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Temple Ideas


Legendary Dude

If you have any ideas about new Temples for SkyWard Sword, or want older Temples from other games, post here!


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
I really like the idea of switching around gravity, and I think Nintendo can probably do a lot with that. It would also be cool to see multiple mini-bosses and stuff. Oh yes, and they HAVE to have cool items!
Jan 28, 2010
Gmm, I think they should do another Jabu Jabu. But maybe Link could be inside a dragon and theres lava in his stomach!
I also think an electric dungeon would be cool, of course all fantasy esque. And, a crazy, confusing maze dungeon would be awesome.
Dr3W also mentioned gravity dungeon. Like in stone tower temple in Majora's Mask, yeah, another one of those would rock!
Mar 8, 2010
I think it would be interesting if they did the forest temple in its prime when it was being used. Assuming this is a prequel to OOT. It would be weird to see what it was
Sep 11, 2011
i like what link-182 said about electrick temple that seems fun and i also think another wind temple would be fun


Jun 19, 2010
I acually sent Nintendo an email about this telling them to make the dungeons unique.The ideas I gave were Shadow temple,Light temple,Sky Temple,and Electric temple.I thought it would be a good idea seeing that theyres a few dungeouns undone and that fans have been complaining about this.


The Meat Shield
Mar 9, 2010
What is this place?!?!?
I think another shadow temple would be cool, but with a twist!
When you walk into certain shadows, the ENTIRE temple would change (almost like a twilight princess type thing going with changing worlds).
It would allow puzzles to be much more indepth if you had to do part of it, then change to the shadow area to do something else, and then go back in order to contuine.
Perhaps certain weapons or items that could only be used in certain 'dimensions?'

The possiblities are endless on this!

Also... I would love another forest temple. Just the beauty of a ruined temple, overgrown by plants, was great!
I would love a dungeon were you are in skyloft. (Not on skyloft, inside of its clouds.) And you are attempting to exit it, but you fall back into hyrule. Then you must convert water into new clouds to make yourself back into the clouds.

And for my second idea, is for OoT3DS. An new optional dungeon that uses my idea kind of gimmikly. Since there is extra debpt possibilities. X-axis, Y-axis, Z axis, and the non-existant W-axis that can really test your mind. By turning off and off the w-axis from going to different part of the temple, the temple's objects and items look different and odd. But by obtaining and useing the trinity of trut, the w-axis in that temple will be completly restored. Kind of confusing to understand when explained.
Jun 14, 2010
Do you remember the sky world in Super Mario Bros. 3? There is a tower you have to climb to get up to the cloud area
I was thinking that there is this sacred tower jutting out of Skyloft that no one dares enter. It would be how you first get down to Hyrule. It would be treated as a dungeon in itself. If this were the case maybe you would stay in each area for a very long time. Until you got some sort of item or ability to help you travel between the worlds with ease.

A thought.
I was kind of thinking the same thing. Except it does not exaxtly lead to skyloft. It leads a place in clouds a little higher. You must keep going back to this dungeon and continueing to build the tower to get higher and higher. But, in a way I didn't think about, you are going down by going up. The whole gurren lagann clishe.


The one with pickles
Jul 1, 2009
Temples are absolutely my favourite part of zelda games, except when your too lazy to beat the water temple in Ocarina of Time. Jeez man, that was horrible. One idea I have been thinking of might be a jungle temple. It could be located in a forest or something practical like that. It would feature you maybe having to swing from tree to tree using vines or climbing on branches. But be careful about falling off, morons.

Items would be a necessity. Maybe potions to help your reflexes when it comes to swinging from branch to branch or on tree limbs. A new item you might get would be a rope-vine thing. I have always contemplated a rope instead of a Hookshot, where you can throw the rope onto something and climb up. You might even be able to get interactive and tie things together or use it to lasso your enemies.

As for bosses, I was thinking a boss like one of the shadows of the colossus bosses. A giant shadow like figure or like a tree. You could use your rope-vine thing to maybe lasso it and break limbs or other things off the tree to weaken it. as for weak points, you might have to shine your sword up to reveal weak points (like in Shadow of the Colossus, this feature of holding up your sword is in the new Skyward Sword so it could be easily adapted to this instead of just shooting lasers.

I have come to a conclusion. A jungle temple idea is brilliant, and I deserve a piece of cake.


The epic turnip king
Feb 22, 2010
In a platypus
Well, I think an ancient castle full of dust that makes you use a fan item of some sort to reveal symbols, messages, stuff like that.


Bringer of Jollity
Jan 24, 2010
Great Lakes
I want the final temple/dungeon to be haaaaaaaard.

The final dungeons in OoT and TP were wimpy. Embarrassing even. The final dungeons in LoZ and AoL were wicked hard.

Non of these fake, mini dungeons for the final challenge this time around. I want something really challenging and worthy of a final battle.

Hard: :yuck:
Hard! :mad:
HARD! :mad:


nine thousand and one.
Jun 15, 2010
The final dungeons in OoT and TP were wimpy. Embarrassing even. The final dungeons in LoZ and AoL were wicked hard.

Gah, I know, right?
Ganon's Castle was fun and all, but there really wasn't much to it. And don't get me started with TP. Twilight Palace was just annoying and Hyrule Castle was painfully short.
But YES! LoZ final dungeon was crazy with all those warp points, and dead ends and rooms loaded with wizerobes, bubbles and likelikes.
I'd love to have something super complex and deadly like that again.
Jun 1, 2010
Copy Ocarina of Time's temples like Twilight Princess did with slight modifications. E.G. Arbiter's Grounds = Forest Temple.
:xd: Just kidding, I think if they did something like the Stone Tower, that would be cool, because I liked that dungeon. Actually, I really want Nintendo to come up with some fresh unique ideas.

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