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Hello, Zelda fans!
i have been a zelda fan sinds i was 6 years old, when i first got introduced to link to the past, blabla to the point,
I have been thinking a long while and i actually want a tattoo from a triforce, sinds Zelda is not just a game for me but actually a part of my life youth, and so on.
So i have been thinking of a tattoo on my back of the shoulder, i dont want to have it on my hand or anything showing public, sinds my current profession is a chef and it will be hard looking for a job in the future, and i dont like showing tattoo in public anyways, the size i want to have is each triangle an inch something around that if you get the idea,
So what are your guys opinion?


Majora's Soul

I'd say on my left hand. Just like Link in multiple games! Good idea though!
Dec 29, 2011
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Haha, Left hand would be really cool, but not really 'work' or 'interview' friendly! I might get Link from ALttP on my ankle instead. I have awhile to decide, but I know getting a Zelda tattoo when I'm legal .. :) Something that is such a huge part of your childhood as a tattoo is a great reminder to hold on to that playfulness! My friends will call me a looser but do I care? (;


Gimme a Break
Dec 27, 2011
That would be so cool! ^^ I'm not planning on ever getting a tattoo, but I still love that idea.


Tattoos are too expensive in my area though, but, I have sharpies! haha.

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