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Game Thread That '70s Show Mafia

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Oct 1, 2016
Hello Wisconsin! And welcome to That '70s Show Mafia.

-Basic mafia rules apply.
-Do not edit/remove your posts.
-No outside communication unless permitted by your role.
-One role claim allowed per day.
-You may soft your role, but if you are obvious about it (as in giving what you did/results/anything of that nature without outright stating your role) I will count it as a full claim. Please be subtle if you’re trying to soft.
-No name claims or alluding to your character.
-Days are 72 hours and nights are 24.
-Bold your votes/unvotes and make them on a seperate line.
-Ties will result in a no lynch.
-No extensions will be allowed.
-You may however, vote for a no lynch if you’d like.
-Try to be at least somewhat active. This means make posts about the actual game and contribute. If it starts to become a problem I will look for replacements/modkill.

Point Place Wisconsin
May 1978

With graduation just around the corner, the teens of Point Place were focused on finding a way to celebrate their newfound freedom. And what better way to do that than to graffiti the water tower? A giant pot leaf (that actually looked more like a hand giving the finger) had been looming over the town for a while now. So the students took it upon themselves to create a challenge. Who could pull off the greatest feat and paint the biggest, crudest image on the tower?

After the first few attempts by some brave, yet underwhelming groups word began to spread throughout Point Place about the vandalism. Which brought upon a whole new issue. The next night when a foolish, lone boy was drawing a overly detailed depiction of a butt some figures stepped out of the shadows and pushed him over the edge of the tower’s platform.

However, despite the dangers now associated with the vandalism that didn’t stop everyone completely. A few daring hooligans decided they still wanted to partake in the challenge and were visiting the tower every few nights. Trying, not only to paint a masterpiece on the water tower but to also catch whoever was pushing people off of the top and stopping them once and for all.

The Living (12):
@Spiritual Mask Salesman
@Moe the Moblin

Day 1 Begins!

With 12 alive it takes 7 for a majority lynch. The day ends on Friday, August 31st at 9am CST.
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