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Super Smash Brother Mafia

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Jan 19, 2018

Standard mafia rules apply.

Days last 72 hours or longer. Nights last 24 hours or longer. Players may be replaced if they don't post at least 3 times per day, preferably more. Players may talk freely during twilight (the time between the lynch being locked in and the start of night).

Ties will go in favor of whichever wagon hit the current threshold first. "No lynches" and "random lynches" are legal vote options. A simple majority (half the players rounded down plus one) will hammer.

The standard town win condition is to eliminate all players that cannot win with town.
The standard mafia win condition is to make up 50% or more of the players in the game. There is only one mafia faction in this game.
There may or may not be one or more self aligned players. If there are, there will not be a cult or jesters in this game.

You are free to claim your character name, your "role name", and how your ability works (so long as you paraphrase it in the case of the latter). Standard rules of not screen capping or directly quoting anything that is hidden to other players in the game, such as PMs, still apply.

No players are vanilla, though many players have milder roles to preserve the feeling of certain players being more important targets. Which players are given more powerful roles was determined at random. A character's flavor has little to no baring on their alignment. For the most part, whether or not a given player/character was town or scum or self-aligned was determined randomly. A heroic character and a villain both have similar odds of being town or scum.

If you have any questions about the setup/rules, feel free to ask them. I'll answer them if I feel that it's appropriate to do so.

Special rule variant: Smash Ball

On day 3, instead of lynching a player, players will vote to elect a player to use their final smash. This ability could be catastrophic in the hands of an anti-town player, perhaps enough so to swing the game. Similarly, depending on the player, it could do a lot of work to advance town's agenda. Each player will have a unique final smash described in their role pm.

Players: (12)
1. @Mellow Ezlo
2. @Doc
3. @Morbid Minish
4. @Spiritual Mask Salesman
5. @DekuNut
6. @funnier6
7. @Johnny Sooshi
8. @The Sun Fan
9. @HeroOfTime
10. @Funnygurl555
11. @A Link In Time
12. @Contrainer


Day One Starts Now:
(Day ends in 72 hours from this post, rounded up to the nearest hour)

Oh no, everyone's turning into trophies or something. I guess you have to play a game of mafia or something to stop it.
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