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Sword and Shield Discussion Thread

dynamax centipede is bigger than gigantamax centipede and i think about it a lot

It's annoying isn't it?

When I took down the third legendary it looked pretty impressive because it was so big (before it Dynamaxed) but when I used it in battle it was the same size as my trainer.

I was like "hey, what's with the dinky legendary?"
Jul 14, 2019
Kind of a halfy-half game for me. I haven't played too many Pokemon games and didn't intend on playing this one either, so I wasn't particularly invested in any of the drama surrounding it. I was pleasantly surprised in that it's a well-made, competent game but there were a number of weird little niggles that broke the immersion for me. Frustratingly, they were usually niggles within mechanics that I would otherwise have praised. For example, during a gym battle the music goes much more muted and soft when you are in the menu screen to select your next pokemon. Then it returns to the normal brash and loud soundtrack. However it only actually switches the tracks back when the next battle turn begins, and everything inside me was saying it should kick back into action when your pokemon first emerges. It felt locked to the mechanics of the system rather than fluidly complimenting the action. Similarly I would land a huge, explosive move on a dynamax pokemon with one of my own, and the enemy pokemon would remain standing while the explosion faded, then revert to normal form, and then faint. It would have been far more dramatic to have them faint in the midst of the explosion rather than being tied to following to the procedure of battle damage then un-dynamax and faint animations.

There's other things such as the animation system not being robust enough outside cutscenes. At one point you're following a Yamper as it leads you to the Professor and it just sort of waits around for you to catch up only to then freeze you momentarily while it runs away again. This felt like a poor compromise for a system that would have yamper actively engaging with you and walking ahead. At some points I could even see his shadow freeze at the edge of the screen because the devs obviously thought he'd walked long enough to be out of shot so didn't bother making him go all the way. Then there's the horrible facial animations on Hop which would show him beaming with delight while talking about his loss of motivation for pokemon battles or something equally negative.

It's a shame, because they put a lot of detail into some areas of the game, then nowhere near enough into others. In my eyes the reason for this is simply because they've stuck with the traditional Pokemon formula for far too long now. They should really have spent the time to create a brand new system for the game to run on but it seems they cut as many corners as possible in porting across old code from other games and as a result have had to do some heavy patchwork to get it to achieve what they wanted for the game.

All in all I was left feeling like I was playing a very well made fan game or mod. I enjoyed it wholeheartedly, but it could have been a masterful experience had the devs wanted to put the effort in rather than just the good experience it ended up being.


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I’ve finished Pokémon Sword over the weekend. The game has been pretty enjoyable for me but I’ve noticed it seems much easier than past generations I have played. I skipped on playing the past few generations so I’m not sure if it’s been a general trend toward easier and easier over the past few generations but I certainly feel that it’s been dumbed down.

I’m currently working to fill the Pokédex and am sitting just over half way so far. At the moment I’m casually working through that before I will want to work on refining a good competitive team. You really only needed one or two good Pokémon to cruise through the actual game.

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