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Super smash brothers Caption riot


Shut up and go away
Sep 18, 2008
the middle of nowhere
I just thought this one up.. though it really isn't nintendo.. but I figured if .. ya know what just enjoy it


Kiri: why arn't we in Super smash brothers games Rikku?
Rikku: because we belong to square enix and diseny.
Sora: so.. If my history is correct didn't nintendo and at the time square soft used to work together alot?
Rikku: yes.. but that was the super nintendo.. we wern't even thought up my friend.


Cicle: if anyone from square enix gets to be in the next SSB game it's us.
Rydia: YAY
Rose: I don't think we will be allowed
Yang: why not.. I mean snake and sonic got in.
Edward: I'm with you cicle


Charlotte: huff huff huff... we.. have to keep going. wheez... if we're going to get to the SSB meeting
Jhonathan: Damn you Dracula

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