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Feb 23, 2011
List your talents here.

I used the Search function only to find one other thread similar to mine, but it lists "obscure talents", and it is well over a year old.


I shall start. My talents are:

  • Memorizing lists. I can cite hundreds of lists by memory after only reading them once or twice. These lists include: Every President of the United States of America, the periodic table of elements, every book of the Christian bible, all 50 states, every capital and country in the world, all 88 constellations, etc.
  • Sing.
  • Speak Spanish fluently, and I speak a few others as well, though not fluently.
  • Sketch (though I can only draw things I create myself, and I have a hard time drawing what I see)
Feb 1, 2011
Let's see, I'm a decent guitar player.
I started playing when I was in 5th grade but I stopped for awhile when Guitar Hero got popular and it wasn't rare to see kids playing guitar.

I just recently started to start playing guitar again and I really enjoy it.

And I am a very fast swimmer. There is only like 1 or 2 kids that I know that are faster than me in my age group.
My fastest time for 50 Yards Freestyle is "21.53", and if you're not a swimmer and don't know much about times. Just know that that is very fast, especially for my age.

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Fine, I don't know if these could be counted as talents, but here you go.

--I can talk fluent Spanish too, English is my second language and I suck speaking and writing it, I'm better with Spanish.
--I can play Basketball and shoot very well from beyond the arc.
--I can play soccer (any position) and do quite good
--Can draw so-so and write, though I still need lots of work in both categories
--I can sure flirt, lolz, I have a talent for that. :P

Amongst other things.


Graphic Designer
Feb 22, 2011
  • I can draw amazingly well
  • I can sing and act very well
  • I can speak Spanish (not fluently, but you know)
  • I can use Eclipse to write Java and Python
  • I'm an amazingly fast swimmer
  • I can write very well (i haven't gotten around to finishing my fan-fic.. oh well)
  • i can play soccer, and i'm the best on the team
  • I can play piano very well.

I.. uh... think that's it. :lol:
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PK Love Omega

PK Flash's Good Twin
Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
Talented artist.
Acting when it comes to being alone.
Talented writer.
School's Genius (Topping some Y6'S :O)
Good with PC's
Fast reader.
Sporty at Rounders and Tennis. (Not the best, still good)
Fast typer. ('Bout 56 words per min)
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Oct 4, 2010
Well, some talents of mine are:

-I can speak and write English and Hungarian fluently. When speaking English, I have no "Hungarian accent". The same is true in reverse.
-I can knit.
-I'm a good writer.
-I have a good pictural and memorizational memory.
-I am very flexible.
-I am an extremely organized person.
-I can read music and play the saxophone, clarinet, and violin.
-I am also a fast reader.
-I'm a good swimmer.
-I can shake my eyeballs without touching them.
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I can speak fluent Australian XD
I don't really have any talents, just aquired skills like:
-I can snowboard really well (I am quite proud of this)
-I'm very good at at the games that I play. If you are going to do something regularly, you should at least learn to do it well.
-I like to think that I am a knowledgable person
-I can organise thinks good

So....yeah there are my 'talents'.


Feb 7, 2011
Hunting with my wolf and cheetah.
Let's see. I have a wide-range of unusual talents, or so I'm told.
I am a great writer, able to absorb even people normally uninterested in the genre.
I can draw decently, but only things from my head.
I am excellant in math. I've even been told that I can do colledge-level, though I don't know about that.
I can remember anything I chose, but I can only access it when I want/need to.
I can count bionary on my fingers, though I suppose that's not anything really special.
And lastly, my favorite talent. I can picture anything described to me in my mind, and have pretty much made my own little world up there. I'm always adding new things.


The Rodent King
Jun 15, 2011
The Tree
I can draw just about anything I think of or see.
I can play the piano really well. (I've been playing it for 9 and a half years now.)
I can speak a little bit of Spanish.
I can recall any memory I've ever had (2 years old and under is about the limit though).
I'm a grade ahead of everyone in my class at school with math and I can grasp any concept in math without struggling to understand it.
I'm good with computers.
I'm pretty good at just about any video game.
I can make music. (And I don't mean I whistle a tune that sounds good I mean I make music for my school band.)
I also arrange music that's been made by someone else. (Only for my own use for the piano.)
I'm a pretty good soccer player (the best on both teams of two soccer teams that I'm on).
I'm an okay tennis player.
I'm really good at badminton.
I can write pretty well.
I can read really fast (although I don't actually like to read).
People tell me that I'm just altogether smart and I don't know if I really am but I take their word for it.
I can sing really well.
I'm a good swimmer.
I'm extremely organized (unless a friend comes over to my house we manage to screw up everything).

And the thing about me that's really wierd is:

In my school chorus (which by the way, is relatively small) I'm one of the guys who has to sing the bass / baritone part (that makes 6 of us in that section) but I can sing higher than all of the sopranos.


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
Hmm, I have a few pretty good (and obscure!) talents to share.

1. I'm a really good defensive basketball player. Because of my height, I learned early how to block shots often. Not only that, but I'm also good at sliding my feet and staying in defensive position. Offensively, I've got a lot to learn. But I'm a pretty decent pure shooter, just not in games. xD

2. I don't have to study for tests, but still get A's. I'm very good at absorbing information. When we read the lesson aloud orally, I do well. When I do study, for exams and big tests, I read, and read often. I can read lines of a subject, and after a while, be able to spit it back out verbatim.

3. Going hand-in-hand with #2, I have a very good memory (and a photographic one at that).

4. Besides basketball, I'm very athletic. I'm a pretty decent softball and soccer player. As far as running, in short distances, I can be a bit fast. I'm a better sprinter than long-distance-runner.

The obscure ones:

1. I can take my socks off with my toes.

2. I can touch my right wrist with my right thumb by bending it backwards.

3. I can force myself to burp without drinking anything.

Caleb, Of Asui

I always find it annoying how so-called talent shows are designed for performance talents, none of which are any of my talents. But anyways...

1. Remembering random details that are sometimes useful. I'm not great at memorizing, but I'll, say, remember exactly how a movie line was worded and get annoyed at people misquoting it.
2. I'm decent at drawing. I'm no master, but I'm not too bad, and I'm sure it's something I can get better at as I work at it.
3. Writing, particularly fiction. My mind is very active at trying to put characters and settings and various plot details and backstory together, and I enjoy creating a sort of flow of dialogue (or monologue, as the case may be). I'm a destined author. ^_^
4. I have a sense of rhythm. I come from a very musical family, but have very little musical talent myself (I can't sing to save my life), but I've been told my sense of rhythm is good. And I'm not completely tone-deaf, I just can't reproduce it properly.
5. Video games, I suppose. I still have some work to do at strategy and racing, and it's definitely an acquired skill to a large degree. A girl I know likes to tell me how good I am at video games, even though I'm not sure she's ever seen me play one.


Jul 13, 2011
Rivendell, Middle Earth
I don't want to brag, but here's what I think I can do pretty well.

1. Draw pretty well.
2. Play the trumpet.
3. Play soccer, team captain last season, any position but goalie.
4. Write well
5. Read really fast
6. Math wiz, two years ahead of where I should be.
7. Beat my family and friends in MarioKart.
8. Kill my brother in Super Smash Bros.
9. Run pretty fast, went to County Track.
10. Can be extremely quiet.

I may come up with other stuff later.:P
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• driving people crazy
• remembering random details about stuff
• doodling
• I can identify a lot of fonts off the top of my head
• Periodic Scrabble (a.k.a. spelling words with the element symbols from the Periodic Table)
• multitasking
• finding fossils
• though my room is a massive hoard, I always remember where my stuff is precisely
• my math skills are excellent
• very observant
• fast learner
• finding four-leaf clovers
• being lazy :rolleyes:
• I can wiggle my nose
• even weirder, I can wiggle my eye sockets without blinking
• making things awkward

Ugh, I could have sworn there was a few other things I was planning on putting up there... Oh, maybe that was procrastinating that I meant to put up. ;j (And... okay, okay, everyone can be good at annoying people at times ;p) A lot of these involve my sharp memory... I usually only remember insignificant things, though... Like, with my ADHD countering it, I can have occasional short-term memory loss... Well, anyways... I used to think I was great at flying until I actually tried to fly. It turns out, I'm great at failing attempts of flying. xD

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liz lemonade

I've got some moderate artistic ability. I used to be able to draw anime style fairly well back in middle school, but when I lost interest in that I stopped practicing. I can still do some okay looking sketches every once in a while if I really focus on it, but now I mostly doodle caricatures and silly cartoons. I also just finished work on some set pieces for a local production of Seussical. This is the Jungle of Nool.


I'm a little better at music than art. I've been playing guitar and a few other instruments for many years now and I've written a bunch of original songs ranging from punk to acoustic folk. I don't think I'm a very good singer, though. I'm okay. Here is a video of a cover I did a few months ago.


My forte is probably writing, though. I'm going to college for creative writing and it's something I've done consistently throughout pretty much my whole life. Unfortunately it's just as difficult for me to do as my other hobbies from lack of practice and inspiration. Right now I'm trying to put together a retelling of Majora's Mask in a more realistic setting. I've been toying with the idea of using it as my thesis project, but only if I can actually make any headway in it. I'm definitely going to post it here if I do finish it.

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