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Temple of Time = Arbiter's Grounds...?

Dec 31, 2011
SPOILER should go without saying at this point, but Impa destroys the Gate at the end.

I dont think she destroys it. Remember the first time you go to the temple, it isnt there. Then when you get far enough in the game it just appears at Impa's command. I think she just re hid it, to later be used.
Dec 29, 2011
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
I'm pretty sure it was called the temple of time more out of convenience, because it is how Zelda travels through time, but truly it is the arbiters grounds. The sacred temple also ends up being the true temple of time, I would believe. considering its in the forest and it has the same feel of the one in TP, but not in ruins.


Makes a lot of sense. Perhaps it was the first Temple of Time before SS. But then it got destroyed and the land turned to desert. Then the Gerudo inhabited the desert and rebuilt the temple by the time of OoT. Then by TP it became the Arbiter's Grounds as the Gerudos died off into stalfos.

I was thinking more about what you said here. And I like it. A lot.

As with many things in this "Origin" game though, wouldn't it be GREAT to see what actuall went down in the ancient Hyrule? From the forming of the Crest to the Temple of Time (Who knew it was THAT old????) To just how they became so technologically advanced.
Oct 16, 2011
Private Oasis
Here's my take on it:
The original Temple of Time in the desert is inhabited by the Gerudo and it becomes the Spirit Temple/Arbiter's Grounds.
The Sealed Grounds becomes the Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle is built around it.
Years later, Hyrule Castle and Town is destroyed, be it in a war or some other natural disaster, and Hyrule's capitol is moved northward into Lanayru Province (which after years of climate change, now has a lake.). The Temple of Time erodes into the Sacred Grove of Twilight Princess/A Link to the Past.

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