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Support Project X's Locallization

Jan 27, 2011
First of all for those who aren't aware Project X is an upcoming crossover between Namco, Capcom, and Sega, it's a 3DS exclusive title and it will be a fighting RPG very similar to Namco X Capcom which I'm sure most Capcom and/or Namco fans have heard of but unfortunately, like Namco X Capcom this game has the potential of not leaving Japan so I and several other fans would like to support the localization of this title, someone has already made a thread for this over at Capcom Unity so I'm just helping out by bringing it to other forum sites.

Now there are several ways to do this here are a couple of links.

Here's Namco Bandai's page, you can join and support the localization in the thread that's in the second link.

Namco Bandai's

NAMCO Bandai Games | Forums • View topic - Project X Zone localisation.

Here's a link to the Twitter page of Namco Bandai's community manager.


Or the offical Namco Bandai Twitter page.


Their Facebook page.

Namco Bandai | Facebook

And a Facebook page for supporting it's locallization.


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