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Temple of the Ocean King

Feb 27, 2009
Evil! That temple made me mad! It would have been okay, but they stick you in a huge maze! And I kept going the wrong way, and getting lost, going back to places that I was at already. I got so mad. I still have not finished that game do to that temple. I can't seem to find my way to something! But I would not say that it was the worst temple I had played, but it is very close!


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Sep 19, 2009
Ganon's Tower
Did not enjoy: The time limit when you would have to run it your first time. For me I did not have the guide so it was very difficult and frustrating.

Enjoyed: As Basement said it did bring a stealth element that not all Zelda games have. With also the puzzles were very amusing, and the ocean King Temple was waaay cool when you understood the way and could speed-run it!


Feb 2, 2009
At first, I really disliked this temple. I was just getting used to the way the DS adapted to the series, and using the stylus so much. After the first dungeon, (this was a while ago) I went in to the temple of the Ocean King for the first time where you have to actually get past the first floor. I had gotten to I think it was the 3rd floor, the last one you have to go through on that venture through the temple. I ended up getting killed by the Phantom right before the end. This really frustrated me. I hadn't played the game for a few months after that, which is actually really silly, I think. To put the game on hiatus after something like that.

A few months later, I decided to give the game a shot again. I made a new file, and quickly made it through the first dungeon and to that part of the game again. This time, I succeeded. I didn't think that I particularly enjoyed it going through that time. It was sort of irritating, even though it was sort of fun, with the whole stealth aspect.

After the Temple of Wind, we come back to the Temple of the Ocean King again. This was kind of a turning point for me. I started to like going through the temple for once, as the next few floors weren't too irritating but were a nice challenge and I had to think more than just the normal hack 'n slash that goes on throughout the game. I was kind of pessimistic at first when I saw the Phantom Eyes. Thought they would cause me a ton of trouble. But really, those guys were a piece of cake. It was easy to stun them with the Boomerang without getting caught and then killing them. Oh, and not to mention, the puzzle at the end of this part of the temple was pure genius. This game really took the DS' functions and put them to the max, and I liked that. I would've never guessed that you had to put the DS on sleep to press the two maps together before my brother showed me (which I now kind of wish he hadn't).

I had taken a hiatus after the Temple of Courage, once again. After a few months, I once again picked up the game (this was actually yesterday) after having gotten bored without a few months ago. Anyway, the next venture to the temple, after finishing the Ghost Ship, was very different from the previous two. The puzzles were very different, it seemed. Swift Phantoms were introduced, those odd musical floors were introduced, and it also introduced the portal at the end of the sixth floor were you could try to get to it as fast as you can, and then could use that time after returning to the beginning of the temple and returning later. When I was going through here, I made a big screw up on one of the floors and wasted 4 minutes or so on something that should've taken me about 15 seconds. I had a pretty bad time by the sixth floor, and things were getting a little interesting by the end of the ninth floor. I was left with a little under a minute left, I believe. The stealth aspect in this was very fun on these next few floors. It was fun to try and take risks, and get timing perfectly in order to progress.

After the sixth dungeon, the Temple of Ice, we once again take a venture through the Temple of the Ocean King. Because of my crappy time going through the first six floors last time, I did it again to improve, and I improved by a lot. The 10-12th floors were pretty different than what I had previously faced in the temple, and even the 7-9th floors had a few tweaks in them. Golden Phantoms were introduced, along with many new puzzles to do with Bombchu's and the Grappling Hook. I found these next few floors to actually be quite easy. That might just be me. I started to like the temple even more after these few floors. I'm impressed with how the temple is set up, and how it's a nice challenge to go through the temple and it takes quite a bit of thought, and good planning and precise timing. I once again reached the end of this portion of the temple, grabbing the Northeastern Sea Chart at the near bottom of the temple.

In the final stand, the last venture through the temple, after completing Mutoh's Temple and obtaining the Phantom Sword, things got a lot different, and a lot easier. With the Hammer and the Phantom Sword, I now had the ability to kill the Phantoms. I thought that that was pretty cool. It was also a nice break from having to do what I did in previous excursions to the temple, as it started to get frustrating even though it was fun and challenging. But going to the 12th floor again was just a breeze. On the 12th floor, when you had to fight those three groups of three Phantoms, I thought that was kind of fun. Once I had beaten the first wave of Blue Phantoms, I was standing right where a Swift Phantom spawned, and it was a pretty epic dash back to the safe zone. Overall, those Phantoms were easy, as long as I had conveniently placed the safe zone right next to the corner. I loved the room where you fought the first phase of Bellum. It made great use of the two screens of the DS, and made the fight pretty fun.

My views of the Temple of the Ocean King changed drastically throughout playing the game. Before my hiatus I hated the stinkin' temple. It really irritated me. But the past two days, when I started from the Ghost Ship and worked all the way to the end of the game, I began to like the Temple of the Ocean King. It progressively got more entertaining throughout the game, and deeper in to the temple, in my opinion, and I'm glad I gave this game a second chance after initially quitting because of my anger towards this temple.


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Jun 14, 2009
France -Normandy-
That temple was pretty fun, not too difficult most of time (compared to the others "infiltration" scenes from OoT for example), and quite original.

It's just overused. TT'
Go through it 8 times isn't funny anymore.
At least, it becomes less annoying at the end of the game because you can kill the Phantoms...


i loved it although it took me hours 2 get passed the 6th floor lol.
Oct 4, 2009
United States
I finally made it to the point where you can skip the first three parts of the temple with the yellow portal. I don't think the dungeon is going to be so bad after all! Unfortunately, I finished this part of the dungeon with no sand left. I had almost let myself die before I remember the game actually has potions... Damn I miss bottles...

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Oct 14, 2009
I think the temple of the ocean king was fun because of two things 1 it was timed and 2 it involved stealth and I like that in Zelda games it is in OOT, MM, and Phantom Hourglass.


Apr 19, 2009
There was one thing that I really disliked about the Temple of the Ocean king. That was the fact that it always tricked you. When you entered your hourglass would flip over and it would say something like '15 mins' or any time. This would make you think 'ahhh only 15 minutes :)' 1 hour later and you'd remember that you actually spend 90% of the time sitting in safe zones trying to figure out the phantom's patterns. I didn't like that because it always lulled you into the false sense of security that it would not take that long. Other then that, I enjoyed it. I still go back there sometimes now and just run through the temple for fun even though I completed the game nearly 3 months ago.


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Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
This would make you think 'ahhh only 15 minutes :)' 1 hour later and you'd remember that you actually spend 90% of the time sitting in safe zones trying to figure out the phantom's patterns.

Hahaha! Yeah, I think this is the first negative point I would agree with! It neve really clicked with me at first that I wasn't being deducted for time in safe zones, even though I knew the clock had stopped. I did that exact same thing on a lunch break where I said "Oh, I have 10 minutes to spare... I think I'll give the Temple a shot..."

Some 45 minutes later I was late for returning to work. So while it's clearly shown you're not losing time, I think sometimes the hourglass flipping over screen messes with your brain if you're not thinking straight.

At the same time as this being a minor problem, I think that's another element that I did love about the Temple was that I found it to be the most engrossing part of the game. It felt tense to me, and really sucked me in. I was aware of the time being taken to complete a regular dungeon, but the thinking and planning involved in the Temple really brought me into the game more.

When I was done the segments of it and returned to the surface, I felt like I'd really accomplished something than going through the motions of dungeon puzzles I'd solved in so many other Zelda games before.


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Nov 13, 2009
In the tower of dope (lol)
I know people are probably gunna hate me for this but the temple of the ocean king should be more like Professer layton style because that was tricky to solve more than Legend fo zelda. doing puzzles at a certain time limit not from the sand of hours otherwise you'll be dead. the puzzles should give about 45 seconds to the player and nothing if they can't figure it out in time.

Sage of Wind

I quite liked the Temple of the Ocean King but I can't remember why


I found this temple extremely frustrating. Zelda isn't a stealth game and doesn't play well as one at all, especially since you had to sneak through the same dungeon over and over again, until near the end of the game you were finally able to actually fight your way through. The repetitiveness and annoyance of going through the same dungeon again, and again, and again, and again so many times made me eventually despise the temple, I felt the repetitiveness really took away from the game as a whole.
Dec 3, 2009

OOOh, I loved The Temple Of The Ocean King!:D Here are some of my best points.

B1 The Simplest Dungeon In The Entire Game

B2 Hitting The Orbs And Leavers , Lowering The Flames

B3 Carring The Force Gem, Distroying One Phantom

B4 Killing The Phantom Eyes

B5 No Phantoms

B6 Drawing On The Door

B7 The Noisy Floor (A Challange! I Like It!)

B8 Getting Cyrstals

B9 Killing The Wizzrobes

B10 Killing Both Gold Phantoms

B11 Killing Phantom Eyes

B12 Collecting Force Gems

B13 Preparing For BELLUM

Well, That is just my opinon. Bye for now!!!!!!!!!!:wave:


Oh my gosh. I hated this place SO MUCH. It honestly freaked me out for a few months and I was scared to play because I didn't want to go get the fourth sea chart. I'm not joking. I almost decided to use my AR just so I could get the Phantom Sword early and not be freaked out by the Phantoms.


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