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That Crazy Boat Salesman


A Composer Brother
Jan 3, 2011
Hey everybody, I just have a few questions and ideas. Just who is Beedle? Also, in WW are there multiple Beedles? If not how does he get around so fast on his simple boat shop? Where does he get all of his stuff? Is link his only customer ever? Is the Beedle with the helmet the same as the Beedle without? Finally, What make Beedle so cool?(I think it is his shop music) So many question so little information. What do you guys think?
Nov 23, 2010
The a-town.
Beedle is multidimensional being who can exist in several places at once. He is all-seeing and he is all-knowing. Everywhere link goes, Beedle is not far, ready to sell link his stuff. Link can never escape him, for Beedle is everywhere at once. Even when link gets on a train, Beedle takes a hot air balloon to hunt him down. Everytime link leaves his shop, Beedle laughs maniacally, and continues his plan for world domination.


Jan 24, 2011
probs russia
well think of all the nurse joys and officer jennys from pokemon.
they have multiple sisters to be in multiple places at diffrent multiple times for ash and pikachu.
now think of zelda.
beedle has multiple brothers to be in multiple places at one time, for where ever link may be.
and the oldest brother must be the one with the helmet. ^_^
makes sense???:)


Apr 21, 2011
Haha, I love Beedle. It was hilarious when I first heard him say "Thaaaaank Yoou" and "Byyye".

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