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Sword Art Online Mafia

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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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ATTENTION If you do not read the rules you will have no reason to be upset if you get modkilled or replaced for breaking a rule. This is your only warning. :)

A notification pops up in front of you, blinking red. You press on it, and a translucent screen opens in front of you. The opening message of New Anicard. As you read, a loud booming, yet pleasant voice reads the words on your screen.

“Welcome to New Aincrad, the beautiful yet terrifying world of Sword Art Online. This is a recreation of the infamous game Sword Art Online in the game you are currently playing, ALfheim Online. I see that most of you are fairies, the races of playable characters of this world. Some of you look a bit off though. Like you’re not actually from this world.”

Suddenly, a light flashes and everyone’s screen disappears. An ominous red mark stretches across the blue sky and cloaks the world around you in a red glow. Warning alarm goes off and the players start panicking. Out of nowhere, a dark figure in a cloak appears in the sky, towering above the chaos on the land of New Anicard. The few people that looked out of place disappeared into thin air.

The previously pleasant voice spoke, booming around the city, but this time, it was sinister and full of amusement. “You will never escape. You all will die”

You see other fairies around you desperately turning on their screen to log off and get away from this madness. You do the same. But to your horror, the log out feature was gone. A look around you made it clear that it was the same for everyone else.

There was silence for some time, the figure seemed like it was reading something in the air. Anger seemed to steam out of it. Then, it spoke again. “Well, there was a little complication. Looks like our plan backfired. But don’t you guys worry. I have something more exciting planned for you.”

Your heart rate increases… This has actually turned into the infamous Sword Art Online. You knew without a doubt that if you were killed in the game you will die in real life. This looks like this wont be hard. We just need to find those odd fellows.

Then another light flashed. Everything went dark for a few minutes. You heard and felt people scrambling and screaming around you. When the lights went back on, the fairies around you weren’t fairies anymore. They were mere dark figures. Shadows of their original selves. You couldn’t tell who was who. Even your voices were even mixed up and roboticized. It looks like they are trying to play mind tricks on you. It seems like the suspicious players came back since there was now 18 people and the guide in the group.

You need to find out who’s the innocent ones and whos the ones who caused all this. Or else you would be trapped forever in this game of death.

  1. Do not communicate with each other outside of the game regarding your roles.
  2. Do not screenshot or copy and paste any private messages. You are allowed to paraphrase, but only if you have soft claimed and your role is revealed.
  3. Role claiming and name claiming are FORBIDDEN. Soft claiming and counter claiming is allowed however, and you are allowed to reveal any information you wish to without violating rule 2
  4. If soft claiming becomes an issue I will limit it, but please don’t ruin the game with constant soft claiming.
  5. Bold your votes and unvotes and put them on a separate line.
  6. Days will last 5 days Nights will last 2
  7. You may vote for an Extension and it will be counted separately from votes on players. Majority must be reached to extend the day and the day will be 3 days longer if an extension is made.
  8. Do not edit your posts.
  9. The player with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. If a player reaches majority before the day ends then the game will immediately go into twilight. If a tie occurs then both players are lynched.
  10. A player cannot die with 1 vote
  11. Posting during the night is forbidden.
  12. Players must make a minimum of 3 post every in game day or they will be replaced or modkilled.
  13. Do not reveal any information after you have died
  14. Keep ghosting and spam to a minimum
  1. DekuNut
  2. [email protected]
  3. Repentance
  4. Pendio
  5. Mido
  6. Sheik
  7. musicfan
  8. Batman
  9. Justac00lguy
  10. Go_Dark_Link
  11. Sadia
  12. Linkdude74
  13. Kiddrangon
  14. Sarfed
  15. PokaLink
  16. Mellow Ezlo
  17. Blackkirby
  18. Johnny Sooshi
Day 1 Begins

With 18 players alive it takes 10 for a lynch. Day ends on Saturday, April 25th 2015 at 11:59 PM GMT -7
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