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That Place Funnier Keeps His Trashy Poems


Jun 7, 2017
the present
The feelings expressed
Too much for me to digest
Laid out on the page
The feelings expressed
Must be minced, not stewed, not boiled
Lest they devour me
Then after maybe the things
Within my heart that rings
That thought that bell that rings
Within my heart that springs
Settle in some meaningful way
Cease to creep in
Abate attacking always
Remnants of the reviled
Recessed memories
Eternally etched
Deep within the depths
Clear the filled mind
Away Excess
Titan weight to hold me down
Holds me up in
Airy blue, for breath
Raised, renewed
I can be
Simple, as complex

It will be to me history,
Memory, present, reality

Yesterday strangers with my pen imbued
I recognize near but one, which is new

Now is old
Instantly cold

Today starts anew
In the heat of the moment
Not for yesterday

Surgery's but poetry
Pickled emotions line this gallery
Poured out my cup
Too full
Yet beautiful


Jun 7, 2017
the present
Tied to these chains no more
Held back by blackened stone
The aged hath no right nor
Thieving the youthful bone!

O vivid horizon!
Hypnotizing my gaze
Point the way Orion!
Lead out, out of this maze!

Father fights for freedom
Today his victory
Today, today 'tis come!
Light the edge, jitters me

Bound from the ground, fall, fall!
Fall higher, lower, soar!
Light beneath this great haul
Lighter borne than before

Far forebodings whisper
"Come, fly with me my son"
"Come! Your wings, they blister!"
Ah, thief! I've just begun!

Bitter, I turn my back
Now, now, finally free!
An angel's scorching track
Lighting to sun-touched sea

Beams melted, molded me
Boy, no angel, no god!
Flight, pursuit, all is key
Pure meteor, fall broad
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Jun 7, 2017
the present
"The Amputee"

Nobody ever asked me
What I wanted to go and have a metal leg for
Some looked at me
With a mixture of pity and revulsion
But it wasn’t at me
It was at the metal leg
That was a part of me

Nobody ever scolded me
For wanting a metal leg instead of flesh
It was assumed I didn’t want it

Nobody ever demanded me
To use only the human leg
All know both are needed to hold me

Nobody ever wondered
Why I hadn’t possibly tried harder to keep the first leg?
All know that it was the leg or me
And the leg was a part of me
And that part of me is dead
So all of me is not dead
Nobody says it would be better if it were the rest of me that were dead

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