidescrolling Zelda title and it's RPG-style gameplay didn't appeal to those used to Link's birds-eye-view from the original game. This one sticks out among the rest because of it's sidescrolling, RPG style of gameplay. One of the down points in it is that when you die, you go back to Hyrule Castle, the starting point (Much like my complaint on Zelda I). Second, that you don't have the ability to respawn at the dungeon entrance like you could in Zelda I.

A Link to the Past. The third Zelda game in the series. This game is almost perfect. I'm going to make this one short and just say my only complaints are the difficulty of the Moldrum boss battle, the hardest to get heart container (the digging game), and the monkey at the entrance of the first Dark World Temple, who forces you to pay a minimum of 110 rupees for you to enter the temple.

Ocarina of Time... 1 complaint, which I'm sure you all agree 100% of... Hint: Do these 5 sayings ring a bell? "HEY!" "LOOK!" "LISTEN!" WATCHOUT!" HELLO!" Yep. That's right. Navi. :bow: & :bomb: + :fairy: = :)

Majora's Mask, the direct sequel to Ocarina of Time. This game is one of the more darker of the series. I find this one also nearly complaint free. My only 2 complaints are 1: the 3-day time cycle. (Yes, I can use the Inverted Song of Time to slow down time (for those of you who dont know this song, its just the Song of Time played Backwards "(V,A,>,V,A,"), but I need more than 3 days! Give me a week and I'll be content. 2: I'd LOVE to play as Fierce Deity Link, but it's for boss rooms only, and you need to collect ALL the masks! Ok, FDL is awesome and all... But the long time of finding where the masks are and getting them is just too big for my 13-year-old attention span!

Link's Awakening, sequel to the Oracle/aLttP games (according to the HH timeline). This game was also the first Zelda handheld. I also have very few complaints for this. My only complaint for LA is the difficulty. I find myself totally lost, sometimes EVEN with the ZD Walkthrough.

Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures... I also have no bad rep. for these games. The multiplayer gameplay is one of the finer points made in Zelda I've seen yet. The only complaint is for FS for the Gameboy. You couldn't play it without a friend who had a GBA connector and the game pak.

Phanthom Hourglass, the fourth handheld Zelda game and first Zelda game with touch-motion controls. I have a few complaints on this game. First, the cell-shading that they used for Wind Waker didn't really go well for the DS title. Another complaint, which some of you readers might agree here, is the Temple of the Ocean King. After every dungeon/temple/ship "dungeon", you must go back to Mercay Island and go through the entire Temple of the Ocean King again and again.

Twilight Princess was my first ever Zelda game, so I don't find much bad with this game. All I find odd/bad in this game is that if the Ocarina of Time had the Gerudo, why not Twilight Princess? Like meantioned on Z-Talk, I heard that the Gibdos and the four poe ghosts in the Arbiter's Grounds are the Gerudo, but I'm still a bit skeptic. Another complaint is when you, let's say, find a red rupee in a treasure chest. Yippee! But then, your joy is stopped when the screen says that you must put it back because your wallet is full. I can deal with if my wallet was at 595/600 and i collect the red rupee and I only get the 5 it can take. But I often forget I didn't collect the rupee, so i never go back to it. One last one is that Link is right-handed. I know the game was mirrored so Link was right-handed because the majority of the world is right-handed, but I cannot find the GCN version and I'm used to the lefty hero.

Skyward Sword. This game literally had it all! The backstory of the Legend of Zelda, the precise WiiMotionPlus control system, flying, the origin and birth of the Master Sword, an awesome story, and beautifully designed characters and worlds. But out of this perfect game, I have but 2 complaint! First: Zoras do not have a cameo in this game. And my second complaint: The WiiMotionPlus component frequently gets messed up and you need to resync it or swing the sword vertically.

There we are. The downsides of the Zelda games I have noticed in my four years of Zelda. I hope that you find my threads rather inlightening, not annoying/stupid. If you find my threads annoying, well then i have three words for you: #HaterzGonnaHate

Thanks for reading! Please comment any downsides that I might've left out of these 11 games.
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Apr 29, 2011
I don't
My only true complaint with Zelda is the filler content shoved in the games to pad them out. I felt only 3 Zelda games didn't have too much useless and annoying filler gameplay to them. Those games are the first three Zeldas. The NES ones had a bunch of stuff thrown in there to expand the game because it's NES. You need to feel like you got your money's worth. A Link to the Past didn't have much filler content because it's all plot relevant and makes sence. The only true filler conten in that game was the digging minigame. I still to this day hate that dang minigame. Ocarina of Time's only real use of filler was the Big Poe sidequest, and that wasn't part of the main game. Majora's Mask had those dang really long a time specific quests, but those weren't needed to beat the game. Phantom Hourglass and Spirt Tracks are two of the worst offenders in FILLER CONTENT. Having to go back and re-do the Spirt Tower and Temple of the Ocean King over and over is lazy design, and filler. Skyward Sword is the worst offender in the Zelda series, for that Song of Hero's part. And the Sky Keep dungeon was shoe-horned in just to make the game longer. Twilight Princess had the Sky letter bit, where you had to run around and get the letters for the book back. Link's Awkening had the rescue Bow-Wow part, with the annoying King Moblin miniboss. Oracle games had the dancing parts, which took me hours to get done. No Zelda game is free from filler, but my god does it come in weird and very boring ways.
I have few things I found particularly annoying and the one who finds herself on everyone's list-Navi-was actually a great companion and pleasure to have by my side. I agree with your gripes regarding Zelda II amely having to revert back to the starting hub.

I do have two main complaints regarding the franchise, however: The linear disjointed overworld of more recent installment as well as trying to shove Ganondorf into nearly every game. Twilight Princess is the last installment I consider to have an overworld in the truest sense of the word. Phantom Hourglass's small ocean regions paled in comparison to those of its Gamecube predecessor and Spirit Tracks limited mobility even further by essentially cancelling out any and all exploration of the overworld. Skyward Sword seemed like a hellbent attempt on Nintendo's part to complete the sea, ground, and air transportation trio and the idea wasn't well implemented especially with many of the islands being barren. Also while somewhat justified by story constraints, I was disappointed to see the three large landmasses were not connected. Things wrapped up with Demise who was just another representation of Ganondorf.

Ganondorf. That guy always seems to return, however, impossible the odds may seem. Don't get me wrong, he's a great villain and personally i defend his appearance in Twilight Princess but Nintendo arguably relies on him too much. Nevertheless, given a five year hiatus, I certainly wouldn't mind his return in a future installment preferably Zelda Wii U. Can't wait to see him in full HD glory.

Also, I agree with KaeporaGaebora regarding filler content, however, I disagree with the examples he provides. Zelda has always been infamous for the three dungeon-plot twist-more dungeons formula and Skyward Sword successfully ditched the majority of that. Sure things were shaken up with the appearance of Ghirahim after the Lanayru Mining Facility but it added so much more including urgency to your previous quest, a new instrument, and the return of a certain fan favorite race. I do agree with Phantom Hourglass and especially Spirit Tracks, however. Returning to the same dungeon over ad over was simply a way to increase the game's length. A shorter product without this impediment would have been better. Also, it greatly annoyed me how the story in those two games was loaded at the beginning and end with little to none in between.
Zelda as a franchise has some annoying parts in it as all franchises do after 25 years, but I'm really happy that when Zelda IS annoying it isn't down to the game being glitchy or unplayable like a lot of ps2 and xbox360 games.

I'll just hit my top 5 biggest gripes;

1. Phantom Hourglass - Temple of the Ocean King: Is there anything to say, really? I sucked so much at this temple that i almost ran out of time on the first floor no matter how many times i went through it which meant that the following floors were pretty much a pointless foray into death. So. Annoying. (glad ST fixed that)

2. Twilight Princess - Howling Stones: These things annoyed the hell out of me, it took me ten minutes once to get a tune down and i had even taken to drawing the darn thing out. It wouldn't have been so bad if the tunes were references from OoT, MM and WW, but they weren't. Ah well, got there in the end.

3. Skyward Sword - Flying: I love WW and a large part of that is because of the sailing, the ocean was wonderful and the treasure salvaging and cannon battles were wonderful. Skyward Sword (which is very spiritually connected to WW) felt awfully lackluster; there was no air combat save for a loftwing tackle attack that didnt have a targeting system, TP had jousting and horseback combat, but SS had none of it and it would have been easy to implement but it just felt as if nintendo had decided not to include these traits.

4. Majora's Mask - Side Quests: This game was really hard for me, ive never been good with projectile items in zelda, it usually takes me quite a few attempts to hit anyhting, i suck in first person basically, so having to score a perfect in numerous minigames with the bow etc, three days in a row was enfuriatingly difficult and as a result i ended up not claiming these heart pieces and upgrades because it was just too difficult, which in turn annoys me.

Jan 20, 2012
I actually really like Navi! I'm pretty sure she didn't annoy me once.. Don't get why everyone hates her, she's just trying to help! ^.^

I really don't have any complaints about the franchise in general, but I hate in Skyward Sword you always have to hear the description of each treasure item you get, like jelly blobs.
May 10, 2012
I absolutly hated the treasure chart part of windwaker and was really not fond with the train idea of spirit tracks.

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