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Majora's Mask The 4 Areas

Hylian Knight

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Sep 28, 2010
Has anyone else noticed that Southern Swamp, Snowhead, Great Bay, and Ikana Canyon are the same BGM but each area has a minor variation which creates a different feel to each area.
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Dec 31, 2010
Yeah, I like how they kinda used each areas species instrument to vary the music. The whole number four is very big in Termina.
Jan 1, 2011
I'm pretty sure that The Southern Swamp is suppose to make you feel like you're there, (sort of), same thing with Snowhead Mountain, Great Bay, and Ikana Canyon/Graveyard/Village.

At Southern Swamp, Ninetendo used swamp-like animal's and common enemies, Deku Baba's, that Evil Turtle in the Mystery of Wood's, Big and Regular Octorck's, Deku Scrub's, and those Beatle's and Evil Dragonflies ready to attack? And to top it off, the water is infected with dangerous poison. That surely remind's me off the creek down the street where I live at. (just without the evil-ness, and turtles, unfortuneately) And the Temple, is the same as it is outside.With just less swamp like stuff, and the music fit's the theme. I love it.

In Snowhead Mountain. Snow is everywhere, and snow balls of different, I wanted to make Snowman after Snowman but it was so upseting that I couldn't do that. But it was okay, enemies, and the music also fitted the theme. A mini-lake, with a waterfall when it is after the "Winter" phase, it is beautiful, but I guess we can't talk about that can we? I guess the whole point of Snowhead mountain is to be snowy, which it was.

Great Bay, the name already gives you the Ocean based theme. And at the Great Bay, I already expected what was going to be their: water, and lot's of fish. No Like-Like's, the Zora Hall place, a Sea-horse and those Beaver brother's up top of the Waterfall. And a pirate place to top it off? [I think I'm in heaven]
I found this place to be a very awesome based themed Area, having a observation lab, a Pirates Fortress, and then there is a snake hole. The music, I don't really like it. The only thing that the Great Bay reminded me of a ocean was the Seagulls, and fish everywhere. [but that's just my opinion]

Ikana Canyon, a place for the living dead? [I'mma call them zombie's, Ich liebe die Zombie's] Anyway's, I think that this area is the best out of all the four area's. It is creepy like theme, and it passes out for being creepy.


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Jun 17, 2010
Yeah it's great that, although it's the same melody, the instruments used to play it fit the mood for each of the 4 areas perfectly.

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