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Tales of the Chosen Three


Sage of Tales
(I didn't know what else to do with my character and wanted to move things forward)

The people of Hyrule City gathered to see the exploration expedition off. They cheered and threw confetti. If this went well, some of the people in and around the city could expand their territory and settle.

Val rode at the head on an armored horse. She was flanked by her spear-men. She was glad to get away from the fanfare once they cleared the city.


Jan 14, 2013
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Luke just grinned and waved and laughed at all the exciting happy people. He felt like he was in a parade! He knew that it wasn't just a parade, that he was going on a big, dangerous grown-up journey, but right now it felt like a parade. So he was going to have fun while it still felt like he was in a fun parade!
Nov 24, 2012
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((NO! NONONO! GAH, CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE STOP MOVING WITHOUT ME?! I mean... ugh. I'm sorry for my outburst, I'm just kind of a mess right now, and it isn't because of this RP. Although I'm honestly pretty hurt right now. Not only did you jump to the montages before I was ready, but now you're not even giving me a chance to montage so I can get my head together. Please, please don't leave me behind.
The side of me that needs you to know what's up is now at war with the side that doesn't want to turn a single unkind word against anyone. Gah. Give me a little time, I need to bang my head against my keyboard until my muse kicks into gear. [shush it works for me]))

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Apr 6, 2013
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(Oh!I'm sorry mono! Ive had this page open for a while and didn't refresh before I posted! My bad.)

Purist spent the next few days silently preparing for the journey with the new group he had been inducted into. He had mustered what he had and asked and received what he needed from the group. He was quite pleased with himself that at least one person had accepted him in some sort of way, for he was fully aware of his lacking social skills. His scorched hand had been bandaged by himself, and he hoped that he would still be able to wield his hammer despite the injury. The rest of the time he spent meditating, preparing for the journey ahead.


Sage of Tales
Okay, now I'm just too pissed off to continue this.

I started this rp, I assumed that I was the GM here, and when I'm getting painted into corners where I don't know what to do and want to try to move things forward I get yelped at.

Apparently, I'm sucking at other rps, too. I've basically flown from the Pokemon X and Y rp because I was confused and felt like I was being micromanaged, and I hate that. My character/my self-avatar was central to the story, too. In the A Link Between Worlds rp, I can't even act as Hilda without the person playing the idiot who burst into the castle and stabbed her guards getting angry that the princess would *dare* arrest the character like, duh, any empress with common sense *would.* I've been pretty much coming to the board lately to rp, but it's starting to not be fun anymore.

Arggh. I'm planning to be gone on Wed. this week, and if things go well with a potential job-interview for work-at-home stuff tomorrow, I might become too busy doing work for this anyway...

So.... ugh.

If anybody needs me and wants to start this again without *****ing at every single thing I try to do to get the story going, PM me. Otherwise, sorry to sound like a brat, but outta here. When games aren't fun anymore, I stop playing.


Alright, I do want to continue this, but I don't know where to go right now. I want to get to a place where people are happy and people are okay with the direction. Maybe we can vote on where we're supposed to be right now? Do Val and Aren need to have sexytimes before they set out? Do characters need more preperation? Do Titans need to burst through the walls of Hyrule Castle? What?

We're kind of at a point where the GM is confused and after PMs, is trying to please everyone (Wait! I know what this reminds me of! Old AIM rps I used to have with people! I managed to PO people there, too! And yet they came runnin' back for more, asking me to lead... Man, gaming is like having Stockholm Syndrome, isn't it? I seem to remember trying to please everyone in those, then getting angry at the players who wanted to make everything a yaoi fest and to force yaoi onto my character when I didn't want the yaoi for him...) Hey, I handled that and survived... I can come back to this!

Since we're at a weird point, what exactly is a "GM," anyway? I've always taken it to mean "Game Master," but that reminds me of Kevin Keene ("Captain N: The Game Master" - those too young to remember it, look it up on Nostalgia Critic). I rather like the idea of it being "Game Maker" because, as a Hunger Games fan, I can pretend to be Seneca Crane or Plutarch Heavensbee.

Here's an idea... anyone who is dealing with a lot of anger right now... if we go with the plot I've tried to set forth, we need monsters. Make up monsters to attack the caravan. Put all your rage at the world on them! I actually want my character to get hurt some in this!

Anyway, now that the inturruption is out of the way, where do we go from here?

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Oct 7, 2012
((I say we wait for Mono when she posts her montage, I'll ask her to do that, then we leave Starloft and set out. It's the most logical thing, and I'm sorry if you had plans, Mono, but the RP was dead to the rest of us save you and Shadsie.))


Sage of Tales
(Alright, since this is going nowhere, I thought maybe I'll kick-start it again with a bit of story-post for my character I just had an idea for that will not affect the pace of the plot in any way. DO NOT WORRY, this is not advancing the story or moving out, or anything. This is just a random snatch of story. I've decided to give my character a flash-back).


As her horse gently walked beneath her, Val thought to Starloft, of what happened early on when the land had just been settled.

- Their people were opposed. An army of monsters and corrupted men had the standing army surrounded. They had shepherded the settlers from the outer lands and the deep forests to claim this land as their own, to build more than a village, but a city - the first Hylian city. It had been primarily a conflict between gods - Hylia who had wanted to bring her creations prosperity and Demise who'd wanted the land to lay fallow to the shadows and the wild beasts. There were too many Hylians to be content in the small villages. They needed a place of pride, a place to create the grand works their expanding imaginations desired. Demise's solution was to "thin the herd" of people by bringing up monsters to devour them. Hylia did not approve and crafted her own solution of inspiring the people to create and take up swords.

Demise had nearly succeeded. What was left of the outlying villages had been "thinned out" to the point of oblivion. Starloft's people were the last left. The elder gods had chosen three avatars to allow them to enter the world they'd created in spirit - without interfering too much in human affairs. Val, who'd up until the city's founding had been a farmer and a hunter, was now without a family and had been chosen by Farore, the Goddess of Courage, because she'd risked her health and life to save various people from monster attacks and had gone into it without a second thought. She'd just used hunter's tricks on monsters, nothing that she thought special. She'd never thought she'd wind up leading a formal army.

The rain was coming down hard during the Last Stand of Starloft. Her tunic was soaked and her chain mail was dripping through, soaking her skin. Many fallen soldiers lay before her - her own, most she did not know well, some had names that were fuzzy in her mind, but their faces, frozen with open mouths, surprised eyes, would remain forever in her memory. The monster-army stood strong before her, their spears gleaming, cutting through the sheets of water. Civilians were huddled in the inner core of Starloft, behind their hastily-formed army. There were a few men among the monsters. They all had different motivations. Some felt they had good reasons for going against their own people.

The rain was cold and Val was dying. She had many wounds - cuts on the arms, a stab to the gut with a depth she did not know, but wasn't a quick-killing wound by any degree, an arrow in the chest, close to the heart but having missed both it and the lung somehow, but still very serious. She'd tied a stick around her shin to brace up what felt like a hairline fracture. She squinted out of a blackened eye. She kept her shield up and her sword ready. She was ready to die, if she had to, but she was going to go out fighting.

She thought she heard Aren screaming from somewhere behind her.

She saw the movement of the enemy and gave the order for her men (and women) to charge. Just then, she felt a burning in her back, at her shoulder. Something that felt like fire in the veins urged her up and urged her forward.

Everything before her went green. Val was told by those that were there that her eyes and turned bright green - not their usual shade, but glowing. She felt something like wind in her brain. Farore was with her. Farore was helping her to move her battered body. Farore said "FIGHT!"

Vals' sword cut through the advancing line. It glowed with green flames and sliced through monster-scales and armor as though they were made of warm butter. Val saw the fear in the eyes of the beasts and laughed at it. It was Farore who was laughing. Val locked eyes with one of the human soldiers that was working with the monsters. As she cleaved his beating heart, the Life-side of Farore imparted images of his family. He had joined the monsters because he'd thought it was the only way to keep his family safe. A soldier that she'd locked eyes with before a beheading was a weak and frightened man who'd thought that he could become strong and confident if he was able to become a monster. Sorrow flooded Val, but these men were intent upon murdering the innocents in Starloft... the people she'd loved.

A few men were monsters in all but form. She did not feel any remorse over ending a man who had done horrible things to a young woman and left her to die in the woods. Likewise, the man who'd sacrificed his young son to Demise did not receive her mourning. Every kill Val had dealt, however, whether to a monster or to a man, was quick and clean - full of Farore's sad mercy.

Still, Val was under the influence of Farore and only had partial control. And Farore was furious.

The lines were opened. The army of Starloft routed the enemy. The rain ended. Val fell heavily to her knees. She found, however, after the fire in her veins had left her, that her wounds had, as well. The arrow had fallen out of her. Her hasty leg-brace had come loose. All of her cuts and stabs were healed. Even the bruise over her eye was gone.

There was, however, blood on her hands - the red blood of men and the black and purple blood of beasts.

The army of Starloft were circled around her, staring.

Val felt the horse beneath her. She closed her eyes and bowed her head, trying to chase the memory away.
Jun 22, 2013
((Okay. I really want this rp to keep going, but i have nothing to say as per usual. I have nothing to to add to the story and won't till i drag Gareth in.

I joined this so I could have fun. That isnt the case and i wary about if i should drop this. I know this is all my fault. So either we close this or we keep going on. I dont want all my rps i join to end in ruin.))


I make my own fate!
Oct 7, 2012
((I'll add something))

Bella goes to a back alley. "Aza, you there?" She's all ready, but she wants to talk to her friend for a moment. She didn't see anyone else out, so they weren't leaving too soon, she believes.

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