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Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

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Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...
Feb 23, 2014
I'm sorry guys. I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues and also class and stuff. Sorry it is so late.

In the night, two figures met. One was holding a large hammer, and the other, a sword. They fought back and forth for a while, never landing a strike. They both backed up, and charged at each other at the same time. The sword pierced the hammer-wielding person's stomach. But before he died, he brought his hammer onto the attacker. Stitch and Celeboy both died. But Celeboy's death was not in vain.

And the game ended.

Stitch was King Dedede, the One-Shot Mafia Role-Cop
Celeboy was Link, the Town Vigilante

Big Octo - Kirby, a Vanilla Townie
Avagon Mido - Megaman, a Vanilla Townie
Pendio - Fox, a Vanilla Townie
musicfan - Sonic, the Town Commuter
Sydney fused_shadows#2 - Mr. Game & Watch, the Dreaming God
Ayano Keiko Go_Dark_Link - Donkey Kong, the Town Roleblocker
~Mizuki~ - Zero Suit Samus, an Innocent Townie
Thareous - Yoshi, a Vanilla Townie
Heroine of Time - Little Mac, the Vengeful Townie

kokirion - Luigi, a Town Mason - Stabbed with a sword Night 1
A Link In Time - Captain Falcon, the Town Bodyguard - Stabbed with a knife Chopped with an axe Night 1
Fig - Mii Fighters, the Town Jack-of-all-trades - Lynched Day 2
fused_shadows - Jigglypuff, a Vanilla Townie - Strangled Night 2
PokaLink - Meta Knight, the Mafia Roleblocker - Lynched Day 3
Blackkirby - Pac-Man, a Vanilla Townie - Stabbed with a sword Night 3
LittleGumball - Mario, a Town Mason - Strangled Night 3
Kirino - Bowser, the Mafia Godfather - Lynched Day 4
Imogen Viral Maze - Rosalina & Luma, the Town Cop - Stabbed through the stomach Night 4
DekuNut - Ganondorf, the Mafia One-shot Strongman - Chopped with an axe Night 4
Mellow Ezlo - Wario, a Mafia Goon - Lynched Day 5
Firice da Vinci - Pikachu, a Vanilla Townie - Stabbed with a sword Night 5
Justac00lguy - The Villager, the Serial Killer - Crushed with a hammer Night 5
Ver-go-a-go-go - Dr. Mario, the Town Doctor - Lynched Day 6
Stitch - King Dedede, the One-Shot Mafia Role-Cop - Stabbed with a sword Night 6
Celeboy - Link, the Town Vigilante - Crushed with a hammer Night 6

More information will be posted over the next couple of days.

Town(and fused) Wins


Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...
Feb 23, 2014
Basic Priority rules:
1. Roleblockers resolve first
2. Everything with the same priority resolves simultaneously. Roleblockers cannot successfully roleblock a roleblocker, killing someone does not prevent their kill, etc.
3. Everything except for killing resolves immediately after roleblockers
4. Killing resolves last.

Dreaming God Role:
The Dreaming God must select one of these 10 choices every night (including one on night 0, prior to the game's start). Wincon: Win with the winning party (except for the Serial Killer who must be the only one alive). The Dreaming God does not know the effect of any of the selections.

Selections (with their effects):

1. Flip Bacon - Majority for the next game day is halved
2. Frying pan - The next time someone would be lynched, their alignment is revealed through an official mod message in the form of a Sane Cop investigation, and the vote count is reset. If it is the end of the day, a 1 day extension is granted.
3. Trampoline - nothing
4. Key attack - nothing
5. Flame - Deadline for the next day becomes 2 days
6. Ink catch - nothing
7. Helmet - The next time someone would be lynched, they instead are chosen as a king who gets to pick who to lynch
8. Ink throw - For the next game day, you cannot unvote
9. Dance - nothing
10. Squid Attack - For the remainder of the game, the number of players in each faction will be added to the end of the vote count

Night/Day Actions:

Night 0:
Third Party:
Sydney selects "Ink Catch"

Day 1:
No Lynch

Night 1:
Ver-go-a-go-go - Protect Go_Dark_Link
A Link In Time - Bodyguard Thareous
Go_Dark_Link - Roleblock ~Mizuki~
Viral Maze - Cop on Vergo - Innocent
Fig - 1 Shot Cop on Big Octo - Innocent
Celeboy - Kill kokirion

PokaLink - Roleblock kokirion
Mafia - Kill musicfan (send Mellow Ezlo) (commuted)

Third Party:
Sydney selects "Dance"
Justac00lguy - Kill A Link In Time

Day 2:
Fig Lynched

Night 2:
Ver-go-a-go-go - Protect Go_Dark_Link
Go_Dark_Link - Roleblock Kirino
Viral Maze - Cop on Thareous - Innocent

Third Party:
Sydney selects "Squid Attack"
Justac00lguy - Kill Kirino (roleblocked (also bulletproof))

PokaLink - Roleblock Justac00lguy
Mafia - Kill fused_shadows

Day 3:
PokaLink Lynched

Night 3:
Ver-go-a-go-go - Protect Go_Dark_Link
Go_Dark_Link - Roleblock Blackkirby
Viral Maze - Cop on DekuNut - Guilty
Celeboy - Kill Blackkirby

Third Party:
Syndey selects "Flame"
Justac00lguy - Kill Kirino (bulletproof)

Mafia - Kill LittleGumball

Day 4:
Kirino Lynched

Night 4:
Ver-go-a-go-go - Protect Go_Dark_Link
Go_Dark_Link - Roleblock Firice da Vinci
Viral Maze - Cop on celeboy - Innocent

Third Party:
fused_shadows#2 selects "Frying Pan"
Justac00lguy - Kill DekuNut

Mafia - Kill Viral Maze
DekuNut - Strongman on Viral Maze

Day 5:
fused_shadows#2 Lynched (failed due to "Frying Pan", revealed as "Not Guilty")
Mellow Ezlo Lynched

Night 5:
Go_Dark_Link - Roleblock Mido
Celeboy - Kill Firice da Vinci

Third PArty:
fused_shadows#2 selects "Ink Throw"
Justac00lguy - Kill ~Mizuki~ (Bulletproof)

Mafia - Kill Justac00lguy

Day 6:
Ver-go-a-go-go Lynched

Night 6:
Go_Dark_Link - Roleblock Thareous
Celeboy - Kill Stitch

Third Party:
fused_shadows#2 selects "Helmet"

Mafia - Kill Celeboy


If there ever was one
Mar 22, 2011
Over there, over there, and up there.
Well, I wanna say I am so glad Stitch was the mafia member and not Thareous, cause if it had been Thareous the day would've been started and we would've put him on for lynch, but due to the Dreaming God ability he would've been able to select someone else to lynch. We probably would have still been able to win, but that would've been a horrible scare.

This is also the second (is it second?) game in a row that Pendio isn't mafia! His curse may be broken...


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
Well played, everyone. The roles were truly unique and fit the Smash characters perfectly. Justa is possibly the most useful Serial Killer to ever agree to help Town out. Our victory most certainly goes out to his efforts.

And of course, excellent modding, Jamie. The most satisfying thing was seeing the characters revealed little by little, which goes to show that you (and Linkdude?) put a lot of consideration into them.


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Sep 27, 2010
That was fun, but I really need to be better at Vig xD I'm so glad you believed me on my claim, it could've ended much worse otherwise!
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