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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Christmas Tournament!


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Jun 7, 2017
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Welcome to the ZD Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Christmas Tournament! I’m your host with the most, funnier6, ready to see those punches fly and those swords slice! This thread is where you sign up, read the rules, and post results from each match. The winner will receive a special super cool medal (
) plus 1000 rupees. Second place will receive 500 rupees and third will receive 250 rupees. Below are the specific rules and details. Please read them before signing up.

  • Bracket style
  • Best two out of three
  • Roughly 4 days per round
  • This will be the standard rule set:
    • 3 stock battle
    • 8 minute stock timer
    • Spirits OFF
    • Final Smash Meter ON
    • Items ON medium
    • Handicap OFF
    • Stage hazards ON
  • In the case of the match timer running out, the player with more stocks wins. If stocks are the same, then whoever survives sudden death wins.
  • All fighters are allowed. (red or green alts are preferred. It's Christmas. :))
Match Procedure
  1. Rules for the arena are set to the above.
  2. Both participants set preferred stage to Random.
  3. Both participants choose a fighter.
  4. Participants will fight until one of them wins two matches. NO RULES OR FIGHTERS WILL CHANGE BETWEEN MATCHES.
  5. Both participants take a screenshot of the victory screen to provide proof of the victor in this thread. A TO will update the bracket accordingly.
Other Points
  • Make sure your opponents are registered as friends on your Switch. Check the Friend Code thread or get the codes directly from them.
  • Be sure to have the latest update for your game downloaded and installed (version 1.2.1) so you can play online. You must also have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, of course.
  • If an opponent does not respond for setting up a time for the match for 36 hours, contact one of the TOs. We will attempt to contact the player too; if the player does not respond for another 24 hours, you will win the match by default.
  • If a player is caught cheating or breaking the rules they will be disqualified.
    • Cheating includes but is not limited too: unsportsmanlike play, excessive spamming, self-destructing on purpose, camping, stalling, and using any match rules outside of what is defined. @funnier6 or @Azure Sage may be spectating some matches, so play fair.
The Winged Terror: Krow
The Cheese Hater Extraordinaire: Azure Sage
The Big Chez: Attila the Pun
#1 Victory Royale: Kirby Libk
Master of the Ocarina: A Link In Time
The Princess of Pain: PrincessNiki
The Breakfast Blitz: Namira
The Master Weeaboo: All Might

Round One:

Sign ups will run from December 22nd to December 30th.
Sign ups are still welcome afterward in case of round one drop-outs. Sign your x on the line, Santa buddies, and come and play some Smash tonight~

Have fun and good luck to everyone! Feel free to ask any questions.
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Aug 15, 2017
If you'd like I can spectate in your arena and record the matches on YT. I also do not mind joining, assuming this wasn't already predetermined.

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