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A Link to the Past Tell Me Why I Should Play This Game.


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Jan 16, 2013
Inside the Moon
I don't think it was ZNES, but something happened when I tried to open the ROM on the emulator. Cue 8-months of website failures and internet connection problems.
Aug 25, 2012
The Hall of Darkness
that sounds like a virus or program problem, my laptop once got a virus out of nowhere while I was doing research for a coilgun power supply circuit, the virus cut me of from the internet and tried to force me to give out information I managed to get rid of it but it caused some damage to my browser but it still works properly 90% of the time. you can probably still download an emulator just research the source, also update your security mine was out of date and as a result my laptop was infected.
May 16, 2010
Middle of Nowhere, PA
I don't think it was ZNES, but something happened when I tried to open the ROM on the emulator. Cue 8-months of website failures and internet connection problems.
As Shadow blade said your best bet would to find the source of where it is, or to simply download a new emulator that is more reliable. Either way, i think it is against Zelda Dungeon rules to discuss emulators, so i would recommend you find somewhere to chat with someone.

I wouldn't play it if I were you unless it's some Zelda pride kinda thing. aLttP is one of the worst games I've ever played. The only Zelda (aside from CDi) that's worse is AoL.
Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

I guess it's a matter of taste, and I don't know what games you played...but think LoZ, a TINY bit more story, slightly easier, and more bland combat. Oh sure, you had items, but even assuming you found all the hidden ones, a lot of them do more or less the same thing and you won't be using them because of that pain in the *** magic meter. The story and characters haven't reached modern post LA levels yet (even that isn't much), the puzzles are few and very simple. There's little structure, the difficult curve is almost non-existant, but I will admit it is one of the harder Zelda titles. Still, see how dull and repetitive running up and mashing B is, I don't see it as that appealing. Eh maybe watch a Let's Play or something before handing over your money.

Overall, though, the biggest flaw this game has is how much time is wasted doing nothing. You'll find yourself stuck doing boring side quests until you finally found one you were supposed to do. You will then spend another 5 minutes tearing your hair out because the game left no hint you had to do a sidequest or even which sidequest you had to do. And then other times you'll think you need to go off the path and do something else--but no, it turned out you just gave up too quickly. The answer was in this randomly hidden area over here. Oh well, that's three hours you wasted doing nothing instead of studying for your math final--I'm sure you'll do fine.
The only bad thing with this is the "bland combat" part. Like AoL it introduced a new way link can attack. The Spin Attack first appeared in this game, which made combat less repetitive.

A Link to the Past isn't my favorite Zelda, but it did give the franchise many new features. The Story was actually included in the game and you didn't have to read the manual (although the manual had some interesting facts about the characters and some help with the story). Unlike what Darestlink said, there are plenty of items to use throughout the world. Not all of them are useful, but the ones that are, are really fun to use. I could go on about how A Link to the Past changed the series, but i think i'll stop here. In any case, don't listen to anyone elses opinion because it is your own that truly matters.


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May 26, 2010
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I'm not going to give any lengthy explanation as to why you should play ALttP, and ultimately, it's your choice.

A Link to the Past is where it all started. It is the roots of the Zelda series. That's right - not LoZ, but ALttP. Just about every game after ALttP uses many of this game's mechanics. Ever played Ocarina of Time? I consider A Link to the Past very similar to that game but better. Maybe not more enjoyable, but better. ALttP itself is not my favorite game in the series, but it is what I consider to be the best, and probably one of the best games in the world. This game represents Zelda, and has definitely defined it.
This game is ****ing awesome basically. And v @ PT.

- Non linearity
- Story isn't amazing but there are still small hints here and there to make an overall thought provoking experience
- Magic meter pulled off well
- Medallions
Aug 25, 2012
The Hall of Darkness
I found the GBA version on ebay for 10$ so there's one opportunity and like Bigred said we should keep the emulator talk somewhere else and respect the rules although its worth mentioning that old video games and their programming aka ROM's are not illegal to download if their ten years or older, this information may very depending on source. That's the last thing I'm saying on the subject in respect to the rules if that is what they demand.


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Why I like A Link to the Past:

You get to have PINK hair! PINK! It is the game with the pink-Link!

You get to turn into a bunny!

You get to use magic powder to turn monsters into even weirder monsters!

You get to find an old lady her psychidelic mushroom!

Beating that *beeping, beep, beepity-beep, beep!!!* Moldorm feels like PURE VICTORY.

You get to be flown everywhere BY A DUCK!

First series-appearance by the Hookshot!

There's a cloak of invisiblity, like in Harry Potter!

You have a fat uncle!

You get to wontonly slaughter castle-guards with no consequences!

You get to make apples fall out of trees!

The Dark World music is insanely awesome!!!


May 18, 2013
If you have a wii/wii u, and its connected to the internet, you could get it from the virtual console, its an exact port of the snes version to my knowledge.


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Nov 13, 2012
yeah there are only two versions of the game as far as I know, SNES and a GBA Port that i hear added a dungeon, i have like two or three copies of the game for my SNES so i have never attempted the GBA port. Yes thats right im Hoarding ALttP cartridges in my bed room, dont judge me, one day when that game is no where to be found i will still be able to play it so na na boo boo....stick your head in doo doo.

as for Hater, i cant spell that weirdos name, Ghirhim... that right? anyways just go go here. its the most trusted site in my eyes, just in case you run into a snag!


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Sep 23, 2012
Beijing, China
Basically, aLttP is the 2D version of OoT, but with more non-linearity. Rather, OoT is the 3D version of aLttP. You'll love it.

As for the GBA version, its just as good as the original. So it doesn't matter if you emulate it, play it for the GBA, or the virtual console; it should be awesome no matter what.
Its the first real evolution of the Zelda franchise. Playing LoZ and then AoL and moving on to ALttP was a stunning jump in design, technical prowess and narrative for nintendo, its as good a jump as OoT was over ALttP itself.

-ALttP is challenging in terms of difficulty in combat in puzzles
-It introduces a lot of narrative concepts like the after third dungeon plot twist
- the overworld is wonderfully designed
-the enemies are varied enough to keep a constant freshness throughout the entire game
-items are used throughout the game and some of them are series greats like the bombos medallion
-the bosses are inspired, the traps are works of genius
-its open world and none linear
-you are given very little guidence and have to work things out for yourself
-the music is great and locations are memorable
-the gameplay is tight and wholly enjoyable
-its the best 2D Zelda and isn't likely to be beaten.

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